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BYUI / OTHER / FDHUM 110 / What do you see in raphael's the school of athens?

What do you see in raphael's the school of athens?

What do you see in raphael's the school of athens?


School: Brigham Young University - Idaho
Department: OTHER
Course: Foundations of Humanities
Professor: Schmid
Term: Fall 2017
Tags: Humanities
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Name: Mid-term Guide answers and pictures
Description: These notes will help you know the answers to the study guide and give you a chance to focus more in memorization rather than spending a lot of time searching for the answers. Hope this helps!
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Parthenon, Athens (L02.02)

What do you see in raphael's the school of athens?


Colosseum, Rome (L02.02)

Is the interior of the pantheon original?


Pantheon, Rome (entrance and interior- L02.02)

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (interior and exterior- L02.02) Abbey of St. Austremoine, Issoire, France (L02.02) Notre Dame de Paris, Paris (interior and exterior L02.02 ) St. Peters Basilica, Rome (L02.02)

Cathedral of St. James, Innsbruck (L02.02)

Leonardo: Mona Lisa (L03.01)

What does mona lisa symbolize?

We also discuss several other topics like What refers to the study of the growth, division, operation, communication, activity control, and death of cells?

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Michelangelo: Sistine Chapel ceiling (L03.02)

Leonardo: Last Supper (L03.02)

Uploaded by squaio on Morguefile.com Dürer: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ( L03.02) Van Eyck: Arnolfini and His Bride (L03.02) Michelangelo: Pietà (L03.02)

Uploaded by MaryRN in morguefile.com Anonymous: Hermes (L03.02)

Raphael: The School of Athens (L03.04) Bernini: David (L03.04)

Fra Angelico: The Annunciation (L03.04) Leonardo: Virgin of the Rocks (L03.04) Goya: Executions of the Third of May (L03.04) Lascaux Cave Paintings (L05.04) Don't forget about the age old question of Tailor theorem means what?

Myron: Discobolus (L05.04)

Polydoros: Laocoön (L05.04)

Giotto: Lamentation over the Body of Christ (L05.04)

Van Eyck with Canon Van der Paele: The Madonna and Child (L05.04) Van Eyck: Adoration of the Lamb of God (Ghent Altarpiece- L06.01) If you want to learn more check out Cells are made of what?

L01 Film | The Call to Beauty

What is the name of the scientific principle where matter proceeds from  order to disorder? Entropy

What did Blaise Pascal say that we should always do in difficult times?  "In difficult times you should always carry something beautiful in your mind." L01 Reading | We Seek After These Things Who was the Greek god of the sun? Apollo

Who was the Greek god of wine? Dioysus

What instrument did worshippers of Apollo play? Lyre

What instrument did worshippers of Dionysus play? Aulos Which art form is not a "time art"? Painting, Sculpture and Architecture What is music with a subject called? Program music

L02 Film | Music and Architecture

What is the setting for the Phantom of the Opera? The paris Opera house L02 Reading | The Elements of Architecture Where was the altar placed in a Greek temple? The Greeks offered sacrifices to their gods, but the altar was placed outside in front of the temple. This  enabled the priest to face his congregation, who was assembled outside. With  the temple entrance at the priest's back, the congregation could then watch him  and look toward the temple.

What do we call the beam across the top of two posts? Lintel What was the new building material the Romans used? Concrete What other technological innovation did the Romans use? The arch What do we call a vault created by a series of arches? Barrel vault What is unique about the dome of the Pantheon? The interior is covered by  an enormous dome, built to highlight one of the best tricks in architectural If you want to learn more check out Why france matters?

history. Instead of having each arch of the dome meet in the middle at a  keystone, the dome forms a ring that is open at the top called an oculus. What accounts for the differences between pagan and Christian  architecture? All pagan worship and sacrifice took place at an altar out front—outside of —the building itself. Christian churches, on the other hand, housed the Christian ritual  inside; this was important as Christianity sought to separate its worshipers from those who  were not indoctrinated. Thus, Christian worship needed to take place indoors, away from the prying eyes of passers by. In sum, the pagan building was a backdrop for the activities of its  worshipers, whereas the Christian building housed its worshipers. 

