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BYU-I - Bus 101 - B 101 - Class Notes

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BYU-I - Bus 101 - B 101 - Class Notes

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Business Foundations 101 
Benefits of a College Degree   
At first I thought this paper was going to be a professor expressing why College was 
important. Or even a few articles of some important successful people saying the same. I was 
wrong. It was snipits of several articles or quotes that had to do with why those who went to 
college usually did better than those who did not. It talked about how the percentage of people 
taking students loans in order to go to school has decreased and how those who went to college 
had a tendency to do better than those who didn’t. 
Christian Hansen ​ wrote in ​The Wall Street Journal​ that young adults are becoming more  skeptical. That the amount of people who are willing to take out student loans in order to attend 
college has dropped from 67% to 53%. Part of me wonders if thats student loans being harder to 
obtain or if that's actually the population say “wait is it worth it”. It would seem like common 
sense that obtaining a degree would put you ahead of the crowd and that it would make you seem 
more desirable. Degrees in General Studies aside. One man writes about a neat calculator that he 
found. You can enter your education, grades, and predicted graduation date and it will tell you 
what you’re most likely to make. It expresses that this is an estimate, however some do better 
and others do worse . 
There are a myriad of articles under this reading assignment. However I noticed quite a  few talk about why you’ll be better off. They spout off a number of reasons so here are a few. 
College graduates in general earn at least 60% more than high-school grads on average, both  annually and over their lifetimes, and the income gap has been growing over time, says a 2007 
report by the College Board, New York.
​” This was eleven years ago. Is it still reliable  information? If it is that means the gap has continued to grow over those eleven years and should 
be increasingly large. Following that thought that would mean that getting a degree would set 
you way ahead of the average joe and should net you quite a bit of money. However if this 
information is wrong as it is several years old, you would be in the opposite situation. This 
would set you behind anywhere from ten thousand to as much to fourty thousand and thats just 
for BYU-Idaho. A more well known school could cost fifty thousand a semester and set you 
back two hundred thousand. All of this is is based off whether or not the information is still 
The general consensus is that all the information being true it is in the better interest to  take the four years or fast track it and take three and get that bachelors degree to continue on and 
be successful. However it’s important to still work for the job and career you hope for.  

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School: Brigham Young University - Idaho
Department: Business
Course: Introduction to Business
Professor: Nolan Perry
Term: Summer 2015
Tags: summary
Name: B 101
Description: You will read several articles on the benefits of college. Here is my summary of those articles.
Uploaded: 01/22/2018
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