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USASK / OTHER / NUTR 120 / what kind of fatty acid is produced by soluble fiber?

what kind of fatty acid is produced by soluble fiber?

what kind of fatty acid is produced by soluble fiber?


School: University of Saskatchewan
Department: OTHER
Course: Nutriton
Professor: Melanie rozwadowski
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: nutrition, health, food, VItamins and MInerals, Carbohydrates, fat, fatty acids, breastfeeding, and diseases
Cost: 50
Name: Nutrition 120 - study guide
Description: Various charts on the 4 major units viewed in class. - Carbohydrates - Fats - Infant nutrition + food labeling - Vitamins + Minerals
Uploaded: 12/10/2017
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what kind of fatty acid is produced by soluble fiber?





Disaccharides la monos tooether) Total energy requirements (TEE) ER for adults 19 yro or older Monasaccharides --Maltose = Qglucose - maltare breakdown Basal metabolic rate (BMR): 606-702

- Basal energy expenditure (BEE): Book N-62-19.3xogety)+PA (15.91xweight (g) -Glucose

539.6 xheight (m))} Kose timctose sucras breakbe 1.0kcal/kg/h for men, osalish for warnen 339.6 Xheight (m)

- Galactose 1 - Laclose = 1glucose + 1galactose lactare breach

1-Resting metabolic rate(AMR):10-20%+BHR IW=354-66.91xage ))+PAX9.36xweightluse - Fructose - *All hydrolysis reactions

estimated energy requirement (EER) -Lean body mass (LRM)

(726x height (m))}

makes up carbs Lactose

Soluble Hibes

"Crash" diets - Simple sugars: mono/disacchandes

where can you get lactose?

-milk sugar

-produced short chain fatty acids Last meal stored gly -Oligosaccharides: 3-10 agar unito (manos)

al-relative sweethers 0.2

-Low pH (reduces cancer)

cogen is used glucose

+ fat most body tissue .- Polysaccharide many sugar inits together . Lactaset

L-all children & infants posess these enzyme-stimulates healthy microbial F12-15hrs. depleted liver


growth -Complex CHO: starch

2. Lactase intolerance - lactase deficients

glycogen cient - Decreases of MHz 2 Milh allergy exaggerated immune Coponse

- 2-3 days:massive boos to a prolinin milk

of LBM DRI, polysaccharides, dietary fiber

Type 2 diabetes mellitus:

Insoluble Fiber 1. Glucogen-stored in liver used for energy

490%-95% of people

- Dilution of colonic content

bodu cells resist insulin 2. Starch - how plants store glucose

where is glycogen stored?

We also discuss several other topics like what is Cluster Sampling?

-provides a surface genetic predisposition - obescity

for absorption

|- Decreased transit time 3. Fiber

belevated blood glucose laels

-Altered bile acid and metabdism IDRI value: 45%-65% total kcal intake

Tupe 1 diabers menus:

Effects of insulin

Fiber su

Good Protein spancreas is unable to produce effectiven insulin

-Animal = 90% -99% Chyperglycemia)

into cells

acilitates the uptakes of glucose from bral makes you feel full

bloce increase's Sateity 2,5%-10% of people

12. Stimulate the production of liver olycogen key role in weight loss/management Plant = 70% - 90%

to normal delays gastric emptying 1-soy 13. Return the blood glucose back

>90% - Ly need to take insulin

-high fiber diet = lower tat levels/loanal levels

digestion + absorption

CHO digestion + absorption

Monosaccharice metabolism Protein

Peman of omino group 1. In liver ,

component in all living cells, salivary amylase= maltose 1. Houth

1- Deamination tuns into fructose/ galactose glucose

comprised of amino acids

crea goes to widney =a. Stomach hol denature

Lyglucose: - used for energy by liver 2) 20 make itp, 9=essential goes to crine 3. Small intestine

-stored as glycogen in liver he l atorture:

Lleft with carbon starting / starch / maltose / sucrose/lactose

- Converted to non essential anal -converted to

converted to |-Glycine = simplest amino acid fat - VLDL Don't forget about the age old question of Phospholipids are soluble in water.



