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TEXAS A&M / Political Science / POLS 207 / What was the hispanic population like back in 1850s?

What was the hispanic population like back in 1850s?

What was the hispanic population like back in 1850s?


School: Texas A&M University
Department: Political Science
Course: State and Local Government
Professor: Dwight roblyer
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Government
Cost: 25
Name: POLS 207, Week 2 Notes
Description: These notes cover MWF lectures of the second week of class.
Uploaded: 09/09/2017
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What was hispanic population like back in 1850s?


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• Quality of Life is so poor in China (ppl want out)

- due to lack of regulations

- google pollution in China (free market) Foreigh Born pop. at peak

- ppl are flowing into the us legally Graphic: Total fertility Los in the USA, 1980-

What are the indications of success for asian americans?

Don't forget about the age old question of What is the diffference between adaptation and adaptability?

2013 By Race & Hispanic Origin

optimistic immigrants, have more children high low 1. Hispanic (2.15%) 2. Black (188) 3. White (1.75)

fertility % 4. Asian (1.68%) 5. Amer Indian (1.33)

How were funds allocated during the government spending in 2014?

2.1% growth rate w/ immigration

- w/out immigration we will have stagnant it growth - affects of fertility religion, education of women We also discuss several other topics like What does a heliocentrist believe in when it comes to astronomy?

more educated women, less babies

Hispanic pop inty will be the largest 1850

701. Anglo, 301. Black 1950 - Anglo pop goes t, Hispanic ^ 2040 - Black & Other ?

TX will turn BLUE due to change in demographics

- not yet blu ok pablic policy, gerry mandering TX vs. Us -TX is growing @ a faster % than the US If you want to learn more check out What pertains to the metabolic rate of an animal while it is out in the field?

-TX hs grad.rates lower than hat.arg.

attracting workers wl college degrees more woman going to college blc PUBLIC POLICY TAMU one of the only w/ move men than women

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05:30 nm - 06:45


MELD 100 05:30 am - 06:45

ESC 7-8 rudysoup If you want to learn more check out Which evidence of evolution refers to similarities as a result of common ancestry?

AFC 9pm





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9.4.17 Edo. Level Anglos have an education (2nd to Asian)

.54% of asian americans have a college degree SA success determined by parents habits, ability to readawrite, We also discuss several other topics like What does "barnum effect" entail?

minimum wage, family meals, role model, geo. location,

zip code determines wealth, school district

• WEALTH -predicts future success Saslans -small % of pop., already @advantage, 1 % of success We also discuss several other topics like What was the result of bargain/compromise of 1877?

- #1 priority is education for asian culture

Tiger mom i regulates activities, gives structure 4 success Spercapita - 1 for white male than hispanic male or white

income (ecil temale ble soCIAL SCIENCE

men are typically better negotiators, don't have babies

remales generally have lower self-esteem. - Whites have higher pci than asians even tho

asians have higher education b/c the GLASS CEILING

EFFECT (minority) Household Asians have highest followed by white b/c CULTURE,

whites want to leave parents, asians go home w/ more.

family members working higher household income soup poverty Ty levels will be higher than us & lower than s.states

•cotton, lattle, crude oil "blc PUBLIC POLICY incarceration TX is 4th largest in the us, us is #1 in the world

higher crime rate in TX than us






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9.6.17 Insurance TX ranks 49th (2000) + 50th (2006-2015) 79,4% covered

Gov. I Federal, 50 state, 90,000 local (cities, townships, counties) Local gov. - TX: 254 counties, 11.6 cities, 1090 school dis., 2245 speciale Supremacy - national law is supreme law over state law

clause reason 4

- FDR allowed red-gove to expand/prior to we didn't need bighed gor. expand 1. states need help, ie. Harvey needs $125 bill from ked you.

2. ted.gov.uses BOR to protect citizens from state gov.

ie. hitlow v. New York (Freedom of speech).

Civil Rights Act 1964, state gove violated citizen's rights

•Rights Act of 1965, voting rights T Supreme Court: judicial review of states acongressional laws

Fed. System - Congressa President (signs bills) (state

rentric - State legislators (governors d executives - system? - Us Supreme Court (Fed. law supercedes state), 27

Tred T expenditures: total gov. $7.3 trillion (60% ked, 40% state & local)

- per capita $20,693

actual (65% red, 35%. State a local)

about loobill

• TX recieves more & from ted than it gives 30-40% of budget

from ked.gov." Mass. avermont give more to red & recieve less dy

create personal income tax to make up for fed gov.it lost FIGURE 11 *important Gov. Spending 2014

Health is total gov. spending (#1 in the world)

Income is #1 total FED. Gov. spending

•Education is #1 STATE GOV. spending

a -We spend more on Health but we are the highest in mortality

high intant a maternal mortality rate a lower like expectancy - / of spending goes to health & income security

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security social security, unemployment, welfare, food stamps

a. 6.17

-Fed pays the income security -states do the works, runs the services 3rd highest spending is education

majority from state gov, ble it's a state right 4th highest general public service (GOV.SPENDING)

legislators, congress, governor, President

state gov. pays less than red ble interest payment


- Interest payment from ked. ble PUBLIC POLICY budget not in Constitution ble creators were already in debt

national defense spending, w/out borrowed &= independent

pays majority of interest ble or national defense national

defense Fed. Gov. Runds 100% 5th highest #1military in world

top 5 spending is 88% of gov. spending safety 6th highest, majority local astate - housing 7th economy affairs, transportation, infrastructure expens Community 8th, nostate a local gov. spending, provided housing (city spending)

rec, &culture ath no bed.gov. spending, museums, arts. Cortes ng physical & demographic, wealth, social problems, coping w/ sozialproblems

-TX is 92.1 metropolitan metropalitan

- high crime, abortion % 1, greater opportunity, & unemployment educate children ble they will be high skilled at payed giving & back to state in income tax - death penalty does not deter ppl from killing ppl -

than more expensive putting in jail ble lawyers - providing public education higher levels of income. bup percapita GoPr, educationa




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9.8.17 Qatar

- highest per capita GOP due to RESOUREES wultural

gres per capita on reasons - countries that don't let women go to school have GDP

reen ex. Saudi Arabia Diff. states - states vary, regions very, states win regions are similar

- TX is unique

still living w/ mindset of rempty spaces" (conservative) - believe in small gov. but doesn't work


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