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WVU / Biology / BIOL 101 / Which discoveries and scientists influenced darwin most?

Which discoveries and scientists influenced darwin most?

Which discoveries and scientists influenced darwin most?


School: West Virginia University
Department: Biology
Course: General Biology
Professor: Sydha salihu
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: BIOL and 101
Cost: 50
Name: BIOL 101 Study Guide for Exam 4 (Chapter 8)
Description: Part 2 of study guide for exam 4. This will also be on the final.
Uploaded: 11/13/2017
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This list is only a study guide, NOT a complete list of all the material on the test. Make  sure to go through your lecture notes and power point slides before you try to answer  these questions.   Any material discussed in class is potential test material.  Please bring questions to office hours or by appointment.

Which discoveries, and scientists influenced darwin most?

Study Sheet for Chap 8:  Evolution 

What is evolution? Result of inherited adaptations that enhance survival and reproduction of  the organism in a particular environment

What is the name of the book that Darwin published? The Origin of Species Which discoveries, and scientists influenced Darwin most? 

­Species are created separately and at the same time

­Earth and organisms are fixed and would not change and could not become extinct ­earth is only 6000 years old

Georges Buffon, George Cuvier, Jean­Baptise, Charles Lyell

What is the difference between extinct and extant species?

Extinct­ Non­living species

Extant­ living species

What does it mean to be evolutionarily fit?

If you want to learn more check out Who signed the clean water act to “prevent, monitor & penalize” industrial activity that would be harmful to the us water supply?

What does it mean to be evolutionarily fit?

How well a species is able to reproduce in its environment

According to Darwin the mechanism of evolution is by _Natural selection_________ Review the main points of Natural Selection (lecture). What is the difference between  natural selection and artificial selection?

Natural selection­ the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment  tend to survive and produce more offspring.

Artificial selection­ Process used by breeders and farmers

Natural selection can happen in 3 ways: directional, disruptional, and stabilizing selection. Know what these terms mean

Directional­ Individuals with one extreme of the range of variation in the population have higher  fitness.

What is the name of the book that darwin published?

Disruptive­ Individuals with extreme phenotypes experience the highest fitness, and those with  intermediate phenotypes have the lowest.

Stabilizing­ Take place when individuals with intermediate phenotypes are most fit. Variation occurs within most population.  Don't forget about the age old question of How to determine the bin size?
We also discuss several other topics like How would the reaction rate be changed if more cl2 was added to the following chemical two reaction?

 What are the causes of variation seen within population?

ANS: Mutation, crossing over , random alignment of chromosomes during meiosis and  random fertilization of egg and sperm.

____Mutation________________  the only way new alleles are formed.

 Define Artificial Selection, Sexual selection. Know examples mentioned in class

Which of the below statement is true?  (Is it choice 1 or choice 2) 1) An individual can evolve. False

2) A population evolves, not an individual. True We also discuss several other topics like What refers to an organized range of content in one place?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is the meaning of hi in chemistry?
If you want to learn more check out What is the definition of the trouble functions?

True or False. Natural selection produces perfect organisms.  

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