- sent to bloodstream o

glucose (gluconeogenesis)→ maltase

-Methionine = contains sulfur, low in sucrase lactace 2. Once released in the bloodstream legime

fat + stored (4kcal/ Glucose Gucose fa) fuel(energy) for most body cells Product / maltose/2 glucose fructose Gatoted Ly RBC, brain, kichey, CNs-only use glucose nutrasweet

b) muscle glycogen Storage

h) All babies are tested for PKU DRI: 10%-35%



Phenylalanine= fand in aspartaret



toxicity Don't forget about the age old question of What is a biological theories ­?




The "Atwater Factors"

Fish oils: EPA(20:51-3) and DHA Dietan Foto us cances Two aspects of fatty acids I lg Carb = 4kcal (17Kj)

Laa:lon-3) - comes

1.different cancers predominate from phantoplankton in the

1. Chain length (2-46 short)

different parts of the world. 1 lg protein = 4kcal (17Kj).

(6-12C = medium) 1 1g fat =9kcal (38Kj)

-lower rates of CHD and decrease 2. Fat & DNA damaging compound

(14-220 = long) in thrombosis -fish with high EPA+DHA = Salmon, macho kcal = more fat = more kcal.

3. Seperating fat intake from total 2. Degree of saturation 11g alcohol = 7kcal (30kj)

herring sardines:

(how full of hydrogen in that particula Flow fat fish = cod, sole, tilapia

fatty acid) Nutrients

Dietany cholesterol

Definitions of the food avide Role of fat in the body 1. Fats

11. Structural component of all cell. EAR = estimated average requir.. insulation body warmth) . 2. Carlos > macronutrients(kcal) membranes

ement (meets the needs of sch) 12. protection (skeletons + organs) 3. Protein We also discuss several other topics like What is Amendment Ratification?

2. percusor for bile acid, vitamin D, sterd

RDA = recommended dietary allowance 3. Energy reserve 14. Vitamins micronutrients 3 found in food animal origin,

Al = adequate intake 5. Minerals

4. Body (liver) malla all Cholesterol needed Dietar Siber

UL = tolerable upper level intake RDA and EAR valves Coronary heart disease (CHD) Summary of DRI Vales vicity

protein 10%-35%

- Atherosclerosis (decades): slow

gradual acamulation of cholesterol-nich

BABA fat 20% -35%

plaque in arteries > lower blood flow, Carbs 45% -65%

y starts with years of excess sat - ---RDA trans fat + cholesterol + high blood TC

danger +LDL BMI chart

|BMI formula (18.5 - underweight 18.5-24.9 - normal weight BMI = weight (kg) 23.0-29.9 - Overweight

fatty acid #2

backbone 30.0 - 34.9 - obesen

Height (m2) 350 - 39.9 - Over obese

-fatty acid #3 40.0 - dangerous IFA location, example Digestion + aboarption + metabolism Fat metabolism the lipoproteins If you want to learn more check out what is The Court System on Texas/ Law and Due Process?

on metabolisme mehevelle lit holes of LOL+HDL IN CHD ID:enzymatic breakdowns of food cons

11. LOL, if not taken up by liver buildsy Onegerle Coth carbon 18:01-6 linoleic Don't forget about the age old question of What is a scalar?

and lumohs tituents to smallest absorbable nit. - found in blood

in the varer bood - oxidation LDL

IT-all have proteins, phospholipids, I Omega-3 / 3th carbon /18:3n-3

2. HDL, higher levels = mae blood A transfer of digested food components Cholesterol, triglucendes

accross absorptive surface of Gil tract -purpose = transport fat around bod cholesterol can be removed = less EPA

Jao:6n-3 fish into vascular or lymph Circulation. I. Chilylomicron (TG-rich) Plaque buildp

12.10-3 IDHA

oils TG Lipase free fatty acid Q VLDL (TG-nich)" How to keep HoL high?

- lose weight Mi various pathways that nutrients takes

3. LDL (ehdesterol -rich) I following digestion + absorption to be

- avoid smoking obic)

4. HDL (protein-rich) stored as used to make other mats

- exarsise (aerobic) in body.

