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FSU / OTHER / MGF 1106 / What is tautology?

What is tautology?

What is tautology?


School: Florida State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Math for Liberal Arts I
Professor: James wooland
Term: Spring 2018
Cost: 50
Name: Wooland - Test #1
Description: This study guide gives examples of the problems that will be on the upcoming test (2/9/18) and provides important information necessary to do the problems.
Uploaded: 02/06/2018
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The Logicizer 

What is tautology?

Examples of conjunctions, disjunctions, Negations (Part 2 Module 1):

Examples of Conditional Statements (Part 2 Module 2):

The Truth Tabler 

Examples of Conjunctions, Disjunctions, Negations (Part 2 Module 1):

The Symbolizer 

1. Suppose p is the statement "The population of the US is 300 million' and q is the  statement 'I play basketball.' What is the correct symbolization for the statement 'The  population of the US is 300 million or I don't play basketball.'

2. Suppose p is the statement 'Today is Monday' and q is the statement 'I have a nickel.'  What is the correct statement corresponding to the symbols ~p q

3. Suppose p is the statement 'you drink too much coffee', q is the statement 'the population  of Florida is 18 million,' and r is the statement 'you like slime.' What is the correct  symbolization for the statement 'if you like slime and the population of Florida is 18 million  then you drink too much coffee.'

What is the patternizer?

The Quantifier/The DeMorganator If you want to learn more check out Why did Thomas excavate entire living floors at Gatecliff Shelter?

1. Select the negation of 'Some wolverines love to fight.'

2. Select the negation of 'Some Vikings don't have blonde hair.'

3. Select the negation of 'All wolverines love to snarl.'

4. Select the negation of 'Some poodles don't love noodles or no flowers have petals.' 5. Select the negation of 'Some heroes don't wear medals and no turtles stomp treadles.'

The Implicator 

1. Select the converse of 'If you are a lawyer, then you wear a suit to work.' 2. Select the equivalency to 'If you won't send flowers, then today isn't my birthday.'

3. Select the equivalency of 'If you don't like spicy food, then you don't eat lots of garlic.' 4. Select the inverse of, 'If today is my birthday, then you will take me out to eat.'

5. Select the negation of 'If you aren't a potato, then you do get out much.'

All lawyers are logicians.

Don't forget about the age old question of Why is it important to unsettle the historical narrative about Columbus’s “discovery” of the Americas?

The Diagrammer 

1. Diagram 'Some angry apes are bitter baboons

2. Diagram 'Some charmed days are not bad hair days.' A: awesome days, C: charmed days, B: bad hair days

3. Diagram 'All attorneys are barristers'

A: attorneys, B: barristers, C: counselors

The Argue-Mentor 

Test the validity of the following arguments:

1. If today is a holiday, then I don't have to go to work. Today isn't a holiday.

Therefore, I have to go to work.

2. You are a sumo wrestler, or you don't tend to waddle You are a sumo wrestler

Therefore, you tend to waddle.

3. You aren't eager to please.

If you are a dog, then you are eager to please. Therefore, you aren't a dog

The General Particulizer 

Test the validity of the following arguments

1. All congresspersons are corrupt. Hjalmar is not a congressperson. Therefore, Hjalmar is not corrupt.

2. Aristotle is not easily influenced. All lemmings are easily influenced Therefore, Aristotle is not a lemming

The Argumentor Part 3 

Test the validity of the following arguments: 1.If you want to learn more check out What is a gem?

Tutorial: The Use of truth tables to analyze arguments Test the validity of the following statements using a truth table

1. If you are a hound dog, then you howl at the moon. you don't howl at the moon.

Therefore, you aren't a hound dog.

The Argue-Mentor Part B 

Test the validity using graphs

1. All butlers are helpers

No helpers are maids

Therefore, no butlers are maids

2. All lawyers are persuaders

All lawyers are logicians

Therefore, all persuaders are logicians

The Patternizer 

Study Argument 1 and 2 and indicate which (or both) are valid. 1.



The Categorizer 

Test the validity using graphs.

1. Some sophomores are young persons All sophomores are pupils

Therefore, some pupils are young persons

2. All Yugo drivers are big spenders  

Some happy motorists are not Yugo drivers Therefore, some big spenders are not happy motorists

4. No roads are newts

All newts are amphibians  

Therefore, no toads are amphibians

The Deducer 

Click on the answer that is a valid conclusion from the following premises, if a valid  conclusion is warranted.

1. If you dont like to wear sandals, then you don't drive a '69 VW bus You drive a '69 VW bus  

2. If you like to eat garbage, then you are a dog Don't forget about the age old question of How are psychological disorders conceptualized?

If you like to eat garbage, then you howl at the moon

3. If I won't go out tonight, then today isn't Friday

Today isn't Friday

4. No hotdogs are health foods

Aristotle is a health food

5. All hot dogs are sausages

Moby is not a hot dogDon't forget about the age old question of What is Hematopoesis?
If you want to learn more check out What is a cohabitation?

The Deducer on roids 

Test the validity. If the stated conclusion can be connected through all five premises using  transitive reasoning then the argument is valid. If not, the argument is invalid.  

1. All czritians are zlrifrians.

All llzilians are czritians.

If you aren't a vridite then you aren't a aztrzamiast.

If you aren't a llzilian then you aren't a vridite.

If one isn't a rstiflan then one isn't a zlrifrian.

Therefore: If one is a aztrzamiast then one is a rstiflan.

2. All tzramiasts are czletrans.

No gnainials are zlrilians.

If one isn't a zlrilian then one is a ptratrian.

No ptratrians are rstinians.

All czletrans are gnainials.

Therefore: No rstinians are tzramiasts.

1. Which premise should be first? The term that only  appears once. (So in this case, P3 because "read" only  appears once in the premise scheme.)  

2. The next term is the one that repeats the last term of  the first term... (you can use the contrapositive, so in this case,  P2 repeats the second term)

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