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UM / Biology / BIL 160 / What refers to the process of change that can be observed by science?

What refers to the process of change that can be observed by science?

What refers to the process of change that can be observed by science?


School: University of Miami
Department: Biology
Course: Evolution and Biodiversity
Professor: D. krempels
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: axm2246, biology160, Biology, evolution, themesofbiology, and scientificinquiry
Cost: 25
Name: BIL 160 Chapter 1
Description: These are notes for BIL 160 Chapter 1 (Dr. Groff's class). The file contains both class notes and my own notes written from when I was reading the text book. The class notes focuses more on what was stated in class and less on the text book, whereas my notes contain information solely from the text book.
Uploaded: 01/27/2018
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Biology: Chapter 1 (Evolution Themes of Biology & Scientific Inquiry)

What refers to the process of change that can be observed by science?



Inquiring About Life Evolution is a process of CHANGE that can be Observed a explained by science - Biology is the scientific study of life, is a quest/ ingiry longoing) about the natural We We also discuss several other topics like What refers to the body’s ability to maintain a constant environment?

A nypothesis is one possible answer to a quesnon that we present

What refers to the scientific study of life?

in the Unifying Themes of Life (five) Don't forget about the age old question of What is the meaning of general description?

Informahen. Evoluhan Organization We also discuss several other topics like What volume of molarity solution must be added to an excess volume of other solutions to make the mass precipitate?

EnerG4 & Maite Interactions Biduphere

Ecosystems Communities

POPUCHOS Especies consists of populations

of closely rechea individual Organisms agonisms *but not identicar

What refers to one possible answer to a question?

ago Organs Tissues

Cells ORGANELLS > Molecules

= Classen




Reductionism is the process of reducing complex Busters to snpier Components = more manageable to sticky Systems Biologi isa csod o expiare emergent properties & We also discuss several other topics like What started the reign of terror?

. biological is an analysis of the interactions among the parts of a System

Structure ündi funcnon correicies at each level of "CellulaNest evel Of Occ that can o Aeraryotic cell nas membrane-encloscai Organelles, perform all Don't forget about the age old question of How do you write a structural formula?

Chitif te largeöt being the nucleus

A prokaryonic cell nos NO membrane enclosed *when energy organelles. 16 converted Prokaryotes undergo Dianary fusion because they Bornc is lost as do NOT have Dit a nucieis

- Eukaryotes are multicellular organisms that ondergo mitosis ana miosis

Mitosis is a form of reproduction that cices not change that rapicaiy level (stays ni Genomics is the study of sers of genes within 8 between species

“EVOIDHON- descent w/modlification Evolution nas an abundance of evidence supporting Mole book it and is the scientific explanation for coth the unity

sup lanai Cliversity Of organisms *One of the Species are "kincis of living things Oldest key Don't forget about the age old question of What is the difference between root, mean square, speed and average speed?

ť same concept for species oncepts examples of others lignt, Side Note: 6 olindi guys anilos spy Chree-6 blind guys are waikirej and suddenly will] time) ( bup into an elephant and describe the parts

Hofere elephant they feel = community; we think we known but can do it into

what we already kn



*Binomial Only tells you Side Note: Monarch Boterfly species, NOT - Is a taxonomist because it legins *Biodiversity Lingdoms & such what specific species of plants in is a judge

* Name

lays its eggs on

ment can of a species sa binomial Genus equais group of species that are similar

and closely related

Eleutherodactylus Plainrostrus Genus

Name of species (one species of this Genos)

Study SO

- Invasive Species (not native to the land they are invading

and causes damage to that enviccoment * Biological pelies cants Side Note: usually ax concept of what is is not that a species is... is not right

seful because vot all species have sex & Charles Darwin used the MSC imorphologicax because species concept) ussils can't | Taxonomy is the branch or biologi that assigos note the names and classifies species into groups of - No increasing breaath (inclusve)


Side Note: Most inclusive doman

Least acwsive species) species genus afamily-order >class

(phylum kingdon domain class rest


Glia is the evidence that shows how

Dumans and


T a




is thingdom Group NOT! a KingDom Plantel anamilia


idea developed from now nature provides

wincit you need co that you can curvive in you environmar book defiori Natural Selection is coe mechanisio by which excution of ADAPLOID i ochural populations can occuleading to adaptation

Ecology is the reactionship between organisms

and the environment k Natural Science is derived from the Latin to know selection is Ingary s the search for Information and explicaroni

NOT the of natural phenomena in un dina behoa only means of evolution

(components of scientific inquiry) G Methods of Science ?