-alcohol (moderat)

Triglyceride (TC fatty acid #1 Glycerol

- limit refined carbs

Nutrition + food labelling

- Standard format

Judging nutrition information Before pregnancyChealth) Breastfeeding recommandatins Meaning: inko borow foods The current nutrition facts label: key facturst adequate intake body stored of -Mandatory

to breastfeed for 6 months than nutrients (Fe, folate,...)

(fe-1 food at a time) - Standard format

introduce -healthy weight,

solid foods" mon 6months = finger -Energy + 13 care nutrients


has enouch iron for Cormonths - Todaily value

-avoiding destructive lifestyle (angs. -vitamin Bdrops (Canada) Casider sening size

-"The first looo days "conception long= I drop = 40010 The cenent nutrition facts key facts Factors influencing pregnancy thy Breastfeeding & - Mandatory

Breastfeeding pork for infant Fruit juice for infant? -maternal weight gain (25-35lbs = heal 4 Best source form of nutrients (F) nursing bottle 1-matemal nutritional status beforet - Lactoferrin = protein absorption in ble

syndrome -Energy+ 13 core nutrients

dining pregnancy - ladaily valve (DV)

-Colostrum beta-keratin, immune stuff, Ear infection = ottis media s

maternal body size entering -Consider your serving si

high in antibodies (1-3days) pregnancy

fruit juice in - Allergies/cognitive development

y no place for

infants Lactation

National recommedation for pregnancy compo

Composition of formulie 4340-400kcal day +2200kcal/day from stored

Eprotein-cous milk of soy fat =500-60kcal/day

Energy = 0-450kcal

Fat = vegetable oil +/-EPA/DHA extra man has to consume to mave.

Nutrients =RDA for most excest Iritamin A,D,E,K, Cat, P

ECHO - lactose, sucrose

Lyroimmune cells like breast milk Concems about Pregnancy

pon-pregnant Pregnant orgasd Summary Milk adiice" -L5.5lbs=increased chance of peri- Iron Gongbay 18mg arng RBC |-0-6 months = breastfeedtutamin Doro natal mortality+morbidityt breathing

increase -7-12 months="solidfoodst breast problems & GI tract immatunity tolate

DNA - Conception 380 40 ween since mg/day

I division -1-2ys whole milk (3.25%)+B.N Start of menstrual cycle

most 400mcg

1-2-5ps=lower milk percentage - NTD = Neural tube defects

I take/ supplements per day! 3.25% 2% 1% Skim (3c/day) How to identify fraudulent products Factor

factors influencing pregnancy What influences breastfeeding choice amet cure umiracle" "break through 1. Maternal age: 1 or 735(20-250r = risk)

risk 1. level of education 2. Baudoscientific jargon holistic detdary.2. Number + frequency of pregnancies 2. Income 3. Pancea - "are all"

3. Obstenc history.


13. Employerment status 4. Only benefits with no side effects 14. Smoking #1 cause of low birth weicht 4. Birth Control = not miss a fading

Slues LSIDS: Sudbeten infant death syndrome "15. Convenience 5. Scientifically proven

6. Benefits to mother 6. Anti-establishment accusations made

16. Poor vegatan an diet 7. Anecdotes, testimonials, traditional

7. Excess caffeine velieves

8.OTC medications-pharmacist 19. Multiple fetuses

io. Benefits for infant LBW = low Birth Weight


studySoup 9


Stus Soup

Vitamins Water soluble vitamin

+ Minerals

Fat soluble vitamins

Ibone marrow, blood cells,

almonds, de cancer, alzheimes

Be- niacin 1B, - thiamin B-riboflann SjUitamin A propose des Vitamin Ansbahul Hamin E


g I coenzyme for enemu coenzyme for glucose + fa

m. beacolentino

caretenoidsColonty pumuna mayor

Faloubed through chylo- Ilommosi terbare Arcacional 4 Retinoids (animals micron

a groups i tocopherol Accomiendl be mamans

brings it to

tols Sunflower / Safflower seeds - Pellagra = deficiency -

etish, gransmik pork, meats, whole grain

gaun RDA! 100namen erben=disease of Angulas stomat

lacoma, mert 1NE -comg tryptophan defieiency

Islach increase cancer liver Scracking at mouth come's

spplements can help hair Sweak musdie, neurological

kempenho miasdetcio eithelial tissuet

growth, fertility, sex |BG-Pyridoxine

Bir-cobalamin Folic acid folap)

