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HY103 Final Study Guide

by: Michelle Azar

HY103 Final Study Guide HY103

Michelle Azar
GPA 3.6
American History to 1877

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About this Document

American History to 1877
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Michelle Azar on Saturday August 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to HY103 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Kopelson in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see American History to 1877 in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 08/29/15
Michelle Azar HY10309 Final Exam Study Guide Terms 1 American and Foreign Anti Slavery Society founded in 1840 by the Tappan brothers who disagreed with William Lloyd Garrison speci cally his attack on the churches and the constitution This was following a more moderate approach and supported the Liberty party It is signi cant since it increased anarchism in uence and also opposition towards organized religion and feminism Robert Smalls Smalls was a slave in Charleston SC that worked on a dock before the civil war He became known for secretly guiding Planter vessel out of the harbor to the Union forces He later became a member of the US House of Representatives He is important because he was the 1st African American caption of an American service vessel and was a Union Naval hero of the civil war Five civilized tribes The Cherokees Chickasaws Choctaw Creek and Seminoles tried to live in harmony with their white neighbors who gave them the name quot ve civilized tribesquot This symbolized that these tribes were abandoning their traditional ways of life and adapting to how society has changed Oregon trai Over 2000 mile trail for settlers to transport themselves to Oregon California and Utah It is important because it played a large role in westward expansion Free soil party organized by anti slavery men in the north democrats opposing Polk and some whigs The free soil party was against slavery in the new territories recently acquired by the United States They advocated for federal aid to be put towards internal improvements and urged free governments homesteads for settlers It is signi cant because it foreshadowed the emergence of the republican party New England immigrants aid society created in 1854 to pay settlers against slavery to move into Kansas in order to sway the vote to make sure Kansas entered the US as a free state This occurred in wake of the Kansas Nebraska Act This was important because it later resulted in Bleeding Kansas Lecompton Constitution Constitution in favor of slavery written for Kansas s admission as a state This constitution was rejected Kansas later entered the US as a free state It is important because it was the reaction to abolitionist boycotting the election Doc Adams Secession Commissioners They were also known as the Apostles of Secession Their intentions were to persuade those who were not already convinced that secession was the answer These were a group of 55 men appointed by Southern governors This group spoke to legislatures and state conventions as well as wrote letters to them to educate them on their beliefs It is signi cant since it demonstrates this ideal radicals had that the US was going to be ran into the ground now that Lincoln had won the of ce of president 10 Red shirt ri e club a publicly open white terrorist group that threatened southern republicans in order to restore power to the Democratic Party It is signi cant since this group intimidated voters in a way that affected election results 11 Sharecropping This payment method was used on tobacco and cotton plantations while wage labor was more common on sugar plantations This system allowed for workers to keep 13 of the crops they had grown Sharecropping resulting in many living in poverty to continue to do so and did not bene t the economy The importance of this is that it allowed for former slave owners to continue to have the power over those working on their land like they had during slavery 12 Black codes restricted African Americans by limiting their access to education could not congregate together or have the right to vote in elections Blacks could not serve on a jury or testify in court They had no existence legally in court lt s signi cance is that even though slavery had been abolished blacks were still far from having equal rights 13 Ku Klux Klan act Also known as the civil rights act of 1871 Ulysses S Grant imposed military action to ght the KKK this included suspending Habeas Corpus The act imposed civil and criminal penalties against conspirial violence that the KKK caused It is important because it protected African Americans from this white supremacist group s violence 14 13th 14th and 15th Amendment the 13th amendment abolished slavery The 14th granted citizenship to all people born in the US including freed slaves The 14th amendment is important since it addressed citizenship rights and equal protection of the law The 15th amendment allowed all male US citizens to vote It is signi cant since it allowed African American suffrage but also adhered movements for women s right to vote Images 1 quotOur Peculiar Domestic Institutionsquot American antislavery almanac 1840 Image depicts south as infested with drunkenness violence gambling dueling and lynching of African Americans This was intended to suggest that all those things were negative in uences caused by slavery This was propaganda for the abolitionist movement lmage shows men brawling and gambling in the presence of alcohol The man whipping a slave child represents the callousness the south had towards even the most innocent of victims Behind that is a 2 elite men dueling one another to preserve the idea of southern honor Asher Durand Progression 1853 This was an endorsement for westward expansion It exempli es ideology of anglo Saxons manifest destiny and the Monroe Doctrine The image features the Hudson river with a village steamboats and railroads In the horizon you can see a city through the light symbolizing progression as positive In the foreground you can see a negative depicting with a makeshift road that s in shambles and a tribe watching all this change from the side and taking no part in it Progression glori es urbanization and condemns the Natives way of life JL Magee quotSouthern Chivalry Argument versus clubsquot South Carolina s representative beats abolitionist Charles Sumner with a cane after he accusing Sumner of insulting his uncle and Senator Andrew Butler in an antislavery speech Sumner was so severely injured that he did not return to congress for 3 years but in that time he was reelected and his seat was kept vacant as a reminder of southern brutality Brooks resigned from the senate but South Carolina