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WSU - BIO 1120 - Biology Study Guide Exam 2 - Study Guide

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> > > > WSU - BIO 1120 - Biology Study Guide Exam 2 - Study Guide

WSU - BIO 1120 - Biology Study Guide Exam 2 - Study Guide

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School: Wright State University
Department: Biology
Course: Cells and Genes
Professor: Professor Krane
Term: Fall 2016
Name: Biology Study Guide Exam 2
Description: These notes cover information that will be on the second exam of Biology Cells and Genes.
Uploaded: 10/29/2017
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Unformatted text preview: BIOLOGY EXAM 2 PHOTOSYNTHESIS process which plantsuse san igne a ule Food from carbon dioxide and water - ATP and NADPH maden cean Light Flacons of cocosahesis w in chloroplast *Thyland memorane vil have strongest green color - Carnma radiation has more energy feusest energy nich elicon cornic from water Bloulose conospace Colboxylase carbon dioide as a Sub Surat study soup Carbon oxugen dioxide una Lesna * CELLULAR, RESPIRATION -34% of succes -> DPP erurg is copared by Living rings Onaneobic (5 - glucose glucose is oxidiud GLYCOLYSIS during success puricic Por is used in cousin process caued p ale kinase ons and au cours results in u lacur - Sugar onasate group seoranas Dzid Loco Locat* ENZYMES ons have an effect on cumical reaction ble amino acids any bad to a specific sobimate ALLOSTERISMS ALLcc. comes Sneee. * CATABOLISM mome reactions o r more rapidly tie onwy educe the rea cos acavadon coergy CATAGOUISE * ANABOUSM orcon down * build up otoo ooo 000000 o-o-Do-oo 000000 COMRTINE INHIBITOR compeces u Sub Serate for Same active Size (exs Caron monoxide) No : COMPETITIVE INHIBITOR binds to entume not at acove Site) to change Ranchon * ALLO STERIC WHITDR ontoif switch* LP of THERONICS O energy not created or desoyed Dentropy increases carit have a positive change in free toergo ito good free energy of system most be greater than the ending free entre - in chemical reactions, most of energy ends up as huat EUKARYOTES luneor) Several, doodle Stranded PLOKASYOTES Laurie) Single, double stranded divide by binon, Assion MITOSIS LolaLL 2 daughter ceus Spindle Abers, Snorren in ana.prase NUCIE C ovelope Forms in tclophase metaphoses alovos charmosomes to beiden Red Seperately - prochasc human cells are Letraploid - Shareen pan ge teu cycle metaphase * inerpnase St chromosome ff doubled *MITOSIS + MILOSES Hoes bem CELLS

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