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USC / Journalism / JOUR 391 / Who is kristen shaver?

Who is kristen shaver?

Who is kristen shaver?


School: University of South Carolina
Department: Journalism
Course: Sports Media & Society
Professor: Kevin hull
Term: Fall 2017
Cost: 50
Description: All the class notes you will need for exam #2! Exams are based entirely on lecture, so these are only lecture notes, hope this helps you!
Uploaded: 11/04/2017
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Who is kristen shaver?


Charles Bloom – Executive Associate Athletics Director for USC Kara Durrette – Photo Manager/Digital Team Photographer for  Atlanta Falcons

Brad Shank – Executive VP Columbia Fireflies

∙ Job is to generate revenue

Kristen Shaver – Director of Events for ESPN

∙ Organizing games that ESPN owns the content for

∙ Do research on the department you’re applying for

∙ “To whom it may concern” you’re just sending out another application ∙ You won’t hear back from a lot of applications We also discuss several other topics like What direction does dna polymerase move?

∙ Be realistic with career goals

∙ Things that stand out on a resume

What is the para-social relationship?

o Leader rather than a member of something

o Concise – less is more

B.JOHN HOWARD PRESENTATION – OCTOBER 3 ∙ Technical Director for NBC Sports

o Sunday Night Football Don't forget about the age old question of What are the characteristics of expressionism?

o Thursday Night Football

o Boston Marathon

o Olympics (Won an Emmy for this in 2017)

∙ Directed the Boston Marathon

∙ Technical director doesn’t make decisions, TD pushes the buttons

o TD is the gatekeeper – nothing makes it to television without  passing through the TD’s hands

∙ How many people are there behind the cameras?

o 100 total

o 25 to 30 camera operators during regular season, 30 to 35  during a playoff game, 50 camera operators for a Super Bowl

Who is marvin austin?

Don't forget about the age old question of What are the examples of mental imagery?

∙ Football Anthem ProtestsWe also discuss several other topics like Is capitalize and expense are the same?

o Cover the anthem because they’re ultimately journalists telling  the story of the event

o Anticipating questions of the viewers – people are wondering if  anyone kneels during the anthem? Then show them

∙ Audio Director

o Chooses a playlist of 25 songs each week that go with the show

o Choose bands that are native to the area, go with the touchdown celebration, etc.


∙ One percent of television programming was some type of sporting  event (2013)

o Nearly half of all tweets about television were related to sports ∙ The 2016 Summer Olympics

o 187 million tweets sent

o 75 billion impressions

o Top moments (tweets per minute): Brazil wins soccer gold medal  in OT shootout, Usain Bolt wins 100 meter dash

o Most mentioned athletes: Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Neymar ∙ 2015 Super Bowl

o Fans sent out 25.1 million tweets

o 395,000 tweets per minute after interception

∙ Sports fans are now more likely to go to social media for the latest  sports news before logging on to a traditional news website ∙ 83% of fans check social media while simultaneously watching a sports event on television

∙ In 2011, 15% of fans said they consume sports on social network  platforms. By 2014, that number doubled to 34% We also discuss several other topics like What is the difference between the actual budget and the cyclically adjusted budget for evaluating discretionary fiscal policy?

∙ Athletes have some of the largest followings on Twitter

o Fans can now interact with their favorite athletes online o Formally: one-sided relationship

o Twitter: Para-social relationship – seemingly face-to-face  relationship between spectator and performer

 The fan believes he or she is in a friendship with the  

athlete when the athlete probably has no idea who they  


o Allows athletes to avoid talking directly to the media, delivers the message straight to the fans

Digital Activism and Sports

∙ U.S. Olympians protested rules regarding sponsorsWe also discuss several other topics like How could hardy-weinberg equilibrium be disrupted?

