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BYU - PHY S 100 - Chapter 11 Notes, Week 6 - Class Notes

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> > > > BYU - PHY S 100 - Chapter 11 Notes, Week 6 - Class Notes

BYU - PHY S 100 - Chapter 11 Notes, Week 6 - Class Notes

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background image Chapter 11: The Properties of 
Speed of Light 1676: Olaus Roemer measures speed of light through Jupiter's moons   The Wave Nature of Light Light refracts and reflects like normal waves Newton's incorrectly assumed that light doesn't diffract--it DOES! Thomas Young's double-slit experiment also proved that light does interfere  with other beams of light Light has all the properties of a WAVE  
Does Light Need a Medium to Travel?
*Waves need material to pass energy through, yet light can travel in the empty 
vacuum of space. What's its medium? *
1800s: theory that universe filled with ether, light-carrying substance that  managed to not interfere with motion of planets (no friction) Maxwell's equations: combined conservation of charge, electric force, and  magnetism into equations that explained electric and magnetic interaction o When charges move, forces within fields change o Charge moving up and down creates a transverse wave--electric and  magnetic fields radiating outward New family of waves proposed that weren't a result of vibrating matter   Electromagnetic Family     From < view=detailV2&ccid=bnVLsNWc&id=0E5B49FA7513DF227D084278C30ED9FA87D043A2&thid=OIP.bnVLsNWcE_CY4wB_BaGKEAEsCN&q=electromagnetic+radiation+spectrum&simid=608046673701832809&selectedIndex=5&mode=overlay >  Electric charge accelerates-->electromagnetic waves radiate out

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School: Brigham Young University
Department: OTHER
Course: Physical Science
Professor: Patricia Ackroyd
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: light, properties, waves, and particles
Name: Chapter 11 Notes, Week 6
Description: properties of light as a wave and a particle
Uploaded: 10/13/2017
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