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THE U / Sociology / SOC 3337 / Do the media cause violence, or do the media reflect the violence in o

Do the media cause violence, or do the media reflect the violence in o

Do the media cause violence, or do the media reflect the violence in o


School: University of Utah
Department: Sociology
Course: Gender & Sexuality
Professor: Natalie blanton
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: sociology
Cost: 50
Name: Gender & Sexuality Study Guide Quiz 3
Description: These notes are for quiz 3 to help study from the reading material assigned.
Uploaded: 01/25/2018
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Do the media cause violence, or do the media simply reflect the violence that already exists in our society?

gendered media


Americans that are

are weighed down by things suppost to make our lives easier

i.e. phones, laptops, tablets


The media is blamed for

- sexual assault ___

must be because men

What are the primary institutions of socialization?

We also discuss several other topics like State the goals of psychology.

watch porn - Disobedient children

A must be because theg

watch too much tv


Do the media cause violence, or do the media simply reflect the violence that already w exists in our society? Don't forget about the age old question of What are the two commodities of all life?

But more importantly does it play arde in gender inequality s as

Violence among women & young girls is increasing because of what?

- media creates differences

- media has "his" & "hers" Al-making the inequality in gender If you want to learn more check out What are the benefits of globalization?

Seem natural



- the media are a primary institution solo Socialization a cromo onoloiu We also discuss several other topics like What are the problems with coalitions?

Mensual a Primary institutions of socialization

- family 2own - School

7 reliquus institutions - peer groups

عاها اجرا -


Each primary institution is a mechanism that we use to construct our own gendered identities. If you want to learn more check out What are the main properties of liquid?

631. of families have the television

4 on during dinner 51% of families have the television

con constantly

frequent readers Ages 6-11 We also discuss several other topics like How do we get from the stimulus to the response?

Infrequent reachers



447 63%

30% 179.

watch TV or Play games on Go online clomke


on any device noo ni stens obis moloticoob torotorom srom tool

- Ages 12-17 bersal a 58). VÀ

B 01 Te Am


using phone to to textą talk

going online & visiting facebook using phone twitter...

I violence among women & Young girls

is increasing becaose

- violence aganist this gencler

on television 1-commercials that depict

gender roles





differences in media & media content



Him -

her Online Doro women will

Online Shopping often scottch poker

sack z forth

Barbie Maxim

Breetz Playboy

Vogue men usually Spike TV

Modern Bride Action movies switch back Oxygen (channel)

& forth Sports

a lifetime

will not


His & her media are not simply equivalent, satisfying the different needs that derive naturally

from preord ained gencler differences. This media is in a world with gender inequality being separate can never be equal op


85% of all consumer products porchases

are made or infwened by women




So why does the medias driving

accomedate meno

To know if a show

or movie is equal


1. are there two or more female characters

that have names 2. Do the women speak to each other 3. Do the women talk about something

other than men.

- Study

women's magazines eodor

enslave women to household

drudgrey, - offer false freedoms e - offer polyvocality of a differing perspectives

-multiple voices a una 1.& melon



Sudy SO

men's magazines

- help men regain their confidence

because men had been diminished

by the women's movement - market skin care proclucts to

white men. - reassure they can be sexual

acrobats - monochromatic


women have a double standard with the

media & media content

- Girls can play with

Sports equipment a reaction heros

- Boys cant play with girls Jorods alonga era toaso at ang

- women are able to enter s mens spheres

- mennretreat to smaller

Sphere's to preserve their

masculinity" real men"



Game boire Conran nomoa - mainly played by to n

atomen in their teens twenties 8o & average age of 3)

- women age 18 or older

represent a greater portion of

the video game popolation (37%) at than boys are h or younger (13%)

• Boys hate sims because non o arisining the avatar gets married

--gets a Job - has kids - cleans the house


Pornography in the US

- women are consuming more pom

than ever before - women feel as though they are

"supposed to view porn. - Adult films outnumber mcdonalds resturants -

3:1 - Pamela Paul States

pornography today is so seamlessly integrated into popular culture that embarrassment or surreptitiousness

is no longer part of the equation" -tells lies about women's sexuality


-) Study

women mainly ose social media to

connect with other people,

- look at pictures - trade recipes o learn how to craft anew


use social media

to connect with

men mainly

other men

- Socializing on games

- complain on reddit - prove their mascolinity in

front of other men.




o tomento no

Addressing the Elephant on the screen

adolescents are exposed to sexual content on line more than ever before. & are using this oppertunity to become educated about sex.