∙ Royce White for mental illness

∙ Athletes can speak out on different types of issues

o Lance Armstrong tweeting about magazines photo-shopping him

Marvin Austin

∙ In 2010, UNC football player tweeted pictures and messages from a  trip to Miami

∙ Austin was suspended for tweeting he was at a club, drinking free  alcohol

∙ UNC Football Team because of this tweet:

o A one-year bowl ban

o Lost 15 scholarships  

o Head coach fired

o Athletics director resigned

Cardale Jones

∙ Ohio State football player

∙ Tweeted that he shouldn’t have to go to class if he came to the school  to play football

∙ Suspended for one game

Other instances

∙ Elon running back Jamal Shuman

o In 2011, Elon lost a game

o Shuman didn’t play

o Tweets complaining about the game, how he should have played ∙ 18% of college athletes said they have tweeted something  inappropriate (drugs, sexual relations, alcohol, race, etc.)

∙ Barack Obama gave a speech during NBC’s coverage of an NFL game.  NBC showed the speech and stopped showing the game

o Football player tweeted to “take that n***** of the TV, we want to watch football”

∙ Some athletes have signed up for Twitter must agree to have  monitoring software placed on their accounts

o That program will send an automated email to an athletic  department official or coach each time the athlete uses a word  that has been flagged by the software

o Flagged words include swear words, brands of alcohol, and  opponents’ names

∙ The Zimmerman Verdict: George Zimmerman found not guilty in the  shooting death of Trayvon Martin

o 5 million tweets sent within a day of the verdict

o Lots of athletes tweeted their opinions regarding the verdict ∙ Rashard Mendenhall

o People were celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death

o Mendenhall tweets sympathy for bin Laden

∙ Michigan vs Michigan State

o 2015: Michigan blows the last 10 seconds of the game

o Blake O’Neill, player from Australia  

 Gets tweeted lots of threats from people

Twitter Showing NFL Games

∙ 10 Games “Tricast” of Thursday Night Football

o Broadcast (NBC/CBS)

o Cable (NFL Network”

o Digital (Twitter)

∙ Free live-streaming to 800 million viewers

∙ Amazon out-bidded them for NFL rights

∙ Twitter also has deals with MLB, NHL, and WNBA

∙ Stadium: a 24/7 sports program that streams on Twitter o Includes live college games

o Highlights

o Studio shows

o Partnership with Players Tribune

o Include fan feedback in show

∙ The goal: to make Twitter a video destination for users and bring more  people to the service


2016 Season: 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the  national anthem

∙ First game: he sits on the bench

∙ Second game: he kneels

1968 Summer Olympics: Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise a black-gloved  fist after the 200-meter finals to draw attention to human rights ∙ “One of the most overtly political statements in the history of the  modern Olympic games”

∙ The two were sent home from the Olympics

∙ Brent Musburger “black-skinned Stormtroopers”

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

∙ 1996 season stayed in the locker room while the anthem played before walking onto the court for 60 games

∙ Explained his long-standing protest as an act of his Muslim culture ∙ The NBA suspended him indefinitely without pay for being in violation  of the league rule that you must stand for the anthem

∙ He stayed suspended for one game, then stood for the next game with  his hands praying

Kaepernick’s Protest

∙ Nobody noticed at first because he was injured and not in a uniform ∙ Then he played in a game and people noticed

∙ NFL: “Players are encouraged, but not required to stand during the  playing of the National Anthem”

∙ Paul Finebaum: “this country is not oppressing black people” ∙ Steve Wyche – first article about the protest

o Black players don’t feel comfortable expressing their opinions to  white journalists because they don’t get it

Simone Manuel

∙ First black woman to win an individual swimming gold medal ∙ READING QUIZ QUESTION

2010 Study: 95% of respondents did not think mainstream media adequately covered stories regarding racial injustice

Kaepernick Protest Cont’d

∙ Media says he hates America, the Military, white people ∙ His message got lost along the way

∙ What can athletes do so their message isn’t twisted?

o Personal twitter accounts aren’t doctored by a writer of the  media

o Your message isn’t twisted the way the media wants it

∙ People say CK disrespected Veterans, Veterans defend him ∙ Weeks later, Jeremy Lane of the Seahawks sits during the anthem ∙ Lesbian soccer player Megan Rapinoe kneels during the anthem

Donald Trump is elected president.

