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UM - PSY 110 - Psych Week 9 Class Notes - Class Notes

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> > > > UM - PSY 110 - Psych Week 9 Class Notes - Class Notes

UM - PSY 110 - Psych Week 9 Class Notes - Class Notes

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School: University of Miami
Department: Psychology
Course: Intro to Psychology
Professor: Charles Carver
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: DSM-5, psychopathology, stress, and abnormal psych
Name: Psych Week 9 Class Notes
Description: These notes review stress, individual differences, Psychosomatic medicine, psychopathology, and introduces the DSM list.
Uploaded: 11/15/2017
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Unformatted text preview: 18 - STICSS is transactional can solate systematk influences something imposed on you by events in the world "Life Events Research O Assess an index of prior events _ death, dior Q, loss of jos, new relatioroni, chung in job 2) L k for future impact on outcomes High levels of previous negadive everyts + more risk of diverse probleme later psicholaical physical * Inexpretation Adapting takes something out of you leaviney you vulnerabu Adverk bad eneris People can create. STRESSindividual a diferences of several kircls Anar poneness. primary appraisal (that) secondairex appraial (attack.) - Aroyer promotes fighting A tys more stress) fear lanziery proneness : Primary Threr secondariz (flee feor promotes flignt response & thus more stress I panic) Q relation btwn life events & health TA Negative events lead to worse ha in Stessors Varex in predictabilitus unpredictable tave more out at yar Tran predictable consider schrecluted unscheduled exame stressors vary in how controllable, they are -uncortolabe takes more. It of you than controllable . Loss of control - Learned Helplessness (snukle por tor avoidance learning classical conditionines) human haiousness belief in los al control may logel to givinoy cup of copine efferts Evepected failure leads to not trymeg-IQTA Boin control & predictability are gsod which is true of leurned helplessness A Peoplequue wewnen toey cannot control 4 dont truy when tuur can again Stress & Well-Beinsy losuchosocial) (physical Stcess 4 physical hahh A multiple earths for stress # influence health A Behavioral health damaging (alcanol, drugs... hea Herpromoting exercise, nea huy-diet A due physiologica followes psychological response 4 fight or Flight" response (not infinite) Kepeated, prolora ed response problems X micro-tels in anternas duler to high bp atherosclerosis hartattacks revaye of pro- ioflam matt cytokines goad, short term but back tonog term stre Gimmune system is ott invaders) killing of invaders competes al action related energy igendit Phant -f kant OR immune response 4 too muen too lonex ff can puppress immune system + suppressed immune discox vulnerability PSI psucno- neuro immungloon wnus toould a persor have repeated or especially intense or prolonogd f-f response A chronic stress (as opposed 10 acute stress) asa \lfie context Individual difterenes Anys TD Stressful circumstances fear groneness, fai une to adaptpl summam : momo tofaute situation (Treinsient of chronic) > Primary appraisal threat or loss Emotional physiological arousali (especially if chronic) Inflammation impu ne suppression - Disase promotion RL whats true of F-f response ALLAH goes on 100 lomby it can gffect your health 'its good for you be it keeps you alive Psychosomatic Medicine Behavioral Medicine labels Health psycholog - - -most broock "647656 management : harm seems to come unen Tue fignt flight respon gc & Co Kecl but not actually used 1) transactional + your interpretations water > learn to interpret gnblauous situation 3 more benignluxe (ex: dont "catastrophite"), positive reframina 2) transactional, the context is part of it, so me stress-inducing environments 3 Relaxation Training bonecomes ASSOsclation btwn lack of Stress a stress management involves ?

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