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CSU - CHEM 111 - Chemistry 111 Lecture - Class Notes

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> > > > CSU - CHEM 111 - Chemistry 111 Lecture - Class Notes

CSU - CHEM 111 - Chemistry 111 Lecture - Class Notes

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School: Colorado State University
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry I
Professor: Ruth Tucker
Term: Summer 2016
Tags: Essential, ideas, and General Chemistry
Name: Chemistry 111 Lecture
Description: These notes will be on Exam 1 in February.
Uploaded: 01/20/2018
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Unformatted text preview: chal Essential Ideas Le - chemistr 10 context Otoms: smallest pamcle of an element that retain charactent cs of mat element 2 or more utoms = molecule compound . elements made up of oni 1 Dt utom Compound-made up ot at least 2 different aims tomc-molecule element 88 OO Doo OO altoms - molecule of an - element Clemente - molecules of a Compound classification of matter Opuie Substance contains only one type of puunmue in entre sumpie. Either elements of compounds CX gold or water O mixture contas TODDIMDYA SUDrTances -nomogeneous - uniform composition (aka solutions) - heterogeneous-Nanabil composition examples: OL lead pipe - pure, element beer - mixture (lots of things) nogeneous dry ice- pure substance, compound .candy bar (chocolate, caramel, marsh malowe)hettrogencaus Phases of matter: gas: has less attraction to one another .liquid: take shape of bottom of Container, stronger Attraction btwn pocos Solids dont chungu shupe, stay in toGI. Strong AttractionKnow phase change changes of State 103 Physical emper ese changes Physical properties can be measured obscw.ed w o changing substances identity ey poiling point density, mass, Size, time, temp, color physical changus are transformassions in manier that do not change the identitt composition of substante ey chany s dt Stute, teme, densits volume > chemical chemical properes: can only be observed when al Substance is changed into another substance flammabilin, Corrosiveness, reactivity wlacid chemical changes: (ara reactions) are transfurmations that result in new SMD Slunces Combustion, oxiduron, decomposition CX Amples Tnew parule chemical change Emelfing of illa physical - Dumind leaves chemical oldding 'salt boiling water physical

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