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CSU - CHEM 111 - Chem 111 Week one notes - Class Notes

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> > > > CSU - CHEM 111 - Chem 111 Week one notes - Class Notes

CSU - CHEM 111 - Chem 111 Week one notes - Class Notes

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background image 1.1 Chemistry in Context Atom­ smallest particle of an element that still has characteristics of the element Element­ made of one type of atom  Elements can have more than one atom if it is the same type Molecule­ two or more atoms joined together You can have molecules of elements if there are two or more atoms of the same type together You can also have molecules with two or more types of atoms Compound­ type of molecule made of two or more types of atoms *Remember compounds are a type of molecule* 1.2 Classification of Matter
background image Pure substance­ has only one type of particle in a sample The particle can be an element, like gold, or a compound, like water Mixture­ has two or more types of particles There are two types of mixtures: Homogeneous mixture­ is a solution and has a uniform composition Heterogeneous mixture­ has a varied composition where various parts of the sample  have different compositions/makeups 

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School: Colorado State University
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry I
Professor: Ruth Tucker
Term: Summer 2016
Tags: atom, molecule, element, compond, pure, substance, Mixtures, state of matter, sublimation, deposition, physical property, chemicalproperties, physicalchange, and chemicalchange
Name: Chem 111 Week one notes
Description: - Definition of atom, molecule, element, compound - Difference between pure substances and mixtures - Types of mixtures - Phases of matter - Going between the 3 phases of matter - Physical properties vs. chemical properties - Physical changes vs. chemical changes This will be on the first exam
Uploaded: 01/25/2018
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