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Texas State - HIST 1320007 - History 1320 .007 Study Guide for Exam 2

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> > > > Texas State - HIST 1320007 - History 1320 .007 Study Guide for Exam 2

Texas State - HIST 1320007 - History 1320 .007 Study Guide for Exam 2

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background image U. S. History since 1877 Exam Review Fall 2017 Major themes of the decades:
Economics prosperity Republican economics/republican restoration (economic ideology shift 
that was seen in the Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert 
Hoover administrations)
 Cultural modernism  30’s:  Shift in American philosophies with the state and its relationship with 
the people. Seen in the massive government growth that resulted from
FDR’s New Deal in response to the Great Depression.
Popular front period (1935-45): cultural period of democratic populist 
Potential IDs: Zoot Suit Riots
June 1943 Street riots in which naval sailors and policemen attacked Mexican
youth wearing flamboyant “zoot suits” (characterized by oversized suits and 
pants). Led to Mexican Americans fighting for civil rights.
Charles Evans Hughes
Became Secretary of State under President Harding in 1921 and continued 
the position through Calvin Coolidge’s first term.  
Teapot Dome Scandal
Albert Fall, a cabinet member of Herbert Hoover, accepted nearly $500,000 
from private businessmen to lease government oil reserves at Teapot Dome, 
Wyoming. As a result, Fall became the first cabinet member in American 
history to be convicted of a felony. 
Destroyers-for-bases deal
Deal cut between Great Britain and United States; the U.S. would trade naval
battleships for various Caribbean naval bases. GB needed ships for the war 
background image efforts and America had little need for them, and the deal was made so that 
it didn’t look like America was taking sides in the war. 
Andrew Mellon
Served as Secretary of Treasury and was the key economic strategist of the 
republican restoration presidents, Warren Harding Calvin Coolidge, and 
Herbert Hoover. He supported low tax rates, low interest rates, sound money,
a balanced budget, and minimum government regulation. Mellon’s 
definitions helped establish the domestic and economic policies that are 
seen in the Republican Party today.
Social Security Act
Centerpiece of Roosevelt’s New Deal, embodied Roosevelt’s conviction that 
the national government had a responsibility to ensure the monetary well-
being of Americans. It created a system of unemployment insurance, old age
pensions, and at to the disabled, elderly poor, and families with dependent 
children. The Social Security Act represented a dramatic change in the role of
the federal government.
Original Dixieland Jazz Band CIO
Congress of Industrial Organizations was a federation of labor unions. The 
organization is most well-known for implementing its highly successful sit-
down striking tactics (1936-37), especially among auto workers as well as 
mass-production factory workers. 
Franz Ferdinand
Archduke of Austria, assassinated by Serbian terrorists, sparks the beginning 
of World War I.
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
Pact between Russia and Germany agreeing that they would not attack each 
other, and essentially split up the area of land between them. After this pact 
Germany immediately invaded Poland.
Calvin Coolidge
One of the presidents that played a role in the republican restoration. Often 
called the “silent cow”, Coolidge continued his predecessor Harding’s policies
unobtrusively and in the background. 
Spanish Civil War
America refused involvement even though Spain’s democratic republic was 
fighting against a dictatorial regime that was attempting to rise to power. 

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School: Texas State University
Department: Engineering
Course: History US to Date
Professor: Jason Mellard
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: Mellard, history, and WWII
Name: History 1320 .007 Study Guide for Exam 2 Professor Jason Mellard
Description: This study mainly defines all of the potential ID's that we were provided on our TRACS study guide. It also outlines some major themes of the periods. The ID's are defined up to the section we have not covered yet (will be covered on Monday), the Cold War.
Uploaded: 10/28/2017
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