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CSU / Life Science / LIFE 103 / What is the definition of a genetic draft?

What is the definition of a genetic draft?

What is the definition of a genetic draft?


School: Colorado State University
Department: Life Science
Course: Biology of Organisms
Professor: Heather blackburn
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Studyguide
Cost: 50
Name: study guide for exam 1- exam rescheduled to friday 2/9/18
Description: This study guide will aid in studying for the first exam for biology
Uploaded: 02/05/2018
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What is the definition of a genetic draft?


lange in allele frequencies in a population over


* Four mechanisms of Evolutioni


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- Changes in allele frequencies due to organisms wl advantageous alleles reproducing more successfully

than organisms we other alleres Genetic Drift

What is the definition of the psychogenetic tree?

random changes in allele frequencies in a population Matation

- source of all new alielic diversity Migration,

- movement of alleles btwn populations

Study Our


no We also discuss several other topics like What are the 4 types of planning?


-trait that evolves by selection for a particular

function (because it increases fitness) from an 4 ancestor that did not have that trait : Ly can be morphological, behavioral, or molecular is solve problems faced by different populations

What is the definition of population ecology?

Don't forget about the age old question of What is the vertical structure of the atmosphere?

& different populations may have different

Solutions to similar problems Phylogeny

- the evolutionary relationship of a group of t

organisms (species level a higher) Phylogenetic tree.

- diagram Of an cestral relationships among species Es describe patterns L> Provide info about when certain large events

may have occured


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The study of the interaction of an organismes With the environment We also discuss several other topics like What makes the cell membrane semi-permeable?

The environment consists of biotic and

abiotic components Unganismal ecoloque

* The study of the interaction of an organism & its

environment - Behavior Ecology Don't forget about the age old question of How does equality affect efficiency?

• Responses to stimulus


• Group interactions en - Evolutionary Ecology

•Adaptations to the environment

• Events in ecological time (the length of time an - Organism experiences) influence evolutionary time

processes (Population Ecology

* A population is a group of individuals of the If you want to learn more check out Colligative properties depend on what?

same species living in the same area * Population ecology focuses on factors affecting how many individuals of a species live in an area

- most mathematically based subdiscipline If you want to learn more check out Who is the founder of the psych & psych lab?

of ecology Community Ecolgy

* A community is a group of interacting populations

of different species in an area * Community Ecology deals with whole array of

interacting specres in a community

Tudy So

Animal Diversity What is an animal?

-multicellular -Heterotrophic



udy so

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Obtain carbon from organic sources using the energy of organic Chemical bonds - Cells contain nucleus t membrane bound

organelles - Tissues developed from embryonic layers tygote : Single cell from fertilization

• Blastula: Hollow ball of cells formed by

Cleavage Gastrula: Embryo has one end fold inward & layers

of tissues form. Gastrulation:

- Folding of embryo into layers

-Ectoderm covers the surface of becomes

the outer covering & in some phyla the

central nervous system

• Endoderm is the innermost germ layer that lines the digestive tract & organs such as

the lungs & liver in vertebrates

•Mesoderm is the third layer (between the other two) forming muscles & most other organs

°- Not all animals have mesoderm

Body Plans

- sets of morphological t developmental traits - Radial Symmetry

-cut animal w/ plane - 2 copies (identical) - Bilateral Symmetry (a halves)


Invertebrates Sponge Reproduction

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Most sponges are Hermaphrodites

usually sequential hermaphroditism rameles come from Choanocytes or ameobocytes

· Eggs stay in mesohyl Sperm are released from Sponge o enter other sponges via pores Larvae are free swimming -settling on suitable substrate & then developing into adults


Stud/ Soup /

- movement by cilia

Size it few mm to 1.5m

- Found globally in marine systems - Cnidaria

- coral & jelly - radial animais - dipoblastic Simple


-Scyphozoa Cubozoa (sea wasp) Anthozoa (sea anemonae)

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