still reelected him anyways and supporters sent him a large number of canes In the background of this image you can see politicians horri ed at the attack and the others smiling in encouragement which represents the contrasting reactions of the US population signifying the strong presence of sectionalism Confederate cartoon quotVirginia Pawsingquot 1861 Critique of Lincoln claiming he was just letting these states go that were leaving the union to join the confederacy Picnic at the Battle of Bull Run 1861 Signi es the unrealistic expectations of both sides entering the civil war The people in this picture thought the Battle of Bull Run would be an organized and choreographed battle to watch like a performance A bottleneck effect was created as these elites ed to DC from the battle site once they realized they were actually in danger trying to watch this as a result of new technology combined with old tactics quotEmancipationquot by Thomas Nast 1863 African Americans exercised their newly found freedom by reuniting with their families they had been separated from during slavery along with establishing schools This image frames family at the center over Abraham Lincoln s face Visuals of slavery were on one side under the confederacy Under the US ag you can see children going to school and freed slaves partaking in the economy on the other side with light signifying that the dark era that was slavery is no more 7 Ely S Parker Ely S Parker was an Aid to Grant who repeatedly tried to gather troops to ght for the union but was turned down each time he attempted to get involved Parker is signi cant however since he wrote the terms of surrender The story goes that when these were written Lee told him quot Atleast there is one true American herequot and Parker responded with we are all americans This is important since he extended a hand of reconsolidation and also the debate over who is an American 8 John Lawrence Giles Reconstruction 1867 Allegory with religious undertones that embodies lofty ideas of early reconstruction This picture features a large pavilion with a map on top and an eagle that represents America The structure is being remodeled as the old columns that represent slavery are being replaced with new ones which represent justice liberty and education The heavens above lled with faces of heroes from both sides of the war Infants of different races rest under the eagle along side a banner saying quotAll men are free and equalquot You can also see some children attending school This was an important image of reconstruction and complete change through justice education and liberty It also serves as another example of the contrasting meanings of liberty and freedom that people had at the time 9 Pennsylvania election poster 1866 This clearly was opposed to the freedman s bureau Whites felt like freeing slaves was more than enough even in Northern states This image demonstrates ideas that blacks weren t doing anything and that whites were doing all the work This was the stereotype at the time that African Americans were lazy and de cient This image shows whites working in the elds and chopping up lumber while blacks laid back and watched while wearing ripped clothing Quote at the top of the image reads the freedmans bureau was quotan agency to keep the negro idleness at the white mans expensequot and calls congress evil for establishing the freedmans bureau after the president vetoed it twice The text pleads for new politicians to be elected to congress which still occurs today 10 quotPerspective scene in the city of oakesquot Independent Monitor Tuscaloosa 1868 Image shows the Ku Klux Klan walking away from a lynching It shows a minister from Ohio who was UA s president and a southern man who is supposed to be Alabama s superintendent of education This picture was a threat to anyone trying to do anything to stop them including carpetbaggers who came from 11 the North in attempt to reform the reign of terror going on in the south It is also important since it represents how education was an issue during reconstruction Currier and Ives quotThe Old Plantation Homequot 1872 The Old Planation Home shows the people as joyful and pleasant by dancing around These people in the image were dressed well and enjoying life outside a nice little home This interpretation of reconstruction indicates it as being successful and a positive experience which later sparked a debate whether this was correct or not Essay Questions 1 How did Westward Expansion affect society politics and the economy in the US during the 18005 Politics 0 Louisiana purchase furthered the debate over strict or loose interpretation of the constitution 0 Indian removal act demonstrates how government was more focused on westward expansion instead of what the Indians wanted or the past treaties they have made with these tribes Same thing is true for the Dawes Severalty act Jacksons state of the union address saying Indians had to submit to federal government and Cherokee nationmemorial of the Cherokee Indians where they wanted to assert independence Compromise of 1877 informal and unwritten deal that settled the dispute created by the presidential election of 1867 Northerner Rutherford B Hayes would end in reconstruction in the South by removing troops if he was elected as president Financial subsidies were also promised to the South but that never happened SLietv Louisiana Purchase provided more land to settle on and encouraged moving west Safety valve theory that making free land in the west would relieve employment pressure in the east where there was a concentration of immigrant population in that particular region The safety valve theory was designed to deal with unemployment Manifest destiny americans had this idea that expanding west was their God given right Indian removal act settlers in the south were especially eager to vacate the Indians while missionaries were opposed to Andrew Jackson s policy many others supported it Dawes severalty act forced natives to abandon their traditional tribe land ownership and forced them to adopt individual land ownership Economy Railroads signi cantly improved transportation of goods and people Constructing these railways also produced more jobs for Americans Dawes Severalty Act gave each member of Indian tribes a speci c acreage of land in the west and then the surplus of land was meant for settlers to have Sioux war treaty the US formed with the Sioux tribe that promised them the black hills in South Dakota was not upheld once miners and prospectors realized there was gold on their land which is a reoccurring issue with land that Indians are on 2 From the beginning of the 19th century til the end of reconstruction how did different groups de ne citizenship


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