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GSU - PSY 3330 - Exam 2 Study Guide - Study Guide

Created by: DeAngeliss Simmons Elite Notetaker

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GSU - PSY 3330 - Exam 2 Study Guide - Study Guide

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background image Abnormal Psychology Exam Two Review Chapter 5 Review ● Fear vs. Anxiety ○ Both: negative affect Fear Anxiety ● Immediate, present-oriented
● Sympathetic nervous system 
activation ● Example: jumping out of the way  if you see a snake ● Apprehensive; future-oriented
● Somatic symptoms: muscle 
tension, restlessness, elevated 
heart rate
● Worrying about encountering  snakes on an upcoming hike ● Panic attacks ○ Peak within 10 minutes
○ Affect limbic system
○ Fight or flight system
■ Alarm and escape response ● Teenage smoking is linked to increased risk for developing: ○ Anxiety
○ Panic disorders
● Anxiety has high comorbidity with depression
● Links with physical disorders:
○ More likely to have anxiety if they have GI (gastrointestinal problems),  insomnia, migraines, arthritis, and allergies ● Treatment for GAD: ○ Benzos
○ Antidepressants
● Specific phobias Agoraphobia Fear or Avoidance of Situations/Events Blood-injection-injury phobia Decreased heart rate and BP when seeing blood, injections, or injury Situational phobia Irrational fear over specific object or situation Natural environment phobia Fear of heights, storms, and water Animal phobia Dogs, snakes, mice, and insects ● Treatment of phobias
background image ○ Cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) ■ CBT is the best medicine ● Separation Anxiety Disorder ○ Fear that something will happen to self or loved ones when apart and  anxiety about leaving loved ones ● PTSD is caused by severe trauma OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ● Obsessions: ○ Most common form of obsession is symmetry
○ Intrusive and nonsensical
○ Thoughts, images, or urges
○ Attempts to resist or eliminate 
○ EX: Doubting slightly important things and if they are done right, doing
things “perfectly” or “just right.”  ○ 60% have multiple obsessions  ■ Need for symmetry 
■ Forbidden thoughts or actions
■ Cleaning and contamination 
● Compulsions: ○ Thoughts or actions
○ Provide relief from obsessive thoughts 
○ EX: washing, checking, mental rituals, counting 
○ 4 major categories:
■ 1. Checking. 2. Ordering. 3. Arranging. 4. Washing/Cleaning  ● Treatment: SSRIs, Psychosurgery, CBT  _____________________________________________________________________________________
Chapter Six Review  Somatic Symptoms vs. Illness Anxiety  Somatic Symptom Disorder Illness Anxiety  ● Excessive or maladaptive  response to physical symptoms 
or health concerns 
● Persistent thought
● High health-related anxiety
● Devotes time and energy 
● Severe anxiety about the  possibility of having or acquiring 
a serious disease
● Actual symptoms are either very  mild or absent, changes 
● Strong disease conviction
● Medical reassurance does not 
seem to help Illness Anxiety  ● Excessive preoccupation with fears of having or acquiring a serious illness

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School: Georgia Southern University
Department: Psychology
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Professor: Conrad
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: abnormal, Pyschology, study, and guide
Name: Exam 2 Study Guide
Description: Exam 2 Study Guide for the Abnormal Psych. Class
Uploaded: 09/28/2017
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