September 2017: President Trump is at a rally in Alabama to support Luther  Strange in his re-election bid for the US Senate.

∙ Trump gave a 90-minute speech not even about Luther Strange

∙ Complained about the NFL, says NFL ratings are down because people  like watching Donald Trump

∙ Said players who protest should be fired

∙ The following Sunday, entire NFL teams knelt during the anthem ∙ Some didn’t even leave the locker room or the anthem

Alejandro Villanueva

∙ Steelers football player

∙ Played college football at Army, fought in Afghanistan

∙ Steelers decide to stay in the locker room during the anthem ∙ Villanueva took a couple steps from the locker room to stand for the  protest

o Photo goes around making him look like a hero

o That week has the top-selling jersey  

Survey: National anthem protests were the top reason that NFL fans watched fewer games in 2016

∙ Less viewers = less money networks can charge for advertising

Not just the NFL protesting

∙ Golden State Warriors won the NBA title in 2017

∙ Traditionally the team would go to the White House

∙ Steph Curry was asked if he would want to go to the White House after  the game

o He says he doesn’t want to go

o Donald Trump tweets that Steph Curry is not invited anyway ∙ No protests allowed in the NBA: the rule is you have to be present and  stand at attention in order to play in the game or you will be  suspended until you agree to comply

∙ If “big-time” players choose to protest, the media has to cover it o If Lebron James kneels during the anthem for important games,  are they really going to suspend him? If Steph Curry kneels, will  they really suspend him?

More on Kaepernick

∙ He ended up playing for the 49ers in 2016

∙ More stories come out about him

o He didn’t vote in the election

o Supported Fidel Castro but didn’t know anything about Castro o Opted out of his contract after 2016 season and became a free  agent

 No team has signed CK

 He still wants to play


Impartial media

∙ They aren’t supposed to care who wins

∙ No cheering in the press box – you root for the story

∙ When an athlete or sports media member talks about a topic  other than sports, the response from the public is usually “stick to sports”

o They don’t pay attention to sports writers to write about  politics, they pay attention to hear sports news

Howard Cosell

∙ Longtime broadcaster for ABC Sports

∙ Most sportscasters didn’t go near racial and social issues

∙ Cosell openly supported John Carlos and Tommie Smith Olympic  protests

∙ Cassius Clay converted to Islam and referred to himself as  Muhammad Ali and refused to fight in the Vietnam War

o Many Americans were extremely angry at him

o Cosell was one of the first people to refer to him as  Muhammad Ali and legitimize Ali’s conversion

The Political Sports Media

∙ University of Missouri football player Michael Sam announced that he is gay

o Sam instantly becomes one of the biggest stories in the  draft

o Gets picked in the last round of the draft

∙ ESPN showed his reaction when he was picked; he was crying of  joy and kissing his boyfriend

o Some were offended at Sam for kissing his boyfriend and  blamed ESPN for it

o ESPN gets labeled as a liberal network

∙ ESPN then gave out the “Arthur Ashe Award for Courage” to  Caitlyn Jenner

o The award is given to individuals whose contributions go  beyond sports

o Some praised the choice of Jenner, others questioned if she  deserved it

o People thought they were just trying to make a political  statement

∙ “Stick to Sports” became prominent during the 2016 presidential  election

o One of the most bitter and polarizing elections in decades o It was all people talked about

o Many sports writers reacted poorly on Twitter to Donald  Trump winning

Jemele Hill

∙ Joined ESPN in 2006 as a national columnist

∙ Suspended in 2008 for comparing the Boston Celtics to Adolf  Hitler

∙ One week suspension – she apologized

∙ Working partnership with Michael Smith

o 2011 Podcast – His and Hers

o 2013 Television show – Numbers Never Lie (name  

eventually changed to His and Hers)

o 2017 – Announced the two would be hosts of SportsCenter ∙ SportsCenter is no opinions – just news, highlights, and analysis

