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Temple - GUS 0821 - Week 7 Notes - Class Notes

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Temple - GUS 0821 - Week 7 Notes - Class Notes

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background image Cartogram - doesn't depict geographic space. Not a "true" map Small diagram depicting quantitive information Abstract, simplified map - not true to scale A map of statistical information in diagrammatic form Key terms Geographic object: thing that exists in geographic space Ex. City, Region country, state Attribute: some characteristics of a geographic object. Ex. City population, city literacy rate Why are Cartograms useful? Highlight patterns in important areas Represent areas in relation to population size Variables reflected directly through distortion Types of cartograms - each have a unique way of showing attributes of geographic objects Non-contiguous - geographic objects don't have to maintain connectivity with their adjacent objects Easiest to make out of all types § Geographic objects DO NOT have to maintain topology = connectivity to adjacent objects § The maintained topology allows objects to grow/shrink& still maintain shape § Contiguous Cartogram - topology is maintained, shape is heavily distorted Reverse of non-contiguous. Topology is maintained & shape is distorted § Appropriate size reflect attribute value § Shape is not completely disregarded. The map must be able to be interpreted § Dorling Cartogram - maintains neither shape, topology nor object centroids Named after inventor, Danny Dorling of University of Leeds - suggested shapes on the map shouldn't
overlap, i.e Graduated Symbol map
§ Instead of enlargement/ shrinkage of objects, objects are replaced with shape to create
uniformity - usually a circle
§ Cartograms Sunday, October 15, 2017 6:02 PM

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School: Temple University
Department: Geography
Course: Digital Mapping
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: cartograms, Digital, and mapping
Name: Week 7 Notes
Description: All about Cartograms. Fun! - Not
Uploaded: 10/15/2017
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