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UGA / Biology / BIOL 1107 / concentration graduent

concentration graduent

concentration graduent


School: University of Georgia
Department: Biology
Course: Principles of Biology I
Professor: Erin dolan
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: cell membrane, Diffusion, Osmosis, concentration gradients, passive transport, nucleotides, Nucleic Acids, DNA, RNA, antiparallel, Proteins, amino acids, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, monosaccharides, glycosidic, and Trans Fats
Cost: 25
Name: Biology 1107, Week 2 Notes
Description: These are notes from this week's lectures. Tuesday's notes are for material that will be tested on the second exam. Thursday's notes include test-taking strategies and some review of the material that will be on our first exam.
Uploaded: 02/04/2018
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