∙ September 2017: Hill tweets saying Donald Trump is an  unqualified white supremacist  

o ESPN apologizes for the tweets, saying it does not reflect  the views of ESPN

o Hill publicly apologizes to ESPN for making them look bad  but not for her comments

o She was not suspended

o The tweet was spoken about in a presidential press  conference

o Trump tweets poorly about ESPN

∙ Dallas Cowboys Coach Jerry Jones says he will bench anyone who  kneels during the national anthem

o Jemele Hill: tweets the ways Cowboys players can get away  with protesting

o Suspended for two weeks

o Many ESPN journalists outwardly support Hill – speaking out  against the company  

o ESPN implies that you can do whatever you want, you just  can’t bash the NFL

Curt Schilling

∙ Schilling was a baseball commentator

∙ 2015 Schilling posted a comment on Twitter comparing Muslims  to Nazis

∙ Asked about his opinions on Hillary Clinton on a radio station

o Said “She should be buried under a jail somewhere” o Not suspended for his comments

∙ Schilling made a comment about the NC bathroom bill

o “Men’s rooms are designed for the penis, women’s rooms  not so much”

o ESPN gets fired over this comment  

∙ People argue that the reason Schilling was fired and Hill was not  because his comments were more conservative – painting ESPN  to be more liberal for firing him

Clay Travis

∙ Used to work for Fox Sports

∙ Has made a career focusing on ESPN’s liberal moves

∙ Talks about it on Fox News saying that the CEO of Disney and  ESPN agree with Jemele Hill so she is not fired

∙ Thinks they want liberal views to be the forefront of ESPN’s  values before conservative views are represented

New York Times

∙ Makes a new policy that their writers are not allowed to make any political statements on their personal social media accounts

∙ Arguing that every tweet/post represents the New York Times and not the individual posting

September 2017 survey from The Big Lead says that sports reporters  should cover less politics, but it’s hard to do so.


Tiger Woods Timeline

∙ Eldrick Woods, father gave him nickname “Tiger” as a kid ∙ Golfing prodigy

∙ Appeared on The Mike Douglas Show (talk show similar to The Ellen  Show) in 1978 when he was two years old

o Has a putting contest against Bob Hope (pro golfer at the time) ∙ The first golfer to win three consecutive US Amateur championships ∙ Wins the NCAA individual golf championship at 20 years old ∙ August 1996: Tiger Woods turns professional

o Immediately signs endorsements with Titleist and Nike o One of the most lucrative endorsement contracts in golf history o Hadn’t even played in the pros yet and already has huge  endorsements

∙ October 1996: He wins his first PGA tournament

o Two weeks later, he wins PGA again

o Named PGA Rookie of the Year

o Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year

∙ GQ Cover Story in 1997: All-access pass to Tiger Woods o Swears a lot in the interview

o Makes racist and other offensive jokes from Tiger

o Not the Tiger people were expecting

o Tiger stops talking to the media because of the bad press he got  from the article, remains true even today

∙ Less than a year after his pro-debut

o Won The Masters by 12 shots

o Is the No. 1 golfer in the world by June 1997

o By November 2009: Won 71 tournaments and 14 major  championships

∙ October 2004: Tiger married Elin Nordegren (former Swedish model) o Have two kids together – son and daughter

o Media thinks maybe this will warm him up to the press ∙ August 2007: Men’s Fitness cover  

o Gives a detailed look at his training regimen

o Tips on weightlifting, exercise and eating

∙ November 2009: The National Enquirer publishes a story saying that  Tiger Woods has been having an affair with New York night club  hostess Rachel Uchitel

o The story doesn’t make mainstream media because it’s not from  a credible news source

o Two days later: Woods crashed his Cadillac Escalade into a tree  outside his house at 2:30 a.m. Thanksgiving night

o Tiger makes a statement about the accident, says it was his fault ∙ December 1, 2009: US Weekly has a cover story with Jaimee Grubbs o She says she’s been having an affair with Tiger for three years o She has 300 text messages to prove it

o Woods pays $164 fine for careless driving (for the previous  accident)