What is the name of the great domed church of Constantinople? Hagia  Sophia

What is the name of the style of the early Middle Ages that uses Roman  arches, domes, and barrel vaults? Gothic

What was the greatest influence on architecture between the fall of Rome  and the 1100s? The need for security because the land was constantly being  ravaged by Vikings (barbarian tribesmen) Don't forget about the age old question of What is the definition of population ecology?

What do we call the philosophy that the world is rational and that we  come to understand it through the Spirit? Scholasticism We also discuss several other topics like What is strategic planning process?

What were the structures used to brace the outside of a Gothic cathedral  called? Flying Buttresses

What are the levels of a Gothic cathedral from bottom to top? On the ground  floor aisles were placed to the left and right of the nave, and were open to pedestrian traffic,  hence they were called ambulatories. Above each ambulatory was a triforium, a series of  arches lit by windows kept out of sight from below. At the top was the clerestory, a series of  windows that allowed light to come streaming through. Shortly after construction, the  builders decided that the unfiltered light was too bright for the inside of a church, and the  glass was stained so that the church was filled with various colors. Hence a new art form,  the art of stained glass windows, was born. 

What is the name of the simplest and earliest of the Greek orders? Doric What Greek order uses a scroll shaped capital? Ionic

What Greek order used acanthus leaves on the capital? Corinthian L02 Film | Musical Instruments and  Ensembles

Is a soprano always a woman? Women usually sing soprano but men can do it  as well. They can be trained to sing what is called a falsetto.

What is singing without any accompaniment called? A capella L02 Reading with Film | Musical Instruments What do we call instruments with reeds? Woodwinds

Name the members of the brass family? French horn, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, trombone, tuba

What instrument did Benny Goodman play? Clarinet

What is a group of instruments with strings at its core called? Strings What is a group of instruments that does not include strings called? Wind  instruments

What is another name for a small ensemble? Chamber ensamble

Which instrument plays the solo passages in Vivaldi's Four Seasons?  Violin

What is the difference between a harpsichord and a piano? Sounding  mechanism. A piano is a "struck string instrument" that makes sounds by  striking strings with hammers and vibrating them. A harpsichord is a "plucked  string instrument" that makes sounds by plucking strings with plectrums and  vibrating them.

L02 Films | The Elements of Music

What is an example of free rhythm? You can do anything with the rhythm What do we call a grouping of beats that creates pattern?Meter What do we call a tone with regularly repeating wave? Beat In a 2/4 time signature, how many beats are in each measure? 2 per  measure

What meter is a waltz in? Triple meter

What meter is a march in? Duple meter

What is the musical term for tone color? Timbre

What is the difference between a major and a minor scale? "The crucial  difference is that in the minor scale there is only a half step between the second  and third tones as compared to the major scales where the difference between  third and fourth note and between the seventh and the eighth note is half." What is the term for the distance between two pitches? Interval What do we call a melody that is mostly made up steps? Conjunct What is the term for note of a scale that feels like home? Tonic What is the term for a group of notes sounded simultaneously? Chord What is the difference between monophony, homophony, and polyphony?  One harmony and melody, one melody and many harmony, two or more  melodies

Put the following in order from slowest to fastest: largo, presto, andante,  allegro, moderato . Largo, moderato, allegro, presto, andante Put the following in order from softest to loudest: fortissimo, mezzo piano,  piano, forte, mezzo forte. Pianissimo, piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte,  forte, fortissimo

L03 Film | The Visual Arts

Which architect designed the Louvre pyramid? I.M. Pei

What was the Louvre before it was a museum? A fortress in the 12th Century and was continuously remodeled for the residents of the french kings. What technique does Leonardo use to make the smile of the Mona Lisaso  mysterious? Sfumato

L03 Reading | Medium in the Visual Arts What is the term for a liquid that combines with a pigment to make paint? Vehicle

What are the characteristics of oil paint? It takes weeks to dry and has the  colors of tempera but the advantage of being able to blend colors on the canvas  and being able to revise the work if necessary.

What are the characteristics of watercolor paint? It is made by mixing  pigment with water. Watercolors run easily so its best to paint on a heavy, damp  paper so the colors will stick better.

What are the characteristics of a fresco? A watercolor paint applied to fresh  plaster so that when the plaster dries the fresco will dry permanently with it. The paint will not crack and it is cleanable without being damaged. What are the characteristics of a mural? Murals are painted on dry plaster  and the paint tends to crack or flake over time. It will also fade due to its  exposure to light.

