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KSU / Physics / PHY 11030 / What are the two ways to determine the mass of an object?

What are the two ways to determine the mass of an object?

What are the two ways to determine the mass of an object?


School: Kent State University
Department: Physics
Course: 7 Ideas That Shook the Universe
Professor: Jonathan secaur
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: notes, 7ideas, 7ideasthatshooktheuniverse, Physics, Astrology, Science, and emmons
Cost: 25
Name: 7 Ideas that Shook the Universe Notes Week 2
Description: Notes from Professor Emmons lecture week 2 (1/23, 1/25). Hope you all continue studying!
Uploaded: 01/29/2018
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Key - Black = Everything, ​Highlight​ = Important, ​Highlight​ = Key Terms 7 Ideas That Shook the Universe - [PHY 11030] - Week 2 (1/23, 1/25) Tues 1/23 - The Earth and the Observer’s Sky [Ch. 4]

What are the two ways to determine the mass of an object?

-Time (ch. 3)

● Minute = 1/60th of an hour

● Hour = 1/12th of the solar day

● Jiffy = 1/60th of a second

● Micro = million

-7 celestial objects that do the same

● 88 pictures in the stars = constellations, sun went through 12 = zodiacal constellations ○ Astrology gives a zodiac sign to your birthday and it would affect your life ● Stars do the same thing as the sun at night

● 7 days of the week for each object to worship (don’t memorize) 

○ Sunday = the sun

○ Monday = the moon

○ Tuesday = tiu (mars)

○ Wednesday = waden (mercury)

What is the third planet from the sun?

○ Thursday = thor (jupiter)

○ Friday = freya (venus)

○ Saturday = saturn

● Month = time for the moon to complete its phases, extra days added on to each month ● Year = 364 1/4 days

● Platonic year = 25,800 years

○ North star at now = polaris 

○ North star at 1000 years from now = vega 

-Metric System

● Kilogram - weighs 2.2 pounds on earth

○ Weight depends on the where you are standing (the celestial item)

● Matter is the function of the atoms, weight is the gravity pulling on it -English Unit

● Measuring mass

State the three layers of the earth.

○ Slug = weighs 32.2 pounds on earth If you want to learn more check out Who are hooke, leeuwenhoek, abbe, zeiss?

○ Ex. hands pot of gold, how to guess the weight of gold

■ Weigh the gold and divide by the denominator

■ Say how many slugs of gold

-Two ways to determine the mass of an object

● Use scales

● More mass in an object, the harder it is to start, the harder it is to stop ○ I = changing motion, changing speed 

● Push on the object and watch how long it takes to build up speed (acceleration) 

Chapter 4: The Earth

● Speck of dust going around a normal star

● Third planet from the sun

● Circumference - 25,000 miles

● Diameter = circumference/pi

● 25,000/3.14

● Diameter = 8000 miles

● Biggest circumference is the equator (great circle)

● Line is not the shortest distance on a sphere Don't forget about the age old question of The first step in the process of seeing is?
If you want to learn more check out What is the definition of consensus?
We also discuss several other topics like What is the lumen in the internal tract?

○ Plane goes in an arch instead of a line to get from point A to point B 

● Ex. Kent going through the center of the earth

○ End up in the indian ocean

○ Deepest hole they’ve drilled is 25 miles

○ Would never hit the bottom

○ Body would accelerate

■ 100 miles an hour will burn your face If you want to learn more check out What are permanent gases?

○ 18000 miles/hr or 5 miles/sec

○ Children do not understand gravity

■ Down is towards the center of the earth 

○ Pass through the center of the earth, gravity will decrease your acceleration, only your feet would come out

○ Entire trip would be 40 minutes

○ Scrape the side of the tunnel, lose acceleration

-Layers of the Earth Don't forget about the age old question of Which psychological theory is focused on childhood and the unconscious?

1. The crust - 20 miles thick - light rocks 

2. Mantle - 1800 miles thick - molten heavy rocks 

3. Core - 2200 miles thick - molten heavy metals (iron and nickel) 

-3 layers of the atmosphere

1. Troposphere - 0-7 miles - most of the air 

a. We breathe O2 

2. Stratosphere - 7-45 miles - very cold and thin air - contains ozone layer 3. Ionosphere - 45-200 miles - acts like a mirror for radio waves 

Thurs 1/25 - Coordinates of the Sky [Ch. 5]

-Observer’s Sky

● Azimuth (heading) tells which direction to look

○ North 0, east 90, south 180, west 270

● Altitude tells how high to look

○ 0 even with the ground, 90 overhead

○ Tonight (to a week) at Kent:

■ Altitude 26

■ Azimuth 183

■ Time 8:45

○ If the sun were to not shine, you wouldn’t see the moon

○ Orion looks like it’s moving because the earth is moving

-Geocentric theory

● Geo means earth - centric means center 

● First suggested by aristotle c 350 BC

● Incorrect theory, but useful in learning a more complex coordinate system of the sky -Celestial Sphere 

● Imaginary clear ball around earth 

● North Celestial pole (NCP)

○ Polaris is famous because it’s position is right above the north pole ■ North star 

■ Located at the NCP, thus directly above the north pole of earth 

■ You can find polaris using the pointer stars of the big dipper 

○ Big dipper

■ All stars of the big dipper are second magnitude

■ Take the distance of the dipper and do the distance 5 times and you reach polaris

● South celestial Pole (SCP)

● Celestial Equator

● Latitude of kent = 41 or 42 

● Longitude of kent = 81 

-2 Rules Pertaining to Polaris

● The altitude of Polaris = your latitude on earth 

● As the earth rotates once each day, polaris does not appear to move in the sky. But stars, the sun, planets, etc. appear to make circles around polaris once each day -3 Diagrams

● North pole

○ Standing at the north pole, everything is south

○ Constantly light day after day

○ 90 latitude 

● Equator

○ Polaris is straight in front of you

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