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UCLA - CHICANO 10 - C10B: Lecture #6 - Class Notes

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UCLA - CHICANO 10 - C10B: Lecture #6 - Class Notes

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background image Chicano 10B: Lecture #6: 01/29/18  
1. Review of Johnson’s chap 4   a. African American woman bring attention to sloopy lagoon case 
b. Reaganomics  
i. Supply side and trickle down economics: concept that meant that “cutting 
taxes for wealthy would free individuals and businesses to expand their 
operations domestically and internationally thereby maximizing economic 
gain by all social classes”   
c. Teeth gritting harmony:   i. Refers to cultural productions and interracial coalitions that sought to 
interrupt submission to ruling ideology  
ii. Ex: Piercings   iii. Institutional State Apparatus (ISA)   1. (Pg. 26) Ideological norms that reproduce the dominant culture of  society   2. Ruling state seems like “common sense”   - Alice Bag  - She starts cutting/mixing cultures   - Influences that blend parents cultures in transnational los angeles   - Her piercings rebelled norm   - She felt like punk was like rancheras because they are both “emotional and big”   - It was her unconcious fusion of punk and ranchera music   - In her face femininity putting them into extreme forms; she made very aggressive 
stage presence that brought attention because they were different concessions of 
femininity (went against traditional femininity norm)  
- Socio-economic critique: punks critique of the status quo, poverty, sexuality, class 
inequality, war, spoke directly to working class of east LA youth  
- DIY (do it yourself): punk allowed people to just get up there, and if you can go up 
without being judged; challenges femininity  
- Rancheras as a genre permitted boldly defiant women vocalist   - display vocal emotion   - Gritos   - “Proto-punk” performance aesthetics   - Exhausted her voice, cursed, cried, laughed, etc   - Fierce and temperamental women   - Popularized a defiant assertive attitude for women     a. Social movements born from collective rage  

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School: University of California - Los Angeles
Department: Chicana and Chicano Studies
Course: Introduction to Chicana/CHICANO Studies: Social Structure and Contemporary Conditions
Professor: L.j. Abrego
Term: Winter 2016
Name: C10B: Lecture #6
Description: These notes cover material from lecture #6 about punk
Uploaded: 01/30/2018
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