Vitamin E no tonicity Vitamin K

Vitamin D -Coenzyme for protein coenzyme transfers metbul RDAyoomcg/dayclay ORDA= 15mg/day. 9 Shelps blood clott, bone RDA= 15mcg/day 600 1.0

plays arde in PMS (CH3)-2.4mcg/day

antioxidant in for all metabolism, hidney function - 70yrs = 20mcg/day

- Folate + B12+ Bro play arde realise the lom -20-analdaus weird glycoprotein in Stomach in cancer Preventi

regions of the body a absorption

IU.L=loonco 40ool. in cancer wall binds with Biz - Anemia - defeciéncy


Chemolytic anemia = I.Deficiency=rare Toxicity: calcun deposits

deficiency 1umik, eggs, meat, decrease in growth


AL = 90 incg/day tho RDA in soft tissue kidneys heart megaloblasticaremia deficiency

ling+retina membrane bor 120

are because it's produced different ang bloog waler Solotexitamins Vitamin C-arabic Rantothenic acid

-B,-thiamin Jacid inflames's

Ttod soluble vitamin hist of vitamin D defeciero FAT = 5mg/day y no RDA

11. Dietary lack sany=deficiency

46-Tmg/day if pregnant 1- B2- riboflavin

-Vitamin K 12. Lach of exposure to sin Lycitrus fruits, strawberries -nontoxic

1-Deficiency = rare

13. Malabsorption of fats |-Bz- niacin

al breaksdown Cantalope, broccoli, cawli - 1-Coenzyme (CA) breaksda

- Vitamin A

(chylomicron) flower, book choy, brussel

14.older adults

Carbs, f.a and a. a T-Port thenicorid

reduced spoats - Bl

a neutralize

ability to produce it. Biotin o uridoxine

|-Vitamin D Sinthesis of connective tissue bliver, egg yolk, yogurt, nuts

5. Infants lack of drops -Biotin

fast donates electrons

6. Children (1-3) tamin

egg whites interfere with absaphon Ccoenzymet antioxidant) 4 carlan milate e

Bapti-vitamin E Vatoria C7 ARDA:90mg/day for men

Deficiency rare - zascorbic acid Tong/day for women



Calcium (Ca) Iron (Fe)

Iodine (12) Functions at minerals More about Mineral: Major + trace minerals

7-75% functional metabolic milk cheese, yogurt, scanned RDA= 150 mg/day 1-ntal structural and Se-RDA=55mco/dan

Salmon, Sardines, broccoli,

[ regulatory roles in the GOL=400mcg/day Sentin Ich

tin chinese cablooge + hale

Zn-RDA= 8 mcg Iday women -25% storage (in liver absorbed through active tool


- serve as cofactors

Ilmag/day for men

ilmogla la men, zoome women and passive diffusion. helps in the produc- necessary frenzumel LÜL = Gomg/day

IRDA= 1000mg/day 1e1% transport

tion of thyroid hormon RBC


T-North America has the Liz-2% of body weight proper bore + brain various RDA and Alrighete

proper bone + brain - various RDA and At highest levels of iodi I-plays a role in communication

and the requlation of body I development naja : 100 malchuk 2-5g iron in body = no

Production in the body free irm in the blood Grace): 2 koma Oepletion decrease liver RDA = 12cony/day for men

lops cline (1) come down for 9-18403

growth = lock M. pre addescents toddess

growth sport


egnant body

Calcium (Ca) -Iron (Fe)


con for

Iodine (Iz)




values due to natural

processes & blood pressure

i and women o1

Steres * exhowstion

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