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CSU - PSY 252 - Mind Brain Behavior week 1 notes - Class Notes

Created by: Simone Gibeau Elite Notetaker

> > > > CSU - PSY 252 - Mind Brain Behavior week 1 notes - Class Notes

CSU - PSY 252 - Mind Brain Behavior week 1 notes - Class Notes

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School: Colorado State University
Department: Psychology
Course: Mind Brain Behavior
Professor: Davalos
Term: Summer 2015
Tags: Research Methodologies, evolution, Of, and Psychology
Name: Mind Brain Behavior week 1 notes
Description: These notes cover the reading assigned as well as the notes for week one.
Uploaded: 01/22/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Froen Dowalos Mind Brain & Behavior -- Psy 250 saccosaaaaaaa kep up with the readings! difficult Work hard * 4 Exams ( 1 FINAL -scidroe Towest test score * Check txams take notes *FOCUS ON LEARNING AND RETAINING INFO *No TEXT BODKA Mues programy * Clinical opprtunities Neuroimagng opportunities* mm *Clinical Volunteenngh - Pead poqes 3-15 by Thursday - Chapter 1 The Avslu on of Psychology wirianwalt Wilhelm Wundf Lzesychology = independent Study phynjolay + Philosophy 186i psycholqy. The study of conscious txperience G. Standley Hall his first paychology Lab o Johns Ihrphins University Shucturalism vs. funchonalism LOOOOOOOLS investigate analyze purpose of Consuousness Conjushasa Sigmund Freud z psycho and ync theory unconscious confids w/behahovali smIvan * we can't afford freedom" Pavlov BF Skinner free will Lz bchauor can be traiud/changed Carl Rogers L preparate thumanism Theoretical orientation \dentifying unique qualifjes of humans ophmistic human nature Applied psychology: the branch concerned wl Evenyday problems 1950s As Porycholy bradens its hanun, interest increasesk budluhury Paychology Axamines behajoval processes in terms of Their adaptive value of members of a species over generatoare Psychology is... 1. Empirical # 2. Theoretically Diverse # 3. Evaring in a Sociohishnal Context #4. Determined by Mulhele (auses #5. belauor shaped by Cultural Heritage # 6 Heredity and En ronyuntal Fnf luentes #7. People's fxperientesMind braink behavjov + Research Methods Scienthe Approach * Neunsience research -intuition why is it important? #Placebo - common sense - study the brain * Hindsight Biasm oh I knew that" Dver confidence J. Necessity. . Crihal thinking m -Operahonal Definition assumphons & Values | define research vanables > smart TMPes of Research strategies - Descnphve L desinbes behanor, mani pulation #1 Case Study m l person Hudied in depth #2 Survey # 3 Naturalishe Opservation - hyperimental Manipulate, TV & Dievasore Cognin ve Neunosci ente shudy of the neural mechanisms underlying cognition : M e

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