Expen mentau Kinvestigating the role of a particular gere fic development

Discovery (find a new species) Le Darwin)


choosing among . Clifferent hypotheses

of phylogeny- clifferent hypotheses about what happened in

the past

DOES NOT work with the laws of logic

| Inductive especific to general

Deductive-general to specfic

Tinvolves strict logic

Shus Soup


Chapter One

The Unifying Themes (Five) Cell Thierro) DOrganization

EUkGrecies a) Biosphere bEcosystems

c) Canmunities a) Populations

VIROLES e) Organisms f) Organs g) Tissues

Sunoglebes n ceils leukaryotic & prokaryotic) a Aidros Morganelles

j) Molecules 2) Information

a) DNA, first being copied, is a combination of the

two parent's chromosomes that are given to the DNA

child. Each DNA molecuie has thousands of genes transcription on it which are Aess necessary to buld all the MANA

molecules sythesized within a cell


Building Blocks



chain - OF

Amino Acids Protein



beter DNA RNA - Proteins un

b) Protein-encocling genes indirectly contra protein

production by using BNA, The sequence used by

genes is called mRNA which is used and transiats into amino acids which are then allowed to become a specific protein with a unique shape

and function.

Genes-proteins > Cell Structure & Function 3) Energy and Matter

a) The transfer of energy makes life possible. D when an organism ises chemical energy to work

heat from the surrondings gets some of it allowing


energy to flow through the ecosystem in one

directan. c) Chemicals, on the omer hand, are used and


Energy flow>

Heat>> Heat is

Light energy comes from the sun.

Horts lost from




Sunlignt to Chemical


4) Interactions cutting the

u) Inter achang between organisins helps

to regulate the functioning of an ecosystem as a whole n

a 5) Evolution concept 12 m2


Domain Bacteria Most diverse and widespread Rosaryotes

bomain Eukarya

Organisms with Icovaryote ceils

Domain Archaea Prokaryotes_thest ine in Earths xtreme Anionen

Kingdom Plantae |- Made of terrestrial mi

leox that do Photo Sithesis L Kingdom Animalia


s | Consists of munkali Luka rotinacest mother organised

Kingdom Furgi MOSHA Unicolor en Defined io paa and some relate

the automat ionale multacellular relorwed paddens

yubora tor Locesi

a) The base of evolution was created by cnaries Darwin and was explained through his book. The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection. In the book, Darwin developed his theory of natural selection Cdescent with

modification) b) The three observations of nature by Darwin

include individuals in a population vary js.

traits, a population can produce far more

offspring than can sorvive to produce their

an offspring; species are generally suited Book to their environment

mit SNT W

Scientific Inquiry (Concept 1.5) 1991

.) Exploration and observation and

a) To build on the foundation of existed

Knowiecia (previous) te SFATNO scientists rely on

previous finding and scientific literatures troll of others that has been proven a

b) Througin the use of tools and other methods;

Dosarvations can be recorded as data (both

numerical and Quen qualitative) which bra is then used to icod to an important

conclusion through the reasoning of said

andata T Go Onone to logo sito 2) Farming and Testing Hypotheses ta to form of a hyponesis, the previous opservations

must be used since a hypothesis is based

on them. Also, the hypothesis must lead to On a predictions that can be tested through 13 a experimentatione 600

b) Deductive seasoning is an "if..then Statement

that is used in establishing a test of a bupothesis


Bealistic scientific process Exploration and Discovery k

Forming and Testing Hypothesis.

Societal Benefits Land Outcomes but

Community Analysis Land Feedback

3) Experimental Variabies and cancais

4 The term controved experiments" does

not mean thar scientists Control all featues of the experimental environment, but that Scientists control unwanted variabies by cancelling their tor by using

control groups - D Theories in Science

a scientific theaces are supported with then an enormous amount of evidence te 5) Science, Technology and Soceity

a) Society should be informed of now

science works_and of the risks and

benefits of technology b) The goal of science is to discover under

Stand natural phenomena) c) The goal of technology is to invent

Lapply scientific knowledge for a best to specific purpose. can

d) The Scientific communitu reflects the

cultural Standards and benaviors of htte ਦੇ

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