Sl young adults participated in an openended interview to discuss their experiences of looking online for sexual contenta

ninap beat ccwinshi Sexual information is limited in public schools

- - George H. W. Bush supported

2. A Republican controlled (ogress somos which implemented an abstinence

to only curriculum - - this curriculum provided

Kids with less information about sex r more on abstinence for public schools to recieve

federal funding they had to er limit their sexual education

- sexgal liberals.

- view sexual information as necessary - beneficial

геnоu00гіп, - giving individuals tools to make

informed decisons about sex Sexual conservaties.

view sexuality as something that needs to be learned anaturally

after marriage sexuality can be

explored a



it no troba est sorba

12 men ? 39 women participated in the research interviews, us vont soon anino white college students who identify ast heterosexual

ages between 1 z 32 years old on to

Boononnox et sonik at coloni Data Analysis trotro lado ello

- interviews lasted 45min to 2h - inital codesa 3 memoing was clone

by hand

- Next is focused coding" becho a interviews are completed when

51 people were interviewed


- Participants seek out too types of sexual content online

-Sexual health information

info about sexual anatomy


• a lesser extent contraception

info was text based w images & videos

-Sexual Explicit material

obubosied viewed videos &

l content online regularly

• Ten men 27 women

A large amount of participants viewed SEM by accident will looking for health

information about sex.

Study SOS

Responses to SEM as adolescents niny


too ar During this research respondents.

expressed positiven z negative impacts

from viewing this content.

du sou

ano gorol & Positive story

ed at den eron socrealistic range of people


wont bodies 1 200 Oro 2020 a safe way to explore a term a los ant osata about sexuality onojnloo ett on Ad That want negativenbal

drunappealing content wortenon bllo o unrealistic sexual behaviors


many participants felt as though men are responsible for women's pleasune. Causing Stress anxiety for men. As a result men view SEM content as a

quidence of how to behave. Men are also expected to be initiators z direct

sexual encounters.



Stereotype or Success minority groups are often marginalized in society. This is why researchers are interested in the way a group is portrayed in mass media

According to Gross & Gerbner

- People who watch large amounts

of TV are more likely to be

Stereotypical - light TV users are less likely

to be stereotypical - TV influences the opinion of

individuals (No matter thir

demographic - This is called mainstreaming


many loot

young homosexual teens are not on yet because of this aof earts

ne most look to Won how

they should act based on the potrayal of homo -

sexuals in the media e They find stereotypical characters to model them selves many may be negative & Stereotypical.

clarks schone progresses

o not how beprestation

- an exclusion from medi - richiale

ese groups are shown

N as objects of codederishe humor

sa This lowers schf-esteen regulation code

minority group is represented but vera

limited Seet se

minority group is a potraged negative

positive robes


researchers suggest that bisexual characters are rarely depicted because it could cause confusion brow

5 episodes of nine TV show's were video taped to be analyzed. Only comedly 3 drama were evaluated

In 2ool nine shows were recorded over 6 weeks

- The content was analyzed for

Variables related to the characters I gender, race, sexual orientation

# of homosexual Jokes, # of times

that character engaged in affection)


- the variables were defined

before the tapes were viewed

du SOL

) Study


-62 characters were reviewed 32 male (31.6%) 30 female (48.4%)

a gay, lesbian or bisexual (17.3%) 80:6 is the ratio of Television Shows compared to shows that

depict gay Lesbian 2 bisexual

groups - ay male & lesbian characters

were subject of ridicole but more by their own Jokes than that of a heterosexual



Gay males a lesbians are recieving some representation on TV b olo bisexual characters are non-existant

They are considered more esco a contraversal & confusing a The intensity of displays of affection

for gaymen Ą lesbians were significantly different compared to heterosexual characters. Orsa Ravena enin loose

- they are limited to non

Sexual displays in aft of botos romantic relationship.


a weakness in the study is how many videos were viewed. A greater sample could improve the study

- - only major networks

were observed -researchers should distingish

between the different gennes of the shaos being viewed

additional research needs to be conducted to further understand how these minority groups are being Stereotyped.

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