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CU DENVER / Business / INTB 3654 / What is the purpose of flagella?

What is the purpose of flagella?

What is the purpose of flagella?


School: University of Colorado Denver
Department: Business
Course: General Microbiology
Professor: Annika mosier
Term: Fall 2017
Cost: 25
Name: General Microbiology
Description: These are class notes over cell surface features from Wednesday. If you have any questions please email me at hannah.c.lawrence@ucdenver.edu
Uploaded: 09/01/2017
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What is the function of flagella?

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MICROBIOLOTY WEDNESDAY 8/30 Clicker Question The peptidoglycah layer of a gram-positive bacterial căll contains pores in order to facilitate the passing of nutrients in the call wall

A. Pores B. porins C. Active transport proteins

What is filament used for?

D. Carrier proteins Clicker Question © For gram-positive organisms, the rate of diffusion quross the peptido. glycan layer would be If you want to learn more check out What cancer for females is greatly decreasing in trend in death rate over the last 80+ years?

A. The same as gram-negative

organisms B. Faster than in gram-neg. C. Slow than gram-neg. D. The same for smali

What is basal body in cell?

uncharged molectes but slaver for large molewles

relative to gram. neg. Answer is: A

The RATE stays the same Clicker Question 3 Design an antibiotic that would effeštively treat Staphylococcus qureus egram +) Describe mechanism of action We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of variety in healthy diet?

• Break glycosidic bonds (sugar bonds)

-Tysozymes, saliva, teařs, mucous We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of interphase?

• Break peptide bonds

• Attack Lipotechoic acid (LTA) *This is what researchers do-look at

Structure and deude possible ways

to break it down If you want to learn more check out What is variety in a healthy diet?

dicker quation important main idea


cell surface Features Flagelig -cell motility -Spiral hollow, rigid filaments

that extend from cell surface - Location/# vary between species -Basic components:

1. Filament of flugelin proteins 2. Hook protein portion We also discuss several other topics like What is the direction of magnitude?

-wider at base - connects filament to basal

body 3. Basar body (motor)

-disk-like structure anchoreel in aytoplasmic membrane

and cell wall -generates the torque needed

for mumt. - slightly diff for gram

Calorit need to know details) How this movement ours: If you want to learn more check out The 4 main subdivisions of anthropology are?


motor that is driven by the PROTON

GRADIENT Random munt vs. Directed munt. - most bacteria

-certain types of bact. -Run & tumble

- Taxis: directed

-phototaxis Tumble: clockwise

- Acrotaxis *Athc# of runs vs.


-morens than capsule

tumbles thin covering layer of poly. Saccharides

-AKA:glycocalyx, slime layer

extracellular polymen

substances (EPS) -gives colonies shiny, wet look - one role: protection from human

phagocytic cells -Prevents dessication - Altachment



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capsules - Biofilms 4-Biofilm: group of microorganisms

that stick to each other on a

surface - cells in biofilms are embedekd

with a matrix of EPS Steps in biofilm development

I. Adhere to a surface 2. colonize to attract

other species BIOFILM ACTIVITY . Properties that help biofilmstick to tooth surface?

-EPS layer 2. How does Brushing / flossing chemical physical

properties of biofilm?

-Physical disruption of biofilm -Allows Oz to penetrate to layers

doser to tooth (A MB of microbes) - Washes away acid 3. Benefits vs. Disadvantages of Dental plaque (Biofilm) - Protective covergrowth

barrier a ald-producing

from pathayas bacteria, Taudo - Allows goud in mouth

bacteria to - cavities


- gum disease

due to puthogen

invasion - harder to get ne


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a bad bacteria 4. Advantage of living in a biofilm

nutrient waste exchange -attachment to tooth surface

-away from stomach and

"(BH too low) -genetic exchange - Environmental protection -Prevents dessication

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