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Temple - CJ 2602 - Class Notes - Week 13

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> > > > Temple - CJ 2602 - Class Notes - Week 13

Temple - CJ 2602 - Class Notes - Week 13

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background image Regression Notes 
If the problem says test for a negative/ positive than it’s 2 tail 
Step 1: H
– there is no correlation between years of education and number of arrests    H – there is a correlation between …..  Step 2: df  N-2  (8-2=6 (how many rows) df=6  Step 3: 
t-crit = +/-2.447(+/- because it is 2 tailed) 
Step 4: 
t-obt = -4.49 (always given!) 
Step 5: 
Accept the alternative/null hypothesis 
This we accept the alternative hypothesis because -4.49 falls outside the t-
R = -0.88 which is both negative and strong 
2  = .77 = 77%  77% of the number of arrests can be attributed by years of education  Simple regression 
Y = a +bx 
Y = predicted value of DV at IV 
a= y-intercept –in SPSS- constant 
b= slope of co-efficient 
x = value of IV 
EX: y=20 + -.5(10) 
20 -5 = 15 y =15 
As age ate 1
st  arrest increases by 1 year (IV)  The total # of arrest decreases by .5 (DV) (decreases/increase depends on 
the sign -/+) .5 = b-value)
Multiple regression 
Y=a +(b
1 x 1 ) +(b 2 x 2 ) …….  b 1 x = age at first arrest  b 2 x = years of education EX: 
Y = 20 + -5(x
1 ) + -.75(x 2 As years of education increased by 1 the total number of arrests decreases 
by .75 
If your sig (p-value) above 0.05  it doesn’t work! 
If it is below it works!!

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School: Temple University
Department: Criminal Justice
Course: Crikibal Justice Research and Analysis
Professor: Tba
Term: Summer 2015
Tags: regression and Statistics
Name: Regression
Description: These are class notes on regression (not SPSS)
Uploaded: 12/05/2017
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