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SFSU - BIOL 100 - Human Biology, exam # 2 study guide - Study Guide

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Schools > San Francisco State University > Engineering > BIOL 100 > SFSU - BIOL 100 - Human Biology, exam # 2 study guide - Study Guide

SFSU - BIOL 100 - Human Biology, exam # 2 study guide - Study Guide

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School: San Francisco State University
Department: Engineering
Course: Biology
Professor: Holly Harris
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: Human, Biology, and HumanBiology
Name: Human Biology, exam # 2 study guide
Description: These notes cover lipids, cholesterol, enzymes, and the structure of a cell. This will help prepare you for the next exam
Uploaded: 10/10/2017
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Unformatted text preview: o'lds our en organic macro-moleculesthe function in the human body to be used as an enagu scurce in fas tal Study Gruide What are lipids: - Ci piels er enorme -What are their dre lacre and diverses Thuic function in the bene - Functions ? - What Chemical is to be used as an enem Propertes do thes Hipids hos lx's more ene * hare in common cur bohychractes 4-They do + dissalle well in water, theatre hadro bodies -Some lipidse berhenes - Ace u L o o poi din block to Coll membrane -Some are used as iesolation Laurel hlochzinero eros Trialu cerides Structura s glucero de fatty acids (covalent FEELILILLAH COH. dnes prus c-cal -- -G-H H-- (-OH HHHHHH H - C-OH HO HH 3 fatty o gerol - Fat /oilA Study oup What are the moleculare differences Saturated! Fats, monoem-Saturated fat is said to and ace saturated with hydrogede aturated k poly - Unsactura feel fats -Monounsaturced fat is liquid at - Com ID retous les is one spate Where hyalroon is ch mad - Pol. incaricd fakss is liquid b) Toom tempandhos multiple hydrogen missioon tram Haar che in Ex. of Saturatd, Saturated fats: lard, coconut oil, palm monounsaturatedx oil, herrel cil. Kaly unsolvraed fats Monounsaturated olive oil, peanut oil, Canda oil& seasame cile Poly unsaturated : Corn & vejetakse oil kout of them all, monounsaturated fats ved the healthiest What are the saturated fats raise | DL juhen health fisks of increases chance of heart diseose k stcole Monounsaturerted fats lower LDL levels, huse fat. which lowers nistof heart disease Strale. - Poly unsaturated ore okay ond con lower LL levels as wel Omega-3 Fatty - They are poly ungosturatel LAS that come from mainly fish but ore 0 Aeice The found in flax seeds, too. O- Thu ore good for dur brain k perves benefits of - Lower heart diseoses Omega-D's - Essential for the developent of our brain Hy dromenated. This means that bydlrozen has been aelola + & partalla Hydrof by humans to unsaturated fat. The result of this is what we call transfat, When Punatel olis transfat is created, it makes it easier to store and it lasts longer. It a lsd changes od the taste in foocls. Transfak. This is the worst oil you can ingest because it lovers HDL levels (good cholestrel), and raises LDL levels (kael Chdostro|)_ Food w tranfet - Marvin e cakes , pies, biscuits, microwored pop corn , etc. McDonalds fries) - Steroids. A steroid is a molecule that has a ring of car bon structure (it's alipid is Hy hydrophobie, cola Ex. of a steroidCholestrol (is a lipidi steroid) Testosterone (madle of cholestrol) dnos pris Wouldn't have | Estrogen thuse w/out dresu. Progesteron Cholestrol is only Present in animal procver Wrire is Choisid - Comes from VNOST tiver and liver and diet tourdin plant proolects - Cholestrol is not found in dlant propter S in the diet a ffect bloocl Cholestrol in the bacle.

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