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KAPLAN UNIVERSITY / Political Science / PS 115 / kaplan university grading scale

kaplan university grading scale

kaplan university grading scale


School: Kaplan University
Department: Political Science
Course: psychology program and profession
Professor: Angela thompson
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: Psychology
Cost: 25
Name: psychology information and class notes for the first week and two
Description: these are things asked in these weeks
Uploaded: 08/23/2017
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∙ What questions or concerns do you have about the expectations of the class?

∙ What questions do you have about the classroom tools or platform?

∙ What are at least three items you found while reading your Syllabus that you feel are important to know about the class?

Krista Marshall Briefly explain how you plan to have enough time to dedicate to your education. I do not work so I plan on doing my house work faster and more efficiently. I am the  home maker andDon't forget about the age old question of What is a system of majority rule through elections?
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my husband works. I will need to work on my time management. Please come to Seminar prepared to discuss the following: ∙ What are at least three items you found while reading your Syllabus that you feel  are important to know about the class? Grading criteria, The Kaplan University Grading Scale, and Instructors Grading Time Table  were the three things I thought were important to know about this class that were found in the  syllabus. ∙ What questions do you have about the classroom tools or platform? None ∙ What questions or concerns do you have about the expectations of the class? None ∙ What are your academic expectations for your time at Kaplan? I want to do my very best to get the best grade and retain as much information as possible. ∙ What are your expectations about what opportunities your degree in psychology  will offer you? I am not really looking for a money paying career after school. I will continue to  volunteer and help myself and others.The first job I chose was a rehabilitation counselor. I would rehabilitate people and  counsel them to help fix problems so they can move onto better themselves and  become more productive members of society. It takes a bachelor’s degree or a  master degree to do this career. A few skills needed were the use of the ethics code. You must show you can follow the rules and keep everyone safe as a member of a  medical profession. You must be able to conduct proper assessments and also be  very well organized. You must do both these things in order to keep your records  correct and your patient’s files in order as well as classify and properly diagnose  them for the proper treatment plan. I must use great communication skills as a  rehabilitation counselor so I can effectively get my point across and understand the  patients’ points of view. As well as be able to create proper treatment plans for my  patients and understand their needs. This job interests me because I have had  addiction problems as well as family and friends. I want to understand and help  others and be able to maintain my own sobriety as well. The second occupation that I looked into that I am interested in is a mental health  counselor. It takes a bachelor’s degree or a master’s at least to do this properly. You  must get a license and be able to work thru the state boards. Prevention is top  priority in this field of work. The job is to help others understand their mental issues  and prevent outbursts and issues arising. Some of the things I will need to be able  to do and fulfill as a mental health counselor are to be able to give proper  evaluations for progress and treatment plan schedules. I will need to be able to refer patients to specialists and other providers when needed. I will have to give family  member support and counseling to make sure the patient has a very well-structured system for success in place to help them. I will also have to be able to give very  accurate suicide attempt assessments for the mentally needy. I will want to help  with their stress management and be able to give them positive outlets to better  themselves in times of need. I am interested in this field as I myself have 2 TBI’s  and a few other mental health issues and am learning myself then want to  volunteer to help others.

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