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Texas State - NURS 3440 - Class Notes - Week 3

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> > > > Texas State - NURS 3440 - Class Notes - Week 3

Texas State - NURS 3440 - Class Notes - Week 3

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School: Texas State University
Department: Nursing and Health Science
Course: Nur Care Lifespan
Professor: Regina Jillapalli
Term: Spring 2018
Name: Lifespan Notes Week 3
Description: These notes cover Diabetes, Genetics and Lab Results
Uploaded: 02/02/2018
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Unformatted text preview: Continous infusion always uses rapid eetry Problems w/ needle cl gging, site is fection) Frequent DK Mrs. Jika pl: Dm} Geretes t 31-18 Everyone needs to use all the equipment. yo did t use the equipment you to know how to do the Starting slide 70 or diabetes powerpoint In salin pers - mostalcumte for small de ses O pts el visionf cognitive impairment. Can be misreon Insulin jet-no needle. Very expensive , Pre filled insulin syc nges keep Loght in. fridge. Cold in Selepaia foi se Storage - keer spese insula room temperature 29 days. Room temperade in Sulin less i ce fatiua. Inspect in sulin for changes before use Inhaleel insulin - short acting, Peak 30 min O lung disease pts a childsen -To ujeo really bez octang (116 "Ssangy iegu lin" supposed to know Be le wels } become available as needed X Kmea asain names, set ,peak Patient teaching Chart 64-556 S MB 6 (sell' monitoring bloul olucose) Do they know what their las mean? Let diabetiel do SMBG in hospital Watch then look at safe needle disposar istide If blood glucose is very high or too & monitors ace not pas accurate, 1 vey high or lovu Confirm. reeding SM B6 Assess patients for ability to tnonitor BE Corn mon excess otse Car cause na aura te rendnes "BeiHle" means Bb is changing a lot, Always checkliste tip for beithle patients Otherwise, lar use other sites, Hypo glycemia, valoaceress - patient doesnt have "375x of hype glycemia, Use "finges stick to get accurate numberdiabetes Table 14-a Nutei tion teaching abest dia ke tes NCLEX-ns al ril Real life -- be realistic : consider alcohol as a Mild hypo slycemia na Jive 15 qram s carbs retest ja 5 min Severe hypoalycemia often neonscious, Give glucagon Img S4 CM . Wait 10 min. IF still unconscious calu, Repeat Choose pecific answers for NCLEX EK: 407, NOT m eg glasa Hospitalized patiets Higher BCworse oot comes Dessed range Critically il pts approx 14180 maldi Nor-certidsy i pts AC 440 Radom 2 160 BOL100 6 mg/L - con give IV (fast or LG EN Sa (slower, glucose Pt NPO : still give insulin . Try to keep B 6 ver Apeds op 0.a ketes Macro yra scolas- heart disease, CAD, stroke Micro vascolar - kidney nesve fusion dysfondial (nepko postihy , neves pathy', rek in o puthy

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