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OU / OTHER / P SC 1113050 / What is amenability?

What is amenability?

What is amenability?


School: University of Oklahoma
Department: OTHER
Course: American Federal Government
Professor: Glen krutz
Term: Spring 2017
Cost: 25
Name: Government Week 3 Monday/Wednesay notes.
Description: Notes from the Week of Jan.29
Uploaded: 02/01/2018
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What is amenability?


to vote.

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1/29/18 & Plano, Texas Ward. of People want access to the system, not forced

2 Dimensions of what Citizenship Means. (Back Then) Citizen duty vote, pay your taxes, serve

What is a judicial interpretation?

in military, obey laws, serve on juries,

report crimes. Now) & Engaged citizenship: be active in groups,

Junderstand others, help the worse off here

and abroad. (into it? Young people buy into Engaged Citizens. If you want to learn more check out okstate d2l

- As do non whites. - Democrats too,

What are the changes in society?

Changes in Society Driving Such Shifts. & Increased affluence and well-being, of Increased access to higher education,

Increased rights and roles for women, racial minorities.

Manifestation of E. Citizenship in Society & Protest on the rise (Strikes, boycotts etc.)

Increased tolerance of target groups (to speast, to teach)

Drawbacks of Engaged Citizenship Low turnout among young people

Increased desire to spend our way through problems. Concerns about system being rigged Negative feelings about America." We also discuss several other topics like andres contreras math




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Comparisons to the World If Higher on citizen duty that virtually all other comparable democracies Belter on engaged citizenship than most Life Lesson : never get down about studies showing Americans turn out less than other nations.

- More likely than most to

• Try to convince others Petition Donate money to campaigns Contact elected officials Attend political meetings If you want to learn more check out uvm note taker

Use internet for political conversations


Americans are divided with changes to the constitution. I no 3 Ways Constitutions can change at -Revolution

Amendments 2 20 noi ostal -Interpretion

Amendability on lo Tou rigid? Legitimacy might drop . Times change, people change, but imagine if Constitution couldn't. Too easily revised? Constitution becomes a weapon, Strong run rough shed over weak


Study Soup If you want to learn more check out bgsu criminal justice






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Amendments are long shots. (10,000t amendments introduced 27 success stories (and 10 of those at once)

What's been proposed recently? New rights to housing, to quality education, to a "clean, safe, sustainable envernment New electoral rules: eliminate Electoral

College, limit campaign contributions, establish term limits.at New values: define marriage, prohibit flag descration, make English the official language, permit prayer in School o How Some States do it differently Make it harder: amendment must pass in consecutive Sessions Don't forget about the age old question of gluconeogenes

Make it easier : simple majorities of legislators rather than 2/3 to propose

Open up the processi let citizens vote on amandments through initiatives. If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of organogenesis?

Interpretation as Stealth Amending Supreme Court Interprtation of what Tamendments mean is key and ce Proposed to deal with issues regarding former


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114 amendments citizenship rights and equal protection

Interpretation over time for reaching.


Mondo 6 : Te S968

Represents an

Jan 29-Feb 4





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Judicial Interpretation Article 3 is silent, allowing courts to evolue How they evolue depends on how judges. approach their jobs.

Common Approaches Textualism (ordinary meaning of the words in the document) Original intent (what was meant by the

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- Founders?

Living Constitution (take contemporary society a into account)

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