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ASTR 1010 - Study Guide - Final

Created by: AayushTailor Elite Notetaker

Schools > Georgia Gwinnett College > OTHER > ASTR 1010 > ASTR 1010 - Study Guide - Final

ASTR 1010 - Study Guide - Final

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School: Georgia Gwinnett College
Department: OTHER
Course: Astronomy of the Solar System
Professor: Tara Cotten
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: astronomy, other, Math, astro, Physics, class, notes, study, guide, astronomyofsolar, and system
Name: FInal Study Guide Astronomy
Description: astronomy final study guide, this is a 27 page study guide that covers chapters 10 -12
Uploaded: 11/28/2017
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Unformatted text preview: 150 con med atmosphere. Titan density atmospheres. Scientists su the same way that planets secreted from of collisions. - Chapter 10 10/30 Jupitav (ALL ABOUT IT Mass 317 S E NASS ovolal pomod 11.9 y's . 11. 2. Rrown, 6 oRoun bayadi, : 52 o Grightness - . - (52) Rotation Pexiud - 99 hus Agure 11.2 Thes above the orbe (a) Closer moc regular, with plane. (b) M with more equatoria 21 nost o Rotation Perod e Errotating very Past so not a perfect sprevo 5 has a big angulor monentum , the sun nus lust 1 of its momentum, so this Aurrerar blc always conserved, it was trans fewed to the disk them to the next layqest planet. Tupi tow holds 107. of suov sprems Momentum imple, of Mars Mars ro- ice a day captured issibly afte n is Saturs its orbit and unpre xquisitely is unpre ke this. The777212 Cloud Pettevns (Jupitor) bunite claud tops L> Sheng coriolis check - Great Ned Spot 4 white Ouals L> High Speed Jets open a's alternative wmspomene 2) colors-clouds Jeis Sable ? MS na nge- culue 5) width of Rands Study Soup Zones- white (2egros Bands - reddey Color1 Many sont arf plarien have 1 - Surther -nd Rings TO 30 coloys oP We clouds L7 Blue, Orange, ved-range, brown Atmosphere of Jupita Similar to Earth y pressure Attitude 1 Temp Alttude T o clouds should be colld Altitude b> Mainly hydrogen and belium Lr Ammonia (M ) C T = 133ke LAmmonium laude salce (NH, SH Rotten eggs (unite jers) C E= (ke Juno's L> used microwaves to penetrate the atmuspheve OP Jupitav & Meosuve amount of Ammenia >> Red Lavge Anauws Blue - smallomes a Chalileo Missic cu k> Lightning bolts Metallic - Liguld COM Posi Hienot Jupitay o 4 112 as 4 Doesn't have a solid surface Atmosphere ends and fluid begins GULLLLLLLLLLL Bring- Pern a Magneht Pieldets in our Sol - have nearly 150 confir er Gal ly 150 confirmed confirmation allest know o atmosphere, w-density atmospheres. such the same way that planet -Auct of collisions -ies: regular (0/30 3:10 Figure 11 "above" ca) Clos regule plane with nost ample, of Mars Mars re Sice ad e captu ossibly an iss Fiu dygs its or Is and un xquis is ur ike the *7777777777TTITETETT 1111111111111 Jupitars Radian'w L> plunes recieve enegi pom the sun Cequilibombm , jupian exprcted to be 109k 47 measureut suggek [24 ke o Stefan - Boltzmami law tacruel (kexpeted) Bocha Energy L> letover Brum fovmahon, Shil altro chey L7 gravitatiovel evang outated traineul tau Jurus, Mognetic field (11/01) olmspres Su face just liquid Salways anuming SO Shoang caviolis effect Stretcnes 6 Au "Netalle' hydwaew" (20,000 times Shenger then the Earth) Traps changed particles hem sdav wind A Moor 10 -> b/c ofib sattelites has an addi hicval torus / donut shaped full ef plasm a * Meo suring the field L> look & radiation of noape d pa roke s mn vadio wars ifo planet has a mag field and chenged pevheles fren it has Auroras core Yucce"es" A Study Soup

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