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Span 115 - Class Notes - Week 2

Created by: Emily Patten Elite Notetaker

> > > > Span 115 - Class Notes - Week 2

Span 115 - Class Notes - Week 2

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School: Randolph-Macon College
Department: OTHER
Course: Intensive Elementary Spanish
Professor: Patricia Reagan
Term: Spring 2018
Name: Spanish Chapter 1 Notes
Description: These notes are the notes and in class activity answers from the first two weeks of class. It covers the pre-chapter and chapter 1.
Uploaded: 02/02/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Foods Estos briday Februarsko 2018 ialogu. Gurce Howucic yout What is your name: Where are yam_yom 1 + How as are cou? Where do upo live What year ane yo - - What is your phone number What is your email? Good bye Estar SY - Voy- tu Tanap ou Estas - Vas tiuni l Esta - CCS nos Nationu es Estamos Vos Vavros - toumos- Somos ZANOS. Est n - Van tiesin. Son -14 . 2. Somos 3. St 4. Tiene 5. est es 7. Eres 10.vamos Yasyon vois - Va 161. Soy una estodiante. Sou de los DStadios onidos. 2. veky a San Juan, Puerto Rico. 3. Io vivo a 14254 marts Ena prine ,menumato es S7.4. Vamos a la fortaleza por Jox'- "Toumos mucha Fat Penis mucho milad? VOS - - - dhosnisFossesive. Ad etics --> mi nuestro _to PI-18 l.mi 2mi 3.mi 4. Sus Su | Suz Demis lonDestros 7.50 8. SU 9.mi P1-23 .b 2. 3. 4. D hl. 17. 8.A Dritomax ervomeri v lasistiv) tonio Como asisto tornas Comes asistes tomla Come asiste tornamos comemos asistimos toman Comen asisten 33.38 1-17 1. pasamos 2. talpa san 3.asistimos 4. Comemos 5. Conesamos los mivcamos 1 limpia 7. Vamos. 8. veures 9. Covyo o practican 2.visitamos Luostar to like is conjugatx based on it the subject is Singular or plural - me gusta ja lase de anais me gustarlos dypovtes. doskonismecinesclay February 2Zo Inclirect bkut Pyonicuns Me te me Yos les "Gustav = tolike }> Musta : Singular noun Mustan= plural noun I lhe piata - me gusta la pista He likes sports - le gustan las deportes - Ruestion parks at the begining oja sententi to change the tone. * In English we start sentences with Goyou, but in spanish thats replaudbig 34 L Contos hijos tienes 2. Donce Vive Mayta 3. Pov Ose es Marta en B o Piedras 4. Que es "LALPRO serien 5. Cezantos a os bienestu hi os. 6. Dande es-tu-traps trabajos 7.te, qusta tu trabajo 8. So aposa trobada en el banco anosonis

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