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UH - ELET 2307 - Study Guide - Midterm

Created by: Sachel Notetaker Elite Notetaker

UH - ELET 2307 - Study Guide - Midterm

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School: University of Houston
Department: Electronics Technology
Course: Electrical-Electronic Circuits
Professor: Mohamed Abdulla
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: DC circuits and Circuits
Name: Elet 2307 Study Guide
Description: Review of basic concepts that may be on the exam.
Uploaded: 10/10/2017
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Unformatted text preview: UTANTYS ELET 3307 Exam 1 Study Guide Saturday October 14** in Closs Open boos notes Two hours long O Starts at 9: O AM Chapters 4 - 8 > 5 Components of DC > Laws Voltage (v Ohm's Law V=R.I Current (1) : Ampere A Kirchoff's Laws Resistance (R) : Ohm a Induc tonce (L): Henry H Votage Current Capacitance (c): Farod F EV=0 EI = at anode In Lout Votage Source : power Source that provides power with a Constant Voltage Ohm's Law: V=R.I Relation between voltage and current Branch: One or more Components Connected in Series Node' Connection between a or more components V Node that jo'mns 4 components Series Connection: all components in Series have the Some Current . Parallel Connection: all components are sharing the Same Voltao. KVI : around a loop EV=0 Loop: Starting node is the same as ending node in any direction EV: - abcda Power =VI Worts(w or P= Power of a = P = I'R resistor Energy = Pot > Joules (watt. Second)EREL SPOT EXW T 24 eings Power in E Losses power = Power - losses output Power out 4 Power'in Power out power in is ideal Pop-X100 = L Efficiency (Power ovt put Power input Total Efficiency: Efficiency of first Efficiency of Second M = MM.MP Motor 20 Fiecrcal JIE Pechanical * Load is the master * Pump is the master requesting Power frem motor. Pop Mechanical Electrical 10 tes RRR Current Divider Rule: Do not use if more than 2. resistors I. = I I, I RA R. R. +R, Linear and Non-Linear Systems Y- mx+b: is a linear equation NOT a linear System Can not solve Non-linear Systems LTI : Linear time in varient Can only solve linear Systemsborce - bors - > Y and Delta (A) connections Y Connected Resistors : Connected to one point a tur 3 resistors Delta Connected Resistors armb Delta to Y T7 ra = Rab : Rca SK ER (Rab +Rca truc) ER rb = Rab Rbc ZR R., Ra, Rs are y corrected R., R Rs ore Y connected R, R4, Rs are delto. A rc = Rca . Rbe Y to Delta Rab = larb trb rc +rera A=(rarb #rbre ore Rbc = rar trore + rera Rca - ran trbre tre ra

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