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Exam Study Guide EDP 301 Module 8

Author: Student Professor: Heidi Burross Term:

Some terms that we went over in class along with examples

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a theory that explains learning by observable behaviors, how observable behaviors are influenced by stimuli from the environmentEX: symbols and interpretations Human behaviors involves both Classical and Operant conditioning 


A living thing all life itselfhumans/animals/plants/microrganisms 


Something that triggers a responseenergy sense by organismseeing.hearing.feeling.tasting


the reaction-outcome of the behavior


learning, change in the responses, repetition of something

Sensation & Perception 

the tingling feeling you have when something happensinterpretation of the environment   

Absolute threshold

the 1st stimuli-minimum-just a little bit of noticeamount of change needed to sense a difference 

Ivan Pavlov 

(1849-1936)Dog Experiment-salivation Animal Physiologist 

Classical Conditioning

involuntary or automatic response to stimuli-(sound stimulus)

Unconditional response

unlearned reflexes or old reflexesEX: pulling over when you hear a siren 

neutral stimulus 

is a stimulus with no specific response other than focusing attention.

Conditional stimulus

a neutral stimulus that becomes associated with an unconditional stimulus which eventually becomes a conditioned response

conditional response

 an unlearned response that occurs naturally in reaction to the unconditioned stimulus. 

unconditional stimulus

 is one that unconditionally, naturally, and automatically triggers a response. 

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