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UA - CLAS 116 - Study Guide

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UA - CLAS 116 - Study Guide

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background image Med Term Chapter 11-Digestive System 1. 2nd portion (5' long) of small 
intestine that means to empty is 
the ______: jejunum
2. organ that produces bile: liver 3. The lining of the structures in the 
abdominal and pelvic cavities: 
peritoneum "that which holds the
lower organs"
4. the ring of muscles found in 
opening between stomach and 
duodenum: pyloric sphincter 
"gate keeper: that which binds 
5. the tube that extends from the 
pharynx (throat) to the stomach 
and means gullet: eso/phagus 
6. the combining forms os-, or/o-, 
and stomato- all mean: mouth
7. the combining form that means 
"small intestines" is: enter/o
"usually refers to small intestine:  Colo- big intestine" 8. "rectum (straight) and anus 
(ring)": proct/o-
9. small growth: polyp/o- "footed 
10. inflammation of the stomach, 
intestines, and colon: 
11. abnormal condition of having 
diverticula (out-pouchings) in the 
colon: deverticul/o/sis
12. gingivitis: inflammation of the 
13. chole/lith/iasis: condition of 
14. prolapse of the rectum: 
15. gastp/enter/itis: inflammation of 
the stomach and intestinal track. 
also, the surgical opening is 
referred to as an iliostomy; and 
the incision is referred to as an 
16. chronic inflammation of the small
and/or large intestines, 
characterized by cobblestone 
ulcerations along the intestinal 
wall and the formation of scar 
tissue: Crohn's Disease
17. abnormal growing together of 
two surfaces normally separated: 
18. ulcerative colitis: inflammation of 
the colon with sores
19. psychoneurotic disorder 
characterized by prolonged 
refusal to eat: anorexia nervosa
20. chronic disease of the liver 
characterized by the gradual 
destruction of liver cells: cirrhosis 
"yellow orange color produced"
21. crushing a stone in the common 
bile duct: choledocholith/otripsy
22. cheil/orrhapy: suture of the lips 23. incision into the abdominal wall: 
24. suture of the tongue: 
25. X-ray filming of the gallbladder: 
26. visual examination of the rectum: 
27. Endoscopic Gastroscop/e: 
instrument used for visual 
examination of the stomach
28. visual examination within a 
hollow organ: endoscopy
29. Proctoscope: instrument used for 
visual examination of the rectum
30. a barium enema with X-rays: 
lower GI series
31. a series of X-ray films taken of the
stomach & duodenum after 
barium has been swallowed: 
Upper GI Series
32. Brady/pepsia: slow digestion 33. Dysphagia: difficult swallowing or 
34. a/pepsia: without digestion 35. physician who specializes in 
proctology: proctologist
36. gastro/dynia: pain in the stomach
background image 37. Peritoneal: one who holds lower 
viscera "largest serous membrane
in the body"
38. abnormal collection of fluid in the
peritoneal cavity: ascites
39. washing out the stomach: gastric 
40. Di/gest/ion: the process of /two/ 
41. physi/ology (science of function 
or nature) term Peristalsis means:
to contract/ around
42. anatomical term Incis/or means: 
one who cuts in
43. Stomat/itis: inflammation of the 
44. Pyloric Stenosis: condition of 
narrowing the gate keeper
45. Gastric Rugae: stomach folds 46. Peptic Ulcer: digestive: sore 47. Hepatitis A, B, C are caused by a 
_____: virus
48. Hepatitis A also known as____: 
Infectious Hepatitis
49. Hepatitis B also known as ______:
Serum Hepatitis
50. Hepatitis "_____" may be 
dormant in the body for years 
before the Signs and Symptoms 
appear: C
51. Dental Caries: refers to tooth 
52. dento- and donto-: tooth 53. Gastroesophageal Relux Disease: 
heart burn "GERD"
54. Reflux: to flow again "usually 
55. Tartar: plaque "hardened 
carbonates, phosphates, and 
organic matter"
56. Coloscopy refers to viewing and 
examining the __________: Large 
57. Colo/scop/e: instrument to view 
the big or large intestine
58. Colo/scop/y: procedure of 
viewing and examining the large 
59. Diverticulosis: condition of out 
pouching in the colons rugae or 
60. Bolus: ball or lump 61. Chyme: juice 62. inflammatory characteristics seen
during an Upper GI Examination 
include: rubor, tumor, calor, and 
dolor "red, swelling, heat, pain"
63. Gastrointestinal System (Mouth 
to Anus): GI
64. Enema: to inject 65. Dys/phag/ia: refers to difficult or 
faulty swallowing
66. Dys/phonia: refers to faulty 
speaking or speech - hoarseness
the 2nd portion (5' long) of small intestine that means to empty is the: jejunum. the diagnostic term colo/scop/y literally means: procedure of viewing and examining the large intestine. the diagnostic term for the abnormal growing together of two surfaces normally separated is: adhesion. the diagnostic term pyloric stenosis literally means: condition of narrowing the gate keeper. the procedural term for x-ray filming of the gallbladder is: chole/cysto/graphy. the procedural term that means visual examination of the rectum is: proctoscopy. the term di/gest/ion literally means: the process of/two/separations. the ring of muscles found in opening between stomach and duodenum is the: pyloric sphincter "gate keeper: that which binds together". the diagnostic term for the abnormal growing together of two surfaces normally separated is: Adhesion. the diagnostic term diverticulosis actually means: condition of out pouching in the colons rugae or fold. the diagnostic term coloscopy refers to viewing and examining the: Large Intestine. the diagnostic term that means inflammation of the stomach, intestines, and colon is: gastroenterocolitis. the diagnostic term stomat/itis means: inflammation of the mouth.

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Description: Med Term Chapter 11-Digestive System wall and the formation of scar tissue: Crohn's Disease 1
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