What artistic medium is made with egg? Tempura

Which artistic medium did Michelangelo use to paint the Sistine Chapel?  Fresco

Which artistic medium uses acid on a plate? Etching

In what medium does an artist arrange pieces of glass, tile, stone, or  other objects to make a picture? mosaic

What does Bas in bas relief mean? Low relief or almost flat like the surface of  a coin.

L03 Reading | Elements of the Visual Arts What does a horizontal line indicate? Rest or stability

What does a diagonal line indicate? Incredible active, soothing is on the  move

What does a vertical line indicate? Potential energy

What type of line is considered most pleasing to the eye? S-curves Which are the primary colors? Red, yellow and blue

Which is the coolest color? Blue

Which is warmest color? Red

What is another term for the Golden Section? Rule of thirds What is the visual appearance of the surface of the canvas called? Texture What does the element value refer to in a painting? The degree of  darkness in a painting.

What does chiaroscuro refer to? An Italian term meaning "light [chiaro] and  shadow [oscuro]." It is reserved for paintings, because a painter's problem is how to  depict a three­dimensional object on a flat, two­dimensional surface. The principle  way to do this is by using lighter and darker paint to depict the play of light and  shadow on the surface of the object.

What is linear perspective? Shows distance through the use of lines. Lines  recede through space and eventually converge on a single vanishing point, the  place where the eye ultimately rests. Objects appear smaller over distance. What is aerial perspective? At any point where the rule of thirds intersects. L03 Reading | Photography

Where should you generally put the subject of your photo? At any point  where the rule of thirds intersects.

Where is the ISO automatically set in most cameras? It makes changing  from a lighter to a darker setting much easier.

How can you avoid red-eye? Remove the flash from the camera and hold it  high and to one side.

Why would you want to use a flash outdoors? As a general rule, you will  want to remove shadows on people's faces or any subject in the foreground. A  flash simply adds an extra burst of light to balance out the light in your photo  and make it more visually appealing.

What is "bull's-eye" composition? Subject's face is centered in the photo. L04 Film | Theater and Cinema

What is hubris? Excessive pride or self-confidence

What did the oracle of Delphi prophesy about Oedipus? He would kill his  father and marry his mother

L04 Reading with Films | Plot and Character What are Aristotle's six elements of tragedy?

What is the complication?

What is the denouement?

According to Aristotle, what is the purpose of the complication in a  tragedy?

According to Aristotle, what is the purpose of a denouement in a tragedy? What word does Aristotle use to describe a shift from one situation to its  opposite?

What does catharsis mean?

In a tragic catharsis, what happens to the audience's emotions? What is high comedy?

What is low comedy?

What is backstory?

What do we call a plot where the events do not lead to a change in the  character(s)?

What causes conflict in a story?

What is the protagonist?

What is an antagonist?

L04 Reading | Thought and Diction What is the thought of a play or film?

In Macbeth's "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" monologue, what  does he compare life to?

What does diction refer to?

What is the difference between poetry and prose?

What is a lyric poem?

Is a dramatic poem is always an excerpt from a play?

What are epic poems usually used for?

What is denotation?

What is connotation?

What is figurative language?

What is the difference between a metaphor and a simile? What is the difference between synecdoche and metonymy?

What is the difference between analogy and a simile?

What do we call it when words look like they should rhyme but don't  (through, rough)?

What do we call a paragraph of poetry?

What is meter in poetry?

What is iambic meter?

What do you call one repetition of a metrical pattern?

How many feet does iambic pentameter have?

What is alliteration?

What is consonance?

What is assonance?

What is the common form of all sonnets?

L04 Reading | Music and Spectacle What was the name of the loud woodwind instrument that accompanied  the choir in a Greek chorus?

What did the Italians in the 1600s model their first operas after? What does Gesamtkunstwerk mean?

What composer used the above term to mean that individual art forms  needed to combine with each other to make the music of the future? How can music add to the cathartic effect in a film?

What is a Leitmotiv?

What's the name of the song that reappears throughout Casablanca? What is underscoring?

What is source music?

What is cinematography?

What does it mean that cinema is mediated?

What is a point of view shot?

What is a reaction shot?

What is an establishing shot

What is a montage?

L05 Film | A Very Short History of the World Where were the French Kings crowned?

What was the argument over that resulted in the Hundred Years War? Who led the French to victory in the Hundred Years War? Who was the first Roman emperor to embrace Christianity? What event is used to mark the end of Ancient times?

What is the first half of the Middle Ages called?

What does the name renaissance mean?

What does the word classic mean?

L05 Reading | Plato

To Plato and Pythagoras, what other study was most closely related to  Music?

Who was Plato's teacher?

Who was his student?

What philosopher influenced Plato with his teachings that the universe  was created according to musical and mathematical proportions? What branch of philosophy deals with the question, "What is real"? What do we call the belief that our five senses are our only access to  truth?

L05 Reading | Art Before the Renaissance Why do we think the Lascaux cave painters created their art? Why did the ancient Egyptians create their art?

Why do Egyptian paintings show some parts of the body straight on and  some in profile?

What artistic subject did the Greeks love most?

What was the name of the Greek style as it spread throughout the  Mediterranean world in the second and first centuries BCE? Does Hellenistic art favor form or expression?

What form of sculpture is uniquely Roman?

What did the Byzantines seek to show rather than physical realism? Give an example of the above.

What characterizes Romanesque architecture?

What event in the 1100s brought about trade with the east and a renewed interest in the comforts of life?

Why was the style of the 1100-1300's called Gothic?

What was the technological advance of the Gothic style? What was the name of the side supports that propped up the high Gothic  walls?

Which artist led the realistic revolution in painting in the 1300s? Which set of brothers were pioneers in the development of oil paint? L06 Film | The Ghent Altarpiece

For what two things were the Flemish known in the late Middle Ages? Why did the Flemish experiment with linseed oil for their paints? What do we call a single work of art composed of several panels? L06 Reading | 1453

What catastrophe reduced the population of Europe in the 1300s and  1400s

What three events occurred in 1453, signaling the end of the Middle  Ages?

Which Roman emperor made Byzantium his capital?

What did he call the city?

What did the Turks later name it?

Who were the main combatants in the Hundred Years' War? Who inspired victory in the Hundred Years' War?

Who brought moveable type to Europe?

L06 Reading | The Renaissance

What does Renaissance mean?

What was the "Middle Ages" the middle of

How did Plato's ideas affect the art of the Middle Ages?

What did Renaissance artists find in ancient art that they believed was  missing from the art of the Middle Ages?

Which Renaissance humanist taught that free will was what made man  different from the animals?

Who wrote a book about a Venetian party traveling to China? What family of merchants became the leading family of Florence? What Italian word connotes virtue, strength, and virility? What rich political leader was an important patron of the arts in Florence? What is the word for the belief that mankind's only access to truth is  through the senses?

Who proved the Copernican model of the solar system using a telescope? What did the Spanish call their war to take back Spain from the Muslims? Where did the Popes live during the so-called Babylonian Captivity of the  Catholic Church?

What was the most controversial practice used to raise money for Rome's  extensive building projects?

Who published 95 theses against the sale of indulgences? Which Protestant reformer insisted that churches be stripped of idolatrous images?

Why did Henry VIII lead England out of the Roman Catholic church? What was the key event of the Counter-Reformation?

L07 Readings | Macbeth

How did Shakespeare adapt the story of Macbeth to suit the tastes of  James I, King of England?

Is Macbeth a reliable history of the event in the history of Scotland? What is blank verse?

Who is the king of Scotland at the beginning of the play? Who are his two generals?

What makes Banquo doubt that the witches are women? How did Macbeth get to be Thane of Cawdor?

Of whom does Malcolm say, "Nothing in his life Became him like the  leaving it"?

When Macbeth hesitates, how does Lady Macbeth persuade him to go  through with the awful deed?

Before the murder, Macbeth sees a vision. What is it of?

Who says "Double double toil and trouble"?

Who do the witches tell Macbeth to beware of?

How does Macbeth punish Macduff for fleeing to England? What is the nature of Lady Macbeth's madness?

What happens to her in the end?

How did Birnam Wood come to Dunsinane?

Who was not "of woman born"?

How was this possible?

How does Macbeth die?

Who is king at the end of the play?

Why does Macbeth say "Macbeth does murder sleep"? How does Lady Macbeth get blood on her hands? Who are Malcolm and Donalbain?

What do they do after Duncan's murder?

Why does Macbeth fear Banquo?

What does Macbeth say his mind is full of? Who is Fleance?

What becomes of him?

Who appears to Macbeth at the banquet?

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