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What is the war on drugs?

What is the war on drugs?


School: California State University - Long Beach
Department: information science and technology
Course: International Development
Professor: Austin beahm
Term: Fall 2017
Cost: 25
Name: IST 319, Week 11
Description: These notes cover what we learned in week 11.
Uploaded: 12/06/2017
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What is the war on drugs?

tudy SOUT



creating cocaine

- modern rechnological innovanons - cocaine alkaloid removed and processed

- pressed + mixed wi other chemicals war on drugs -1970100 cocaine was under the radar

"SoHang", - Popular in business community - Nixon targeted marijuana + heroin -1969 - "angs are a senous nanonai threat"

What is the meaning of plan columbia?

- 1973 - cleans PEA created Us response to curb coca o rga

• compensation to eradicate coca alternative crops

-financial ttechnical assistance - pinapple, cacao, citus , peppers, coffee, Don't forget about the age old question of What is the cohort effect in psychology?
We also discuss several other topics like What refers to a remnant of which plate is being subducted along northern california and the pacific northwest?
Don't forget about the age old question of What was the american economy like in the 1890s?

palm oil, tea, jagua, passion fruit o eradication Plan columbia ariel tumigation team que

What is the coca leaf?

alleged health impacts

- mainuminon (health scarcity) ourd al vomiting po

- diarrhea

- headaches

- skin rashes

an eye problems - to cant target correct crops + spray dritt

harm to legal crops on

ham to alternative deve crops bin Enviommental Issues: Don't forget about the age old question of What is cultural framing?

de firestahon - coca farmers seek refuge in national parks

• spraying extended into national parks - damage: aquanc life, nontarget Hora + fauna,

soil composition, tropical ecosystems sensitive and negenerate slowly.

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the international war







Columbia (2000) Os Sponsored fumigation





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Coca Leaf :

what cocaine is derived from We also discuss several other topics like How do gender differences affect relationships?

cocaine is an alkaloide will coca use predates the Inca Creciprocal exchanges)

• nutritive properties

- reduces antude sickness - suppreses appetite Don't forget about the age old question of What is fiscal policy?

sustains energy -mild stimulant

source of calcium. - helps digest carbohydrates

- not a harcotct

History colonists didn't uke Andean revanons wi coca

- liked that it made laborers work better

· 1800s Scientific cunosity grew

- cocaine derived (Germany) -10805 - 1905 : golden age of cocaine in modern medicine

• Freud was a large advocate for cocaine, believing it was a miracle drug

Coca- Cola coca leaf & Cola hut, discontinue cocaine element, only leagle importer in

the us, extract other elements to use in medicine quo 1905- 1940 : addiction to cocaine emerges 1940 - 1970: US pushes anti-drug agenda, UN adopt goal of eradicating the coca legf

illicit trade begins page

• 1970 - current: cocaine trade concentrated in colum crack epidemic pusnes inus, Escobar & cartels in

Columbia Peak we


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traditional use: -debate on radisional use connnues. -Evo Morales

"let me chew my coca"

cross cultural comparisons to tea coffee July 31st, 2012 -Pen overtakes Columbia as top cocaine

Producer - Mccoy : "the stimulus of pronidinion"

nemoving angs from one area only pushes them to another


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Hu17 violence the intentional use of illegitimate

force (actual or threatened) w/ arms or explosimes against as person, group, community in state, which undermines

people - centered security or sustainable vorbonx denelopment.

n o son what links violence and underdevelopment?

deneelopment cannot take place who

adonessing wider problems of wolence what is the cost? o warilog too.

africa (as-05)

> cost of conflict est 300 bill us non 7157. GDP

US Hom ook to zmot i = amount of and economic intervention


zyou o

poverty to Srp rismow -



(causes and arrintot na asiplina

obyod ononton -no quaranteed) I sunsion in six (DapR 2

und of an oportiuhtu ko

noon terby0 XU Simona grouth tosoom919bu bastaama. Co causes - jail=unability to work d

oplod moon singore leads -destruction of a stoupant amours i 2020 nee

to people


- redirection of funds

ginosa or alternative form

- lack & inuestment

contuota boonsvon 17 income

- personal - indendual

asioir pazoru / primitization,

development workens


zorio of

- draplaces people

trass of sense any

market economy

- compts mark

stota - creates env.g. note to uticorituo "mar" to shrine

алтлоосоо both foreign and local

- lack of opportunity


education y enmorament i someoniviolence long prose - reduced faith in

-opportunity seen in illicit

gout a challenges authority

tradhe & Sistainca "catures of crime urrence




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trends of violent places wwpoor countries are less safe than richer - urban areasia Post conflict areas n

e m

ant a border regions benne

extraction is nearby natural resource -areas nearby nato

regions in which people & drugs are olo ao trafficked or a politically untable

parcipitory rights

- lack of political or Gender + violence:

- violence is gendered are

young men perpetuated majority of violence young men are most frequently victims of same violence women are affected in different ways.

takers, often

- care

left to raise children in fatneriess homes - emotional burden


patterns that signal rise in violence.

no pot

-macro economic Stack or distunoonce - youth oneniployment and underemployment


- demographic youth buiges - increases in income inequality of sustained wine long-term income inequality


uneven land distribution Challenges in curbing violence www - and s easy access to arris

lowedren trenger

hou valy

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ان لا اله الا





بار دارد

corruption of state

oss cf. oral authority of State outcala jutisings of state often contronts violence wh Violence

-weary public lacks collfidence in wonen State/policy

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