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TCTC / Biology / BIOL 101 / How is hydrogen bond formed?

How is hydrogen bond formed?

How is hydrogen bond formed?


School: Tri-County Technical College
Department: Biology
Course: Biological Science I
Professor: Richard reeves
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: Biology
Cost: 50
Name: Bio unit 4 study guide
Description: Review this for content assessed on exam
Uploaded: 12/04/2017
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Practice Exam number 4

  1. The nucleotide sequence of the template strand determines the sequence of a newly synthesized strand of DNA replication
  2. A hydrogen bond is formed between pairs on a double helix
  3. DNA replication is semiconservative because the two resulting DNA molecules have a new strand and one old strand from origins;
  4. New DNA strand elongates in 5’ → 3’ direction only because DNA polymerase can only and nucleotides to 3’ end
  5. 32% cytosine 32% guanine = 64%        100% - 64%        36% = 18% thymine 18% adelaide
  6. Actively dividing culture of E.coli bacteria with radioactive thymine added. If replication DNA is both daughter cell would be radioactive because cells have thymine
  7. In replication, the strand that is synthesized as Okazaki fragment is the lagging strand
  8. DNA replication 3’ TTACGGAC 5’ → 5’ AATGCCTG 3’
  9. Translation does not occur in nucleus
  10. During RNA processing, 5’ cap and poly (A) tail is added to help stabilize mRNa by inhibiting degradation
  11. mRNA transcription 5’ ACG3’ → 3’ UGC 5’
  12. A silent mutation is least likely to affect final protein product
  13. During translation, the release factor (RF) binds to the stop codon in A site in place of translation
  14. Helicase unwinds double helix
  15. Ligase repairs any breaks and glues Okasaki fragments
  16. Codon 3’ GCAUCAGCAGG 5’ is gly - thr - thr - thr
  17. DNA polymerase adds nucleotides to 3’ end
  18. One gene codes for one amino acid
  19. 3’ CTG 5’ to 3’ CTC 5’ is a missense mutation
  20. A missense mutation will change the amino acid
  21. Change aff’s base pair bonding rules: pyrimidines always bond to purines
  22. Transcription takes place in nucleus and makes RNA copy of DNA
  23. Transfer RNA bring the correct amino acid to the ribosome
  24. Jean - Baptiste de Lamarck with “inheritance of acquired characteristics”
  25. Natural selection is genetic variation, overproduction, adaptation, and older survive
  26. Population is a group of individuals of same species in same local area and interbreed
  27. Bottleneck effect ex 90% mice die in flood by chance only survivors are brown
  28. Birth rate .03 death rate 1000 population .03 - .04 x 1000 = 10 lost
  29. Community is a group of different species living in same local area
  30. Biotic factors to a mice population are snakes, owls, corn (all living)
  31. In logistic model, as N approaches K the growth rate will approach zero
  32. Carrying capacity is the max population size that a particular environment can support
  33. Exponential model is J shaped

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