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PENN STATE / Communications / COMM 271 / In what way does violence affect journalists?

In what way does violence affect journalists?

In what way does violence affect journalists?


School: Pennsylvania State University
Department: Communications
Course: Principles of Journalism
Professor: Curt chandler
Term: Spring 2016
Cost: 50
Name: Comm 271, Exam 4 Study Guide
Description: These notes cover the 3 lectures given in class after the exam 3.
Uploaded: 10/29/2017
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Study Guide: Exam 4

In what way does violence affect journalists?

Guy Wathen and Stephanie Strasburg Franklin Street Shooting (video)

• Shooting happened in a nice neighborhood

• Issue: Reporters show up only when something bad happens in a place like that, but not  when there is good stuff going on

Community standards: Tyler Hicks in Nairobi (NYT Lens blog)  

• 9/11 photographs: Todd took picture of man (David) on ground of convenient store near  twin tower collapse  

o Todd and David used to work together so David felt Todd crossed a line • Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma – journalists who experience PTSD as result of  what you cover, resources: teaches you how to handle you job when you have to cover  tough news/take tough images and deal with the aftermath  

What is citizen journalism?

Does violence affect journalists? ???? absolutely  

Should journalists protect viewers from the “truth”? ???? bad things happen, but there has to be  a standard

• Does proximity make a difference?

• Does social media change the equation? ???? so much more access on finding out what’s  going on, ex. las vegas, boon and a curse  

How aggressive should a journalist be covering breaking news? ???? think about how much are  you going to show your audience. Can’t show too much or too little. You’re trying to be honest  about what happened.

Boston Globe: Scenes from Boston Marathon explosions  

• John Tlumacki: The making of iconic images

How are breaking news curated?

• No citizen journalism

John Tlumacki: in his own words

• The worst, most gruesome event he’s covered in his career We also discuss several other topics like Is language unique to humans?

Two lives intersect: Jess Bauman and the Boston cowboy

• Image of man with leg blown off with cowboy man running with him, while woman is  pushing his wheelchair Don't forget about the age old question of Which nerves connect the central nervous system to the rest of the body?

“Protecting” the audience

• Daily News Marathon massacre – celeste is Sydney’s mom and blonde woman waiting  for boyfriend, edited the mother’s image of compound fracture

• DO NOT CHANGE WHAT’S THERE. YOU EITHER SHOW IT OR YOU DON’T.  • They attempted to protect the audience by editing the image – WRONG Raw Video

• Marathon live bombing video shows how fast things actually happened  • Steve Silva’s footage

Value of professional journalists (video)

• John Tlumacki – said that the way you communicate with photograph is emotion

John Tlumacki – got in touch with survivors after photographs as much as possible  • Both him and survivors found it therapeutic to meet again

• Tlumacki follows Celeste (mother) and Sydney (daughter) – picture of them shopping at  mall showing them going back to normal life

Important about reporting of Boston Marathon:

• The Boston Globe and the NYT repurposed the breaking news coverage to give the  content a second life

• They added value by engaging audience in reporting process or by repackaging content  in a way that had increased production value

• Both strategies added context and clarity to the coverage – past peak, going into end of  story arc Don't forget about the age old question of Why was the 1970s considered the worst decade of inflation?

NY Post on Boston Marathon Bombers

• ‘Bag Men’ – Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon We also discuss several other topics like What services does mea serve?

• They took picture and ran it on the front page assuming because he looked like the  profile they were searching for, but he was NOT the bomber

Curating Breaking News

• NYT: crowdsourced, took everybody at finish line and find out what their stories were.  Tagged self in finish line photo with explosion next to finish line and spoke about  themselves and their experiences.  

• Boston Globe – Five days in April: went through the bombing at the first day and then  the following 4 days. They don’t show the gruesome photos because by that point the  audiences have seen them over and over again so you don’t have to show them. But  they did show the caos, which is always effective.

Rexnord factory workers: story about losing jobs to Mexico – documented through  interviewing

Top Hat questions:

1. What is the most common reason for journalists to commit plagiarism? a. Journalist is a pathological liar who is willing to do anything to avoid failure. b. Journalists under pressure, takes short cuts to avid failure and gets caught Don't forget about the age old question of What is the contribution of arthur keith in anthropology?
If you want to learn more check out Is hypothesis a prediction?

2. What were the consequences for Allen Detrich after he was caught digitally altering a  photo?

a. The credibility of his most important work – children of the underground – was  compromised

b. He was fired

c. No mainstream journalism organizations in the US would publish his work d. All of the above

e. None of the above

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