∙ Tiger makes a statement on his website

o “I have let my family down”  

o December 11: Woods announces that he is taking an indefinite  leave from golf to work on his marriage

o First time Woods uses the word “infidelity”, confirming all of the  rumors

o Put the statements on his website so he can control the message ∙ Mostly just tabloids reporting on the story

o New York Post: cover story for 20 days straight


o US Weekly

o Not quality journalism

∙ January 20, 2010: National Enquirer says it has the first photo of Woods since the accident

o Radar Online posts the photos from the Enquirer that shoes  Woods outside the “Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction  Services”

o Says he’s going for sex addiction

∙ February 2010: Vanity Fair cover article about Tiger Woods’ fall from  grace

o “Never-before-seen photos!”

o The photos were taken in 2006

∙ February 19, 2010: Tiger Woods holds a press conference o Up until this time, he has only made written statements on his  website

o Most of the “media” at the conference was his friends and family o Only a 14 minute conference

o Very rehearsed and not a genuine apology

∙ March 21, 2010: Tiger does two separate interview


o The Golf Channel

o Each interview is strictly 5 minutes long

∙ April 2010: Tiger plays the Masters

o First tournament since the scandal broke

o Finishes tied for fourth, amazing for not playing pro all that time ∙ March 2013: Tiger is #1 in the world again

∙ Nike still sponsors Woods

o Nike comes out with Tiger Woods ad that says “Winning takes  care of everything”

o Comes out with a commercial with Woods’ late father’s voice ∙ March 2013: Tiger announces he is dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn

o The two released the dating announcement on their Facebook  pages

o Tiger controlling the message

∙ 2014: Golf Digest’s Dan Jenkins does a parody interview with Tiger  Woods

o Making fun of Tiger Woods, never actually talked to Tiger Woods o Woods posts an angry message on The Player’s Tribune ∙ The National Enquirer reported the story in 2009, but they knew about  it in 2007

o Tiger’s people found out that they knew

o Tiger made a deal with The National Enquirer wouldn’t run the  story, but Tiger would do a Men’s Fitness cover (TNE and Men’s  Fitness owned by the same parent company)

∙ Memorial Day 2017: Tiger arrested for a DUI

o Had five drugs in his system

o He was unconscious parked on the side of the road

o Year probation, $250 fine, and community service

∙ Hasn’t won since 2013

o Battled back injuries

o Posted on twitter October 2017: “Making progress”


For a long time, an “out” gay player in professional sports was purely  fictional

∙ The Broadway play “Take Me Out” told the story of a pro baseball  player announcing he was gay

∙ Several of his teammates react strongly

∙ It won the 2003 Tony Award for Best Play

2009: The first active professional athlete to come out was British rugby  player Gareth Thomas

∙ The only time players chose to reveal their sexuality was usually after  they had retired

David Kopay

∙ NFL running back from 1964-1972

∙ Came out in 1975

∙ Was the first professional athlete – male or female – to come out in the  united states

∙ Outsports.com calls this the #1 moment in gay sports history

Billy Bean

∙ MLB outfielder from 1987-1995

∙ Came out publicly in 1999 after retirement

∙ Currently is MLB’s Ambassador for Inclusion

John Amaechi

∙ Played in the NBA from 1995-2003

∙ Came out in his book Man in the Middle in 2007

∙ First former NBA player to come out as gay

The first active athlete comes out in 2013

∙ Jason Collins, professional basketball player

∙ Collins makes his announcement in Sports Illustrated

∙ First person story

∙ Article was published at 11AM

∙ ESPN had some issues reporting on it

o Didn’t report the story until 1PM because that was the day Tim  Tebow was cut from the NY Jets

