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CSU - ANEQ 305 - Class Notes - Week 1

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> > > > CSU - ANEQ 305 - Class Notes - Week 1

CSU - ANEQ 305 - Class Notes - Week 1

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background image   January 16-19, 2018 
Dr. Hyungchul Han 
ANEQ 305-001 
Chapter 1: Homeostasis and Integration: The Foundations of Physiology 
● Physiology: study of an organism’s vital functions  ○ Studies all interacting properties of animals and plants including normal,  mechanical, biochemical, and physical components  ● 1.1: Introduction  ○ Characteristics of living things  ■ Living things organize themselves using  ​energy ​and the ​raw materials  available from their surroundings ( ​metabolism)  ■ Homeostasis ​: ability to maintain normal conditions with disturbance  ■ Ability to  ​reproduce  ○ Physiology as an  ​integrated​ discipline  ■ Includes anatomy, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and genetics  ○ Physiology as a  ​comparative​ discipline   ■ Comparing physiological features among different things; looking at what  is universal among organisms and what is unique  ● 1.3: Levels of Organization in Organisms  ○ Basic functions ​ for cell survival   ■ Self-organization 
■ Self-regulation 
■ Self-support/movement 
■ Self-replication 
○ Ex. of  ​specialized functions​ in some cells  ■ Gland cells ​: secrete digestive enzymes  ■ Neurons: ​ generate and transmit electrical impulses   ■ Kidney cells ​: selectively retain needed substances while eliminating waste  ■ Muscle cells ​: provide movement  ○ Levels of organization   ■ Cell → Tissue → Organ → Organ System  ○ Four primary tissues: 

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School: Colorado State University
Department: Science
Course: Functional Large Animal Anatomy/Physiology
Professor: Hyungchul Han
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: ANEQ, ANEQ305, Colorado State University, LargeAnimalAnatomy, and Anatomyandphysiology
Name: ANEQ 305
Description: These notes cover Chapter 1 of Functional Large Animal Anatomy and Physiology taught by Dr. Hyungchul Han at Colorado State University
Uploaded: 01/25/2018
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