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FSU - CLP 4143 - CLP4143 Week 1 Notes - Class Notes

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FSU - CLP 4143 - CLP4143 Week 1 Notes - Class Notes

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background image CLP4143 - Unit 1 notes
What is abnormality?
Rosenhan Study (1973) 8 Participants (psych researchers) presented themselves into 12 
different mental institutions and asked to be screened. “I need 
psychiatric care” – said they were hearing voices saying different 
words, but answer the rest of the questions as themselves. They were 
diagnosed with different psychological disorders. “we cannot 
distinguish the sane from the insane” – behaviors can be easily 
Defining abnormality – continuum model either don’t have psychiatric problems or do have abnormal behavior. 
Those in the middle are socially established division between normal 
and abnormal behavior. 
Normal behaviors: behaviors, thoughts and feelings are  o Typical for the social context
o Not distressing the individual
o Doesn’t interfere with social life or work/school
o Not dangerous
Halfway down the continuum:  o Somewhat unusual for the social context
o Distressing to the individual
o Interfering with social life or work/school
o Potentially dangerous
Abnormal behaviors o Highly unusual for the social context – deviant from the norm
o Significant distress to the individual
o Significantly interfering with social life or work/school
o Very dangerous to the individual or others
Examples: abnormal or not??? o Tennis player bounces ball 3 times and if not right, she starts  over.  More like superstitions o Despite receiving 30 speeding tickets over the course of his life,  john still regularly goes 20-30 mph over the speed limit 4 D’s of Abnormality Abnormal behaviors defined by: Deviance from the norm Different from what others do Influenced by cultural norms Norm – normal distribution or average Normal curve represents many human characteristics
and/or behaviors
Elite athletes, intelligent people
background image Dysfunctionality Interfere with a person’s ability to function In daily life At work/school In forming relationships Distress to the individual Has to do with a person’s own experiences Can cause the individual emotional or physical pain Dangerous To the self To people around them Causes of Abnormality
Part 1: Keanan
o Etiology: origin or cause
o Psychopathology: mental disorder
Where does it come from?  Genetics? Traumatic experiences? Chemical 
imbalance? Neighborhood?
Nature vs nurture Genetic makeup or environmental influence ??? HM DEBATE o Why not both? Psychopathology has multiple causes Contemporary theories – BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL MODEL o Biological processes (genes, protein production)
o Psychological factors
o Social influences (interpersonal relationships, institutional 
racism, etc) Should not give primacy to any of those theories, but see 
the interactions between one another
Biological Causes of Abnormality Structural – differences in structure of the brain Biochemical – problems with the chemical messengers in the 
body (neurotransmitters and hormones)
Genetic – certain genes lead to mental disorders Not mutually exclusive. Genetic abnormalities can affect 
biochemical or structure. Inter-related to one another.
Structural Causes of Abnormality o Physical problem w brain
o Can be caused by developmental problem, injury, infection, or 
toxins from the environment o MRI and PET  Example: microcephaly – structural (damaged to size and 
shape of head/brain) and then causes biochemical 
o Case Study: Phineas Gage. 

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School: Florida State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Professor: Natalie Sachs-Ericsson
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: abnormal and Psychology
Name: CLP4143 Week 1 Notes
Description: Defining and pointing out causes of abnormality.
Uploaded: 01/19/2018
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