Michael Sam

∙ Announced he was gay on ESPN, The NY Times, and Outsports.com o The story would appear on all three outlets at the exact same  time after the NFL Combine

∙ A large portion of the pre-NFL draft attention is focused on Michael  Sam

o He was a late pick in the draft but was still being talked about in  the media

o ESPN was there at his house with cameras, they aren’t going to  go to any other 7th round (last round) picks houses

∙ Media reports on whether or not Michael Sam showers with the team o It was simply a story about Michael Sam’s showering habits o Got a lot of negative feedback

∙ Michael Sam is cut by the Rams

o People think it’s because teams don’t want the media attention,  not just because he is gay

∙ Sam wins Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2014 ESPY Awards ∙ GQ Men of the Year (one of many)

In 2016 at least 171 LGBT people in sports came out publicly in 2016 Gender differences

∙ It’s big news when men come out as gay

∙ But it’s not as big of news when women come out because it’s a  stereotype that female athletes are lesbian

o No one was surprised when Abby Wambach came out

Brittney Griner

∙ #1 pick in the WNBA Draft in 2013

∙ Before the draft she announced that she is a lesbian

∙ There was no media uproar over her announcement

∙ WNBA tends to be progressive, lots of lesbian players  

o Their fans accept it

o Candice Wiggins, straight WNBA player, said she felt ostracized  in a predominantly gay league

The media doesn’t know how to cover gay players

Martina Navratilova  

∙ Tennis player

∙ Came out in 1981 as bisexual to the New York Daily News ∙ She asked the author not to publish the article until she was ready to  come out publicly

∙ She was afraid she would lost sponsors

∙ The newspaper published it anyway

Dr. V’s Magical Putter

∙ Grantland wrote a story about a person who created a golf putter that  was supposedly the best putter in the world

∙ About halfway through, the author reveals that the inventor is  transgender

∙ The inventor begged them not to publish the story, worried she would  lose investors

∙ The article hadn’t been published and the inventor killed herself ∙ Grantland outed this woman and still ran the story after her death

The Daily Beast Olympic Story

∙ The author used Grindr (gay dating app) and Tinder to see what  athletes were looking for sex in the Olympic Village

∙ He focused on athletes who were male and gay

∙ He then included their information that could have easily identified the  athlete

∙ In many countries, being gay is a crime. The article could have had  many implications for the athletes in their home countries

Larissa Francia hugged her wife after beach volleyball match

∙ Reporter referred to her wife as her husband

∙ The media does not know how to cover gay athletes

∙ Reporter later apologized and did a nice article on the two women as a  couple


Olympics: No women the first year (1896)

1900: First women’s sports in Summer games  

∙ Golf and tennis

1908: First women’s sport in the Winter games

∙ Figure skating

1960s: Joan Weston was the highest paid female athlete in the world ∙ Roller derby

Title IX

∙ Law passed in 1972

∙ Made it so sports don’t discriminate against gender, gave women more opportunities to play sports

∙ High school sports

∙ College sports

The Battle of the Sexes

∙ Mother’s Day 1973: Bobby Riggs (former Wimbledon Champion) played Margaret Court (#1 women’s player in the world)

∙ Riggs won 6-2, 6-1. Called the Mother’s Day Massacre

∙ Riggs taunted all female tennis players asking for a new opponent ∙ Billie Jean King accepts

∙ September 1973: Houston Astrodome

∙ $100,000 winner take all prize

∙ The match had an audience of an estimated 90 million worldwide  viewing

∙ 30,000 people attended

Women start to stand out

∙ Famous female athletes: Golf (Nancy Lopez), Tennis (Chris Evert and  Martina Navratilova), Basketball (Nancy Lieberman – Lady Magic),  Olympics (Peggy Fleming and Mary Lou Retton)

∙ Get advertisements

Olympics becoming more female friendly

∙ 1992 Summer Games

o 159 sports for men

o 86 sports for women

o 12 for both

∙ 2012: first Olympic games in which women were in all sports ∙ 1972 Summer Olympics  

o 338 men/ 90 women on the US team

∙ 2016 Summer Olympics

o More women than men  

∙ 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

o The US won 121 medals  

 Women won 61

 Men won 55

 Mixed gender teams won 5

 Won 46 gold medals; women won 27 of them

Professional women’s sports leagues

∙ LGPA (golf)

∙ WTA (Tennis)

∙ WNBA (basketball)

∙ NWSL (soccer)

The Golden Era of Women’s sports

∙ More scholarships, more youth leagues, more professional  opportunities, and more money for women who want to play sports

Lots of research that women’s sports are not being covered

∙ SportsCenter dedicated 2 percent of its airtime to women’s sports in  2014

∙ Local news in Los Angeles: Just 3.2 percent of airtime went to women’s  sports; less than in the past

∙ Percentage of tweets from local sports broadcasters are about sports  involving women

o 77.3% about male sports

o 17.5% not about sports

o 4.3% about female sports

o 1% about both male and female sports

∙ Not just broadcast media

o Newspapers: coverage of men’s sports was higher than women’s sports in a ratio of 23-1

o Four different sports magazines

 Women’s sports made up 3.5%

 Mens sports made up 81%

 Women’s sports articles were 25% shorter

∙ Argue that the media cover what the fans are most interested in and  attendance to women’s sports matches are low

∙ Women’s sports don’t get covered because they aren’t popular, but  they’ll only get more popular if they get more coverage


∙ A separate webpage within ESPN.com

∙ “A destination for women who are passionate sports fans and athletes” Why not just cover more women’s sports?

∙ It could hurt your career

∙ Low profile of events covered

When women do get coverage, it isn’t necessarily about their athletic  achievements

∙ If you google “female golfers” you only get articles of “20 Hottest  Women of Golf” – only articles about how they dress or look

Lolo Jones

∙ World-class hurdler

∙ Marketing herself: little clothing, life story, she’s waiting to have sex  until marriage

∙ Just as the track events are starting in 2012, the NY Times publishes  “For Lolo Jones, Everything Is Image” article

o “She has almost no possibility of winning gold…yet she’s the  most publicized US female athletes”

o She won fourth

∙ She wasn’t getting media coverage

o She tried a different tactic to try to get the media to report on  her

o She told her life story, exposed herself, became more public o She’s then criticized before she even raced in the Olympics National Women’s Soccer Team

∙ 1999 World Cup: US vs. China

o Brandi Chastain rips her shirt off when we win

o Over 90,000 in attendance

o 40 million watched on TV

∙ The team members are celebrities

∙ 2015 World Cup final

o Most watched soccer telecast EVER in US

o 26.7 million viewers

o More than 750 million watched at least one minute of action  during the entire tournament

∙ The media universally loves this team

∙ 1991: First ever Women’s World Cup

∙ Two American reporters attended

∙ 1996 Summer Olympics

o Not a single women’s game (even the finals) was televised on  NBC

∙ 2015 World Cup: Abby Wambach “they’re covering us like we’re  athletes)

o Sports Illustrated: After they won the team had 25 different  covers (1 team, 24 different players)

It’s changing for women’s sports

∙ Serena Williams is the 2015 Sports illustrated Sportsperson of the year

∙ First woman to win solo since 1983

∙ 2015 Women’s College world series viewership bettered Men’s college  World Series by 31%

∙ WNBA had 5 times as many video views on social media in 2016  compared to 2015

∙ Subscriptions to WNBA league pass in 2016 up 20% from 2015 ∙ Ticket sales for NWSL are up after World Cup

SEC Network and ESPNU

∙ These ESPN networks devote thousands of hours to women’s sports  coverage

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