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Clemson - PSYC 3680 - Class Notes - Week 1

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Schools > Clemson University > OTHER > PSYC 3680 > Clemson - PSYC 3680 - Class Notes - Week 1

Clemson - PSYC 3680 - Class Notes - Week 1

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background image Intro to Organizational Psychology Notes 1/12/2018 What is Industrial- Organizational Psych? - Psychology applied to work
- Studying how people interact with each other at work and are able to 
do their jobs - Goals to improve organization success by:  o Improving the performance
o Enhancing well-being
Why is it important to study work? What’s the purpose? - It gives your life a lot of meaning, gives you something to do.
- We are a work-oriented culture
***  Socialization  (trying to get employee active with job and other  employees) &  Organizational Behavior  (attitudes and  behavior/satisfaction/motivation) deals more with people in the 
organization (Organizational Psych)
What do we actually do as I-O Psychologists?  - They’re focused in the beginning of employment process
- Similar to HR, labor relations, and management
- It’s different because it applies results of scientific research to real-
world problems Organizational Psych

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School: Clemson University
Department: OTHER
Course: Organizational Psychology
Professor: Dana Verhoeven
Term: Spring 2018
Name: Intro to Organizational Psych
Description: An introduction
Uploaded: 10/12/2017
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