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UH - COMM 3368 - chapter one - Class Notes

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UH - COMM 3368 - chapter one - Class Notes

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background image 1/23/18  Chapter 1:  Introduction to Contemporary Public Relations:    •  Learning Outcomes from Chapter 1” 
•  Able to define PR  
•  Distinguish the difference between PR and Marketing 
•  Describe and differentiate the different disciplines within PR 
•  Understand how PR helps improve organizations and society 
  What is PR?  A way for a company to build a relationship with the Public  PR is the management function that establishes and maintains a mutually beneficial relationship 
between an organization and the publics on whom its success or failure depends. 
Evolution of PR  Old School PR:   •  One-way communication  
•  All about the organization  
•  100% persuasion through publicity  
•  Spin doctoring reputation laundering 
Modern PR   •  Two-way communication  
•  Mutual interests (reciprocity) 
•  More information  
•  Co-creation of news and solutions ( more dialogue) 
What does PR do?  1.  Monitors awareness, opinions, attitudes, and behaviors inside and outside the  organization,   EX: Are people still buying Pasta Barilla? Chick-Fil-A? Are people still watching the Wendy 
Williams Show? Duck Dynasty? Grey’s Anatomy? 
Wendy Williams caused controversy when she expressed her outlook on breast feeding during 
one of the segments with Alyssa Milano. Milano is a believer in breast feeding and has many 
background image supporters. Duck Dynasty, Grey’s Anatomy, Chick-Fil-A, and Pasta Barilla have all expressed 
their disapproval of same sex relationships.  
2.  Conducts a planned and sustained program by an organization’s management (strategic  plan)  3.  Analyze the impact of policies, procedures and actions on publics     01/25/18  4.  Counsels management: to establish new policies, procedures, and actions that benefit  both the ORG and its publics.   EX: Amex and Visa waive fees for Haiti donations thanks to Huffington Post. People do not 
realize that not all of your money goes towards the donation. Companies have fees in order to 
maintain the money.  
  5.  Establishes and maintains two-way communication between the ORG and its publics.  (Feedback is critical)  EX: Community meetings on campus (i.e. Crime with the HPD, students, and the public: 
discussions regarding Metrorail.) 
  6.  Producers measurable changes in publics behaviors in and out of ORG.  Our job is to make sure everything internally and externally is up and running.   EX: Celebrities like Tiger Woods, Martha Stewart, Paula Deen, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, 
President Bill Clinton, other athletes, celebrities, -- popularity high despite public stigma? 
  PR Vs. Marketing  •  Public Relations    The Goal is to develop and maintain the relationship   •  Marketing:  The goal is to develop a product by creating an opportunity to exchange goods for money, attract 
and satisfy customers on a sustained basis to secure market share  
When two parties exchange something of value to each other     •  PR practitioners should know both  
•  Marketing typically allocated more $$$ than PR in the ORG  

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School: University of Houston
Department: Engineering
Course: Principles of Public Relations
Professor: Priscilla Tinsley
Term: Spring 2018
Name: chapter one
Description: class notes for chapter one
Uploaded: 01/27/2018
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