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TEMPLE / Geography / GUS 0821 / Who signed the clean water act to “prevent, monitor & penalize” indust

Who signed the clean water act to “prevent, monitor & penalize” indust

Who signed the clean water act to “prevent, monitor & penalize” indust


Digital Mapping Quiz 2 - Study Guide (Part 1)

Who signed the clean water act to “prevent, monitor & penalize” industrial activity that would be harmful to us water supply?

Hydraulic fracturing  

∙ Fracking aka Hydraulic Fracturing = rigorous process of  mixing about 600 lethal chemicals and up to 7  million gallons of water to crack rock underground to  release/ access natural gas for consumption.  

o Natural Gas is a lucrative source that enable us to  use our own gas (United States) instead of other  foreign sources  

o Fracking has been linked to water, land and air  pollution  

o 1972 – Richard Nixon signed the Clean Water Act to “prevent, monitor & penalize” industrial activity  that would be harmful to US water supply

o 2005 – Dick Cheney and Congress passed an  Energy Bill preventing the natural gas corporations from the Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean water,  Super Fund and Clean Air Act.  

What are the four major levels of development?

If you want to learn more check out How would the reaction rate be changed if more cl2 was added to the following chemical two reaction?

o Halliburton Loophole – lack of accountability of  these exemptions mentioned above  

o Fracking started in the west and then moved to the  south, this process is active in 34 states  

o Fracking is detrimental to the environment and  society  

∙ Fracking Damages  

o Water – up to 7 million gallons to enter the well then another 7 million to crack the rock THEN up to 7  million to RE-OPEN IT  


FRACTURING … one of the major reasons why  

the water supply is declining  We also discuss several other topics like What is matlab data?

 Fracking has heavily contaminated water  


o In the movie, Gasland, Fox traveled to many  locations where he witnessed the effects of fracking sites on local’s health – reports of headaches,  

Define demography.

fatigue, loss of taste, overall body pain, nausea   Discoloration of water supply, foul gas-like  odor, and in some cases the water was  


 Oil and gas companies continuously deny any  fault, however, for some residents whose  

water was deemed undrinkable – they  

were supplied with alternate water  

source (contradiction which proves them  guilty)  We also discuss several other topics like What is the definition of the critical point?

 Fraccidents associated with the effects of the  intermingling chemicals found in the fracking  

mixture, and the local water supply  

 Select state EPAs investigated/tested the water supply to further prove the dangerous impact  

of fracking on residents near the wells.  We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of hclo4 in chemistry?

∙ Chemicals found in the water, previously deemed  drinkable

∙ “Evidence of Fracking now being proved as having a  negative effect on the water supply, new policies are now  being debated on the local, state and national levels. “

∙ The Frack Act has been put in place in an attempt to  eliminate the practice of hydraulic fracturing.  


∙ Socio-Cultural Evolution = the historical alterations in  culture due to new technologies & land-use patterns

o Four major levels of development:  

Hunting/Gathering, Pastoralism/ Horticulture,  Agriculture, Industry  

∙ Social-cultural History of World Population:  

∙ Demography = statistical study of human populations with reference to size, density, distribution and statistics  If you want to learn more check out What refers to an organized range of content in one place?

o Contemporary demographic concern = “population  explosion”, interrelation of population and economic development, effects of contraception, urban  

congestion, and immigration

∙ Fertility Rates = incidence of child-bearing within the  population  

∙ Mortality Rates = incidence of death within the population  3

∙ Net population growth/Rate of Natural Increase (RNI) = The birth rate – Death rate = CBR – CDR  

o Expressed in %

o Annual rate of population growth without regard for  migration  

∙ Life Expectancy at birth = Average years an infant can  expect to live under current mortality levels.  

∙ Population Composition:  We also discuss several other topics like What is the formula for nernst equation?

o Sex: gender  

o Race: ethic  

o Age cohorts

o Population pyramids  

∙ Malthusian Theory = food supply and population are  interdependent until the point of a catastrophic starvation

o “war, drought and famine has keep population in  check”

o This theory has never came to pass


∙ J-shaped growth curve to exhibit human population  

∙ Age pyramids are important descriptors of a  population’s recent history and medium-term future.  Population growth rates are highly dependent upon level  of development.


∙ A decline in both death and birth rates is referred to as a complete demographic transition.

∙ Most current/future growth is taking place in developing  countries


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