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LSU / Kinesiology / KIN 1600 / What can i say to raise someone's confidence?

What can i say to raise someone's confidence?

What can i say to raise someone's confidence?


School: Louisiana State University
Department: Kinesiology
Course: Individual Wellness and Public Health
Professor: Ari fisher
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: Kinesiology and kinesiology notes
Cost: 25
Name: Kin 1600 Week 3
Description: This week only consisted of Wednesday's notes, considering that we were out of school Monday and he cancelled class Friday.
Uploaded: 09/09/2017
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What can i say to raise someone's confidence?

7.  The Trash Person (the one with the strongest mistaken belief): Developed a friendship  loophole, and by using that loophole these people don't have to make any hard decisions in life.  They dump their "trash" (their problems), on you. 

­They trick you by saying "You're the only person in the world I can talk to or trust.", and this  statement now gives us an esteem boost to try fix their problems. 

­Two things can happen:

     1) It can work­ If it works, they'll keep coming back to you consistently       2) It doesn't work­ You'll be at a blank If you want to learn more check out What does interior design influence in users?

­These people want you to make the decision for them

How to Deal with These People: Use a technique of teaching called Guided Discovery

∙ Guided Discovery: Let them talk and then guide them to the correct answer. Let them  come to their own conclusion, repeat it back, and ask them can they go through with their final decision

How do i find out who is behind a number?

      ­Never say the correct answer. Answer with "What do you think?" This makes you like a  mentor by providing an example because of your behavior. 

8. The Persistor: These people make you feel guilty if you don't "buy into their product" after  they keep persisting and persisting. Never give in and say "Alright, I'll do it....just stop talking  about it."

What's dangerous: These people have a secret addendum that they don't tell you about. They are  also very annoying.  If you want to learn more check out What is biodiversity in simple words?

How to Deal with These People: You have to be assertive, not aggressive or passive. Being  assertive makes you able to express your needs without hostility. You should not have to justify  your decision, you are not in the wrong. The worst thing you can do is communicate poorly.

9. Moan and Groan: These people act as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders and no  one can understand their burden. 

How do you tell a friend that they hurt you?

­They bait you into saying "What's­a­matter?" (one word), then they turn into the Energy Thief  or the Trash Person. 

­They are looking for sympathy, and don't care if they ruin your day. 

How to Deal with These People: Once they realize they can't trick you or that you won't play into their pity party, they come out of the moan and groan character. Then they'll find someone else  or stop. 

10. The Moocher (might deal with the most with on a day­to­day basis): These people  favorite word is "Free". They steal your money, electricity, food, privacy, etc. Their second  favorite word/phrase "I'll pay you back." We also discuss several other topics like What is a territorial nation?

How to Deal with These People: This is handled strictly on how you communicate. Decide  where the line is and communicate it to them. Think about the things you don't like or can't  tolerate about them, and talk to them about it. You have to be assertive and follow through.  Don't forget about the age old question of What is the meaning of parsimony?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is the national government obligated to do for the states?

The Pop­Up: (this person was mentioned by Ari, but he didn't expand on this person or  give this person a number) (could be #11) shows up randomly out of nowhere. 

11. The Demander/The Scorekeeper (the worst and hard to stop) (could possibly #12, Ari  did not specify): Part of this is our mentality. One reason you do something for someone else, is  because you want to.

How to Deal with These People: Change your own mentality. "Don't give because you have to,  give because you want to." We also discuss several other topics like What is the main difference between terrestrial and non-terrestrial?

12. Mr. Or Ms. Sensitive(could be #13, Ari didn't specify): These people's feelings are always hurt. Others have to be careful of what to say around them. 

Why they do it: Because they can control what everyone says, because they are so sensitive. How to Deal: Do Nothing. They will stop or find other people. 

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