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UCSB - CH ST 1 - Class Notes - Week 8

Created by: Tiffany Velazquez Elite Notetaker

Schools > University of California Santa Barbara > Chicano Studies > CH ST 1 > UCSB - CH ST 1 - Class Notes - Week 8

UCSB - CH ST 1 - Class Notes - Week 8

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background image Mexican American Generation cont.  Bracero Program 1 Pressure from agricultural corporations and railroads forced a wartime  emergency effort between the U.S. and Mexico to recruit workers a Mexico responsible for sending workers 
b Employers responsible for paying, feeding, and housing workers
i Met with complaints from workers 1 Very low wages
2 Poor housing conditions
3 Almost inedible food
b U.S. responsible for transporting workers from the border to their  place of employment c One-year labor contract, but could potentially go for longer 2 Limits to how many workers could get into the program a Many Mexicans came in as undocumented workers when they were  unable to enter the program i Often preferred as they could be paid less than minimum wage  2 Operation Wetback (1954) a U.S. government underwent a significant round-up of workers they  believed to be undocumented b Almost a million Mexicans were apprehended and deported out of  the U.S. 2 Extended all the way to 1964 a Difficult to unionize workers until this point   
Mexican American Generation
1 Labor rights are civil rights 
2 Activists focused on:
a Education  i Pressured schoolboards to desegregate or at least improve 
ii Took their case to the courts  1 Mendez Case (1946) a Santa Ana School District
b For the first time a federal court ruled that the 
segregation of schools was illegal under the 
Fourteenth Amendment and California state law 
i Schoolboard argued it was a pedagogical, rather 
than racial issue 
b Exclusion from the jury system i Hernández Case (1954)

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School: University of California Santa Barbara
Department: Chicano Studies
Course: CH ST CH ST 1A
Professor: M. Garcia
Term: Fall 2015
Name: Week 8 Lecture 13
Description: The Mexican American Generation cont.
Uploaded: 11/23/2017
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