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UGA / Engineering / PHIL 2010 / What is freedom?

What is freedom?

What is freedom?


School: University of Georgia
Department: Engineering
Course: Introduction to Philosophy
Professor: Athanasios samaras
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: philosophy and freedom
Cost: 25
Name: PHIL 2010, Week 1
Description: First week of notes including my personal notes from reading Euthyphro and the discussion on Friday.
Uploaded: 08/19/2017
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iii) what is it to be free?

(i) what is it to thrive as a human being?

is what is it to be a human being?

08-14-17 Introduction maksut What is philosophy? - making the obvious not obviously - learn how to read & think philosophy e Stude Review Syllabus busi - Exams (4) 25% each - Essay Questions before hand-ey e cumulative - One or so used and then broken up into short answer - not available yet In-course packed at Bel Jean Copy Center - uga syllabus systemDon't forget about the age old question of uga math 1113
If you want to learn more check out the principle of opportunity cost evolves from the concept of:
If you want to learn more check out athabasca university my au
We also discuss several other topics like most nerve impulses from our senses are routed through the
Don't forget about the age old question of csueb human resources
Don't forget about the age old question of What is a study of past life-forms?
be able to find any syllabus Intro to Phili Topic freedom is what is it to be a human being? (i) what is it to thrive as a human being? iii) what is it to be free? -Plato does not use the word "freedom" il protaginists Socrates is main character ii) Socrates = freedom why? -Augustine i) philosopher & theologian ii) what is orthodox Christianity? iii) freedom of will Freedom of choice freedom of what? i) on liberty ii) freedom of Assembly, speech, etc. - Sarte - i) French extistentialism -Liberty freedom from oppression Gandhi, King it thoreau Study SP Studeup Audys Freedom - What is it? Use in American ideologies from ads to constitutien dy sou Philosopy: art of thinking of what things mean -study phil. So we can think about what it means when people say "freedom!" "Is it worthwhile to live your life? And how should you do it? What does freedom mean? absense or ability to be fearless being independent the power to Lautaromou se make choices Stuck What is it? Labilita Freedom to of born in an to do sot. s freedom from! injust society Human nature to be free? freedom from compusion, forming ability to think obligation, for yourself colores your auld Opinions celoved our without restriction V and Freedom Possible? probably world consequence bato or emotional freedam Sociopaths are more free? Study S dy Soup Plato-Euthyphro 9999999111 Tlfgfggqor1994444444 Notes on the reading |- Piety: the quality or state of being picus: such as boca il fidelity to natural obligations in dutifulness in religion - Merriam-Webster - Pious: "marked by or showing reverence for diety..." -Merriam Webster - Euthyphro: prosecuting his father because his father murdered a laborer (who killed some one else), so he is turning on his family. - Socrates asks, "what is plety?" no - Meletus: young man who is corrupted by socrates eating the indictment is called by Meletus who claims Socrates is corrupting young men -Socrates and Euthyphro belive they are spoken to by the divine - But Socrates distances himself from the prophets" to -Socrates thinks Euthyphrs must be intelligent to prosecute his own father -Euthyphro thinks Killing is killing no matter who you kill in - His father left aman bound to get a profit to decide what to do with him but the man died of cold/hunger. - Euthyphre thinks he is superior to othermen -Socrates throwing some major shade at Euth for not being known and (sarcastically ?) says he wants to be his student -Socrates questions if all the stories about the gods are the and Euth says they are - See Page 7, line 7 for add. def. of plous by Elthyphro - If 2 people disagree about something measurable, they can measure to find out ie weight or numbers - It must be just/unjest, beautifulligly, or good bad that gods are warring over the - Socrates disproves det, on page by showing that gods disagree on a what is right o there for what is picus - Sccrates constantly compares the gods to men -See B to C page 1112 led and leading (seen and seeing Study S Sody Soup ud SOU Shame - Euth. gets inritated that Soc. keeps disproving his threarks and Class him Daedalus who made maring wooden statues to - Spends a lot of time on the relationship of fear and shame How Socrates thinks: m V S Similar to all squares are rectangles but all rectangles are not? justice Fear squares - Seen Euth. part E, page 15 - plaus is the justice nowo Concered with the care of Gods as - Socrates is sassy and is upset his question isn't answered. 08-16-17 dy sou РООСООСОРОГГГГ (р) рррррр Lecture-Euthyphro I Notes from class Background no public defender in athens, jury is 100's on sentences -accused of being impious and correpting the youth -defends himself by saying he is bettering the youth and thinking he is talking "Philosophy which serves Apallo Euthyphro a priest bringing charges against his father - this is a radical thing in Athens because you owe respect to your parents -Euth. believes he know what is right he has convictions and goes against social norms, principle individual - identifies with Socrates at the beginning Socrates: getting prosecuted for impious nature is a very serious offense-civil offense because of angry gods - isn't really concerned about the charge -want Euth. to Explain picty Studs Avsoup dy Soup SSOU Defining Piety Euthyphrother one 1) prosecuting wrong-doersey b - Wrong because its an example todas 2) It is what the Gods' hate a wrong because gods disagree with eachother 3) It is something that all gods lovelhate - thats an assumption that Socrates doesn't like because Euthyphro believes that gods have mortal disputes - Socrates doesn't like the assumption because there is a problem if the gods disagree 4) Pious because the gods love it or god-loved makes Something pious?" - therefore god-loved is a characteristic and net a definition 5) Do you think everything pious is just? - P = 3 2 tahun piety is al 3 subsection of 6) Part of justice concerned with care of the gods. - Socrates like animals? -Euth no, they don't need anything sacrifice of prayer - Socrates: begging of bribery? 7) Servants to a master people to the godsdienst - Socrates. What type of service? -Euth: do what is pleasing to them - Socrates we already had that def! Lets start over... Study Sp dy Soup ay sou Euthyphro's Reaction rattled and he is embarresed but he doesn't know what piety is as - Conflicting assumptions, keeps getting preven wrong - ultimately attacks his ego, self-image" so therefore there is something wrong with Socrates Reader's Reaction can think about the things that Euthyphro wouldn't think about as - justice and piety: what is that relationship? - what is relationship between mortals and divine? what is the service to the gods? Plato: writer's choices and - doesn't say whether he thinks Euthyphre is just or unjust a hou - situates in reality, not abstract his father - uses dialoque instead of essay - invites reader to take it somewhere the Friday Discussion dos o Views 08-18-17 then of Reality - Are your views of reality distorted? i) Hillary could win Georgia? NO! You know your neighbors regardless of what social media said - Can you be a good person if you are a bad friend, colleague, spouse employerlee, roommate, parent, citreen, neighbor? d e - Diamonds campaign 1920,- most successful, convinced people that they needed one to show true love. - Master Slave dialect: none are free - You need someone equal to you to tell you the truth dy Soup - you need someone invested in telling you the truth - there is a limit to how good you can be in your relationships in order to be honest and equal -Bravery builds in the concept of moderation Coward Brave Rash Stuce room for vulnerabili -Barrier between here and wisdom is attitude: try to not put up barriers your Study SOU Study Sour SSSSSSSSS Study Sp Stoly Soup

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