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UA / Political Science / PSC 353 / What is the role of tribunes in a consulate?

What is the role of tribunes in a consulate?

What is the role of tribunes in a consulate?


School: University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Department: Political Science
Course: Modern Political Thought
Professor: Ted miller
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: Niccolo Machiavelli, political science, and Discourses
Cost: 25
Name: Machiavelli Book I Ch 5-6 and 9-10
Description: These notes go into depth on Machiavelli's belief of who deserves to hold a society's liberty as well as continuing 8/29's lecture notes (incomplete at the end of class on 8/29). These are in preparation for the test on 9/14.
Uploaded: 09/10/2017
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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What is the role of tribunes in a consulate?

Machiavelli- Book I Ch 5-6, 9-10


I. (Last Class) Mixed Government  

II. (Last Class) Good Advice, Bad Men

III. Who Guards Liberty Best?

IV. Constituting a Republic

- Is there a solution to the cyclical way governments transform?

• To utilize some combination of all 3 of the key types of government, all people will  be represented—an introduction to checks and balances on a gov’t system.

- Rome began with kingship and switched to an oligarchy of noblemen, it then merged  toward a democracy with 2 consuls and a senate. These represented the noblemen  and the populace.

• Tribunes are members of the consuls who represent the populace. - They’re the democratic solution to the turmoil between classes, they represent  the populace but also have the ability to stand on consul with the noblemen.  

What refers to conflicts between the noblemen and the plebs?

• Having all of these transformations in the Roman gov’t. Permitted Rome to  develop its constitution properly. Though it faced many upheavals, it was able to  learn from its mistakes and from its governmental revolutions. We also discuss several other topics like Which functional groups contain oxygen?

- Machiavelli believes that conflicts are often acceptable

• He believes that people should be assumed bad by the government and selfish  instead of virtuous. This way the government can give them more leash the better  they behave.

• Page 112: men do good only in necessity.  

- Was Rome successful because of a good military?

• Only good order and good laws benefitted the state of Rome.

- Good laws make for good people.

How does machiavelli view liberty?

If you want to learn more check out How do plate tectonics transform boundary?

- Salutory Conflict- the conflicts between the noblemen and the plebs  1

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

- Machiavelli believes that every government needs to allow plebs to express  themselves and have ownership in their liberty.

- Who guards liberty?

• Liberty, for Machiavelli, is the is the liberty of all, not personal liberties. • Is liberty best guarded by the haves or the have nots? We also discuss several other topics like What are the accurate resources of nutrition information?

- Machiavelli believes that the haves/noblemen should guard liberty because they  are already at the top of the food chain. If the plebs were to guard it they would  become greedy

• Republics tend to lose their grip on the government when too much liberty is  given to the people If you want to learn more check out Why are neuroglia also called as "nerve glue"?

- The 3 party system in Venice worked because the people went to Venice for money  and people who moved there were often coming from other places with much less  liberty than Venice. So, when outsiders entered Venice and were unable to partake in  the gov’t. It was normal to them.

• Because the city has such a positive economic system and no singular power  holding position, people we content to work and to become 2nd tier, gov’t.  Participating members of society.  

- Rome was set up poorly because they were designed to be a powerful empire  constantly taking on new territory. This discouraged the formation of a proper  government and it allowed newcomers to join the government immediately to keep  up with the rate that Rome was expanding.  

- Who earns the ability to guard liberty?

• If the government needs to be stable and not war-thirsty, then the government and  the nobles should guard the liberty of the people.

- Machiavelli believes that liberty should be guarded by the gov because it is more  predictable than if It were guarded by the plebs. Contrastingly, in the case of Rome  the plebs should have guarded liberty because the government was too stretched  and the nation was seeking massive expansion quickly. We also discuss several other topics like What are the alternative pathways according to olmec?
We also discuss several other topics like Where can we find most amount of sediment?

- THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS is one of the keys to understanding Machiavelli

• If you do terrible things it can be justified if something (creating a republic or a  principality/granting a kingdom liberty) is accomplished.  


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