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Concordia University - LING 200 - Class Notes - Week 2

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> > > > Concordia University - LING 200 - Class Notes - Week 2

Concordia University - LING 200 - Class Notes - Week 2

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School: Concordia University
Department: OTHER
Term: Fall 2017
Name: ling 200 - Consonants & Vowels
Description: Consonants & Vowels
Uploaded: 02/05/2018
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Unformatted text preview: study soup Anatomy > Physiological - air going through the oral cavity to produce speech. pvelum, Back of throat. * Raise the volum limits the air flow - lower the velumnasal sound Puvula hanging down at the end of the velum 2.3.1 consonants Described using the names of the place and manner of articulation voiced: vocal folds vibrating L> various ways at constructing Voiceless: the airflow. O Labial : consonant @ the lip. Labiodental : upper teeth & lowli voicit P - Voiceless, stop F - fricative , Noiceless can be made Overtime ) - Voiced, Stop V - fricative voiced Selden m - nasal (voiced) , stop Interdental : appex of the tongue between teeth. thin > - Voiceless fricative those > - voiced fricative (4Alveolar : tip of tongue and alveolar ridge t - Voice less - Stop 5- Voiceless Z - Voiced n - nasal fricative fricative d- Vai ced-stopafficate : combinaison of stop & fricatives Alveolatatal , S shirt > - Voiceless, fricatives 3 < garage) - voiced, fricatives collage atives t church > - Voiceless, afficates d3 Judge - voici e zaffncates - yet O glottal h : & hat> voiceless, fricative Velar K - Voiceless Stop G- Voiced stop ? - voiceless, Stop ur British cnglish Butter , writer - nasal 1 stop 2.3.2 Vowels . height of the lower jaw (high mid, low) position of tongue (front, central back) lip Counding (rounded , uncounded) TENSE * 1 : high , front, unrounded ncat * Tense vowels = muscle of nocal tract are constricted a : low, central, unrounded tralala) *u: high , back , round boot > + e- mia. front, unrounded bot *0- mid , back, Sound b oat 7 studySoupLAX I < hit > Front, high , un founded , LAX E <bet front, midun rounded , LAX U: put back , high, round J = <l > back mid round ae. < bat : Khut Centro 1, mid , un round central, high, un round. T(roses Diphthongs ai alhider OL ) boy au aw how high mid front back the way they're ofculated arc dipht bong Vocalie or sylbic c's <butter (beln mountains moun. Po slikleLIST K rhythm > LIOM

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