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FIU - MAT, STA 3123 - Study Guide - Midterm

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FIU - MAT, STA 3123 - Study Guide - Midterm

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School: Florida International University
Department: Math
Course: MAT, STA 3123
Professor: Dongmei An
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: Math, Statistics, mac3123, and exam1
Name: MAC3124 Exam 1 Study Guide
Description: The notes are a study guide to be used for reviewing for the first exam of the course. Covers critical value method,p value method as well as other basic introductory topics to statistics 2.
Uploaded: 01/22/2018
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Unformatted text preview: MAC 3123: Statistics for Behavioral Sciences I Week 1: Chapter 2 Inferences based on one sample (Hypothesis Teshg) / parameter Pa u sed for populahaas statistic 1 x F S used for samples *Using sample statistic we can estimate the parameter Critical Value Method : Ex1 Claim the population mean is greater than 2,400 lu> 2,400) Sample information: n. 50 NEEDED values to be able to x = 2,460 estimate I wm bl GIVEN In the problem. sa 2002 Test the claim at a 107. level of significance. Ho: 42,400 HM> 2,400 right tailed Ho : , ,= H2, >, lotta FIVE STAT OLrain tes+ Statiste X -A For A n230 : use z, 2 CAR n=50 use z-test h 2 30 : use t ; t- - Z: A = 2460 - 2400 3R where s p z= 2:121 (NEVER vound alk3rd decimal point for multipke chuite) ZAT2.00 For , PE A Study Soup I There at two possible devisions : Reject the Ho OR fail to reject the Ho Need rejection region to mow which HAM>2,400 a = 0.10 (3avingnyeuses) 4TYG Tassig FIVE STAR H : Rejection for Filed this area. BE PORE referring to the table 0.5-0.10 = 0.4000 By looking up The 2-valve that gives lus the closest area to 0.4000 we obtain : z = 1.2.8 Our test stetisme value of z= 2.121 is greater than aur zs |.28 Therefore we ruect the Ho be cana The test statistic fills into the reaction vagion, CVO CN * For to tailed: 2 TF z value fills within the rejection region you rycot Ho if not Then fail to rajut the HO. STARHow to decide if you have Suffisert endinte : Conclusion: There is suffident evidence to support the claim that u>2,400 at a O.10. Does the claim corte in the condihen of equality? YES NO Coriginal claim does not crtalin e polity and becomes AAST Cor goodalanaray) vecut Ho Do you rejcet no 3 YES He "the sample YES derte Supports Do you the claim that... rejeit Ho 3 Loriginal claimy" NO NO fail to reject feril to rjeet "IyLis not sufficient em derul + Suppur+ Tue "There is not clorien That - original dim" Sumhui entendre to rejce+ Tha chim... Loriginale dei HO * There is Su kuat evidence to reject the claim...Coriginal t claims Ex 2% elain: The populatan propokon is at least 25%. (p>0.25) Sam ple information: h=200 Not always, Ps+ of success = X - 49 = 19 0.245 ize = = 0.245 tot, simple size X = 49 Test the claim at 1. level of significente O Ho: P>0.25 HA: P 40.25 , left tailed - Obtain Tes+ Statisha: n= 200 = vse z-test tee pe fochies ALWAYS a se z-values) z P-P -0.245 -0.25 -0.163 PL 0.25 * 0.75 200 > Hai PL 0.25 a = 0.01 FIVE STAR -CVO For lett Teiled test remember to manually assign (-) value!!! o.s-o.ol = 0.4900 By looking - Tu 2-value that gives us Tue olosest value to 0.4 900 we obtain Tue value 2= -- 2.33 ar test stahishe value of -0.163 is less Than our 2= - 2:33 Turfere we fail to rejeet The Ho been use it does not fall umhin Tue rejection region. O Conclusion: There is not sthuert evidence turejeet Tle daim at -o.ol. That pz 0.25EX 33 Claim: The population mean is 1.2 ( 1.2) Sem al Infurmatian: n=o. x=1.05 S=O.S Test Tu dain about su populehen ata 19. level of signih conce O Hos u=1.2 HA: M1 .2, two + ailed ed ks+ (divde s !!) 2 Ottorin Test Stensho: n=100 se z-score z=- _ 1.05-12 SHR0.5/ico 6 Ha. 1.2 = 0.01 /2 = 0.005 A=0.005 N =0.005 -CVO CV 0.5-0.005 = 0. 49 50 By looking up the z-value that gives us The closest value to O. 9950 we obtain tu value 25 -2.575 2.575 (we get tuo vales bloot Tre tuo tailed tet) Our tes+ stahiste of 2-3 falls within the riguekun megfor Turefore we should rejeet the Ho confusion. There is sufficient emiona to rejest tue dan That 1.2 a+ a-o.or.

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