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UH - COMM 3368 - Class Notes - Week 3

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UH - COMM 3368 - Class Notes - Week 3

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background image 2/6/18  Diversity trends related to PR  1.  Growth of Hispanic population in U.S  
Increased recognition of GLBT communities and culture  
The consistent power of black and Spanish language radio to assemble communities on issues  
Internet and other digital media expand reach and connections among people particularly along 
diversity dimensions   5.  Immigration changes the culture and workforce of all nations     The fact that because all the changes there are different ways PR has to communicate.      Professionalism Challenges:  •  Is a PR a professional? Key concerns for those entering the field.  
•  Requirements for a “professions”: 
Specialized education   Provides a unique and essential service recognized by a community   Emphasizes public service and social responsibility   Gives autonomy to and places accountability on practitioners  Enforces codes of ethics and standards of performance through self-governing associations 
of colleagues 
  •  PR:  No standard requirement for education   No requirement for accreditation or licensing   No requirement to join an association   Disagreement about contribution   •  PR practitioners now qualify as professionals due to their commitment to meet professional and  ethical standards.     Requirement for Success:  •  Bottom line: if you want to make more money, strive to become a manager  
•  Five qualities for those on the fast track: 
Results: reputation for getting results; goal oriented  Conceptualizing: quick study who is good listener, thorough note taker and focus on 
client’s/employer’s needs  
Human Relations: team player, how to deal or manage boss and management, able to 
balance personal and company goals.  
background image Style: can do attitude, constructive competitiveness   Intangibles: charisma, moxie   •  Other desirable qualities: writing skills, understanding the business, mew technology skills,  informed on current events, and being resourceful and able to improvise.   Chapter 3:  Public relations r=people if they are truly respected by management colleagues, must merit a seat the 
    PR & the organization:    Chairperson, CEO, President   Dominant Coalition   Finance & development > engineering & product development> administration & support > Marketing> 
Public Relations 
  PR function is valuable when top management:  1.  CEO, Dominant Coalition are committed to and participate in PR 
2.  The PR team can retain knowledgeable, competent experts trained in PR 
3.  PR people are asked to help craft an organization’s policy  
4.  Two-way communication is conducted with internal and external publics 
5.  PR programs are practiced strategically  
6.  Goals and objectives are clearly defined  
  PR Practitioners are valuable when:  1.  Are trained in PR  
2.  Have personal credibility with Dominant Coalition  
3.  Have a broad business knowledge and experience (including strategic business planning) 
4.  Are aware of organizational and industry politics  
  Line Staff Vs. Staff Management:    •  Line Functions:  Involve product and profit-producing functions  

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School: University of Houston
Department: Engineering
Course: Principles of Public Relations
Professor: Priscilla Tinsley
Term: Spring 2018
Tags: COMM3368, PublicRelations, notes, and uofh
Name: End of chapter 2 and beginning of chapter 3
Description: this is the class notes for chapter 2 and 3. most of this material will be on the test. I will be posting the study guide for exam one in a few days.
Uploaded: 02/06/2018
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