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USC - CLAS 220 - Apollo - Class Notes

Created by: Kayleigh Clements Elite Notetaker

USC - CLAS 220 - Apollo - Class Notes

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background image Apollo Birth o Leto and Zeus Twin brother of Artemis Born in Delos Nursed by Themis with ambrosia and nectar o Associated with prophecy, the lyre, archery Delos o Sacred as birthplace of Apollo
o Important temple complex
o Home of Delian League
Delphi o Foot of Mt. Parnassus
o Defeat of the dragon (Python)
Pytho “I rot” The sun rotting the dragon The Omphalos “Navel of the World” Apollo Delphinius o Apollo as a dolphin
o Cretan priests
Pythian Games o Athletic, intellectual games
o Second only to Olympics
Temple Complex Near Athens o International
o Amphictyonic Council
The Oracle o Offering, sacrifice by inquirer
o Love bronze tripods and bowls
o The Pythia
A woman that goes into a trance and says stuff o The priest or prophet
o Closed in winter
Apollo in land of Hyperboreans The Loves of Apollo o Attempted affairs
o Cumaean Sibyl
Prophecy Life without youth o Cassandra Prophecy in vain Can see the future but no one will ever believe her o Marpessa Grandchild of Ares

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School: University of South Carolina
Department: Classical Studies
Course: Introduction to Classical Mythology
Professor: Osborne
Term: Fall 2016
Name: Apollo
Description: These notes are from the 7th lecture
Uploaded